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The 2090B Form is an important document that all taxpayers need to be aware of, especially when it comes time to file their annual taxes. The form itself provides valuable information on types of income, deductions and other financial details that are relevant in determining the amount a taxpayer owes or will receive as a refund upon filing their return. Knowing how to properly fill out the 2090B Form can save individuals from making some common mistakes with filing taxes and help to ensure that they'll get an accurate assessment of finances for the year. We'll take a deep dive into what exactly taxpayers should expect when dealing with this form and provide plenty of helpful information along the way!

Form NameRe 2090B Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesdbpr cource pdf, dbpr form request cource, dbpr request online, dbpr public records request

Form Preview Example

Instructions for Completing Form 2090b

Request for Course Evaluation - FREC

Requestor Information

a)Identifying Number – If you are a licensed real estate school, this will be your permit number; if you are a board approved Provider, this is your seven digit reporting number.

b)Name information – This is to be filled out by your point of contact.

c)Organization name – This is the name that appears on your school license or provider permit.

Business Mailing Address

This is where all correspondence concerning this application will be mailed.

Contact Information

This is the most direct way for our staff to communicate with the person within your organization responsible for submitting this application (your point of contact). This information is not given to the public; it is strictly used for communications concerning your application.

Physical Business Address

If your mailing address is different from your physical location, you will need to fill this section out.

Course Information

The combination of course type and delivery mechanism dictate what material you must submit to the department for evaluation. Each course will be evaluated for one type/delivery method per application. If you intend to offer this course for more than one type/delivery method combination you will need to submit a separate application for each combination.

a)Type of Education – This is where you select the educational requirement your course is intended to fulfill.

Continuing Education – Real estate licensees have two continuing educational requirements: “Specialty” credit and “Law” credit. Courses can be created that fulfill each requirement separately or fulfill both at once. Only permitted schools can teach the “Law” credit.

b)Delivery Mechanism – Application requirements for delivery method depend on what type of educational credit you are requesting. When filling out this application, please indicate how this course will be presented to the students.

c)Application Type – This indicates how you want to have your application evaluated by the department.

New – This is for an initial request to have a course approved under your School/Provider.

Renewal – This is to have a course renewed. Please note renewals can only be submitted 90 days prior to a courses expiration date. If your course approval has lapsed or will lapse within 30 days of submitting the application you will need to file a new course application.

Update - This is used if you have made significant changes to your course and need to have it evaluated by the department prior to the 90 day renewal period.

d)Course Title – This is the course name that will appear on any correspondence concerning this application, as well as on your approval letter.

e)Course Number – This is a seven digit number assigned by the department and only relevant for Update and Renewal applications.

f)Hours Requested – The number of hours your course is to be evaluated/approved for.

g)Title of Course Material – This information will appear on several different approval letters and is vital if you are using a course that was created by a course developer/publisher.

Required Signatures

Real Estate School requires Permit Holder’s signature and Provider requires Point of Contact’s signature.

Revised 1107

RE-2090b Req for Course Eval FREC

DBPR RE-2090b – Request for Course Evaluation - FREC STATE OF FLORIDA


1940 North Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0750

Customer Contact Center: 850.487.1395


(permit holder or point of contact)

Identifying Number (school permit or provider number – if applicable)

Last Name












Organization name



















Street Address or P.O. Box














Suite or Office Number


















Zip Code (+4 optional)








County (if Florida address)

















Phone Number

E-Mail Address


Street Address or P.O. Box

Suite or Office Number




Zip Code (+4 optional)





County (if Florida address)








Type of Education (choose only one): Sales Associate Pre-Licensure Sales Associate Post-Licensure Broker Pre-Licensure

Broker Post-Licensure

Continuing Education:



Combination Law and Specialty

Delivery Mechanism (choose only one): Class Room Delivery (Pre, Post and CE) Distance Education (Continuing Education Only) Distance Ed. Internet Delivery (Pre/Post Only) Distance Ed. CD-ROM (Pre/Post Only)


Application Type (choose only one)









Course Title









Course Number (Updates and Renewals only)


Hours Requested







Title of Source Material





Permit Holder/Point of Contact:

I affirm that I have provided the above information completely and truthfully to the best of my knowledge.

Permit Holder or Authorized Signator: _____________________________________________________________

Print Name:

Submitted by (signature):


Revised 1107

RE-2090b Req for Course Eval FREC

How to Edit Re 2090B Form Online for Free

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1. For starters, while filling out the dbpr cource, begin with the page that contains the next blanks:

How you can fill out dbpr form request cource step 1

2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - Street Address or PO Box, Suite or Office Number, City, State, Zip Code optional, County if Florida address, Country, COURSE INFORMATION, Type of Education choose only one, Delivery Mechanism choose only one, Application Type choose only one, and Course Title with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

Delivery Mechanism choose only one, State, and COURSE INFORMATION of dbpr form request cource

People often make mistakes when filling out Delivery Mechanism choose only one in this part. Be certain to re-examine what you enter right here.

3. This part is simple - complete all the blanks in Course Number Updates and Renewals, Hours Requested, Title of Source Material, Permit HolderPoint of Contact I, Revised, and REb Req for Course Eval FREC in order to complete this segment.

Part number 3 in completing dbpr form request cource

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