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Rut 75 tax form is a Michigan state tax form that is used to calculate your state income taxes. The Rut 75 tax form is used by individuals and businesses, and it is important to ensure that you complete the form correctly in order to avoid any penalties or interest charges. The Rut 75 tax form can be filed online or through the mail, and the deadline for filing is April 15th. If you have any questions about the Rut 75 tax form, please consult with a professional accountant or visit the Michigan Department of Treasury website.

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Form NameRut 75 Tax Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesil dept of revenue form rut 75 print form, printable rut 75 form, il rut 75 instructions, rut75

Form Preview Example

General Information

Who must file Form RUT-75?

If you acquire an aircraft or watercraft by gift, donation, transfer, or non-retail purchase, you must file Form RUT-75, Aircraft/Watercraft Use Tax Transaction Return.

Aircraft” includes airplanes, helicopters, hot-air balloons, ultra lights, gliders, blimps, dirigibles, seaplanes, and anything else defined as aircraft in Section 3 of the Illinois Aeronautics Act.

“Watercraft” includes

Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4 watercraft as defined in Section 3-2 of the Boat Registration and Safety Act; and

personal watercraft as defined in Section 1-2 of the Boat Registration and Safety Act (jet skis, wave runners, ETC.). “Watercraft” does not include canoes or kayaks.

What is a “non-retail purchase”?

A purchase from a person or business not in the business of selling aircraft or watercraft at retail is considered a non-retail purchaseNote: For these instructions, “item” refers to both aircraft and watercraft as defined above.

What if I purchase from a dealer or leasing company?

Do not use Form RUT-75 if you purchased the item from an Illinois dealer or leasing company. The Illinois dealer or leasing company must file Form ST-556, Sales Tax Transaction Return. If you acquired the item from an out-of-state dealer, lending institution, or leasing company selling at retail, you must file Form RUT-25, Vehicle Use Tax Transaction Return.

When is Form RUT-75 due?

Within 30 days from the date of acquiring the aircraft or watercraft if acquired in Illinois or within 30 days of bringing it into Illinois if acquired outside Illinois. You must submit proof of tax payment or exemption before your registration will be issued by the

Department of Transportation - Division of Aeronautics (aircraft).

Department of Natural Resources (watercraft).

What if I need help?

Visit our web site at; call us weekdays between

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1 800 732-8866 or 217 782-3336; or call our TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf) at 1 800 544-5304.

Specific Information

Step 1 — Purchaser or new owner information

Line 3: This is the address as it will appear on the Illinois registration.

Lines 5: Social Security number or federal employer identification number (FEIN).

Line 6: Watercraft only - Check if reporting a transfer between immediate family members. If our review indicates that the primary reason for the transfer was to avoid payment of tax, we will bill you for applicable tax, penalties, and interest.

Step 3 — Item information

Line 4: Date purchaser (not the seller) acquired the item.

Line 5: Date purchaser (not the seller) brought the item into Illinois. This date should always be on or after the purchase date.

Line 7b: Type of watercraft. List one: open, cabin, houseboat, sailboat, pontoon, PWC/jetski, paddleboat or other.

Step 4 — Exempt transaction - Mark the applicable box. If the transaction is taxable, skip to Step 5.

a Charitable, religious, educational, or governmental organization with an active Illinois Department of Revenue exemption number.

b Rolling stock item for hire to haul persons or commodities in inter- state commerce. Aircraft - provide FAA certificate of authority number.

fWatercraft only - not required to be numbered under the Boat Registration and Safety Act and,

will not be used upon Illinois waters for more than 30 days in any calendar year; or

regardless of time used upon Illinois waters, and is either:

owned by the United States, a State, or subdivision thereof, and used solely for official purposes and clearly identifiable; or

used exclusively as a ship’s lifeboat.

Step 5 — Figure your tax

Round to nearest dollar: Drop amounts of less than 50 cents, and increase amounts of 50 cents or more to the next higher dollar.

Line 1: Tax is based on the purchase price or fair market value amount. Attach a copy of the purchase agreement/invoice which must have the purchase price and the tax previously paid clearly and separately stated. Aircraft - must also attach a copy of the FAA bill of sale. If you purchase or acquire a share of an aircraft or watercraft, write the share’s purchase price or fair market value. For watercraft, the purchase price or fair market value must include the value of any motor sold with, or as part of, the transaction. If the purchase price is less than the fair market value, you must pay tax on the fair market value on the date acquired or brought into Illinois, whichever is later. The only exception is a watercraft transfer between immediate

family members (I.E., a spouse, parent, brother, sister, or child). Write this purchase price on Line 1. If our review questions the

amount stated on Line 1, we have the authority to determine the fair market value through an independent valuation. We will bill you if additional tax is owed, including penalties and interest.

Line 3 - Provide the name of the state and the amount of sales or use tax you previously paid to that state. Credit is allowed only if the tax previously paid was properly due and separately stated on the proof of tax payment that must be attached to Form RUT-75.

Line 4 - Subtract Line 3 from Line 2. This is the amount of tax that

you owe. Make your remittance payable to “Illinois Department of Revenue” and attach it to Page 1 of Form RUT-75.

You owe a late filing penalty if you do not file a processable return by the due date, a late payment penalty if you do not pay the amount you owe by the original due date of the return, a bad check penalty if your remittance is not honored by your financial institution, and a cost of collection fee if you do not pay the amount you owe within 30 days of the date printed on a bill that we send you. For more information, see Publication 103, Penalties and Interest for Illinois Taxes. To receive a copy of this publication, visit our web site at, or call 1 800 356-6302.

Step 6 — Sign here

The purchaser and co-owner (if applicable) must sign Form RUT-75. Send Page 1 and required attachments with your application and fees for registration to the appropriate address below.

Keep Page 2 for your records.





PO BOX 19226

SPRINGFIELD, IL 62794-9226

RUT-75 (R 9/10)

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