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Form NameRst Form Army
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesarmy rst request form, army rst form 2021, army pubs rst form, rst request form

Form Preview Example

Request for Authorization for Rescheduled Training (RST)

Equivalent Training (ET), or Excuse from Regular Scheduled Unit Training

(AR 135-91 and AR 140-1)


To be completed by Applicant, FLL & PSG print or type all entries

1. NAME (Last, First, MI):

2. Section and Unit of Assignment


PLT 414th MP CO

3. DMOS:

4. RANK:

5. SSN:

6. Date(s) of Absence:

7. No. of UTA's Missed:





Rescheduled Training (RST) (Complete blocks 12 thru 20) Equivalent Training (ET) (Complete blocks 13 thru 20) Excused Absence (No Make-Up) (Complete blocks 18 thru 20)

9. Reason for Absence:

10. Signature of Applicant:

11. Date:


12. The RST Window for this month is:

13. Date of Makeup:

14. Location of Training:

15. Training will be supervised by:

16. Time of Training:


17. Duties to be performed:

18. Recommend:

_____ Approval

_____ Disapproval

19. Signature:

20. Date:


To be completed by the Commander

21._____ Approved (Soldier will perform duty as required and submit DA Form 1380 with a copy of this approval to the Orderly Room).

_____ Disapproved (Reasons will be listed on reverse of this form and form will be returned thru the section to

the soldier listed in Part I).

22. Signature:


23. Date:




89TH RRC FORM 62-3R, 1 FEB 92

Previous editions of this form are obsolete

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