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Navigating the complexities of medication management and prescriptions can seem daunting for both patients and healthcare providers. However, the use of consistent, standardized forms can significantly streamline this process. Among these, the Rx Right Source form stands out as a vital tool designed to ensure efficiency and accuracy in medication dispensing. It is structured to capture all necessary patient information, including gender, contact details, allergies, and a comprehensive profile of prescribed medications. The form also requires detailed prescriber information, ensuring that the pharmacy has all necessary details to verify and fulfill the prescription. Notably, it stipulates conditions for dispensing medications, such as the non-eligibility of Schedule II (CII) controlled substances and guidelines for requesting brand-name drugs over generic equivalents to avoid higher copays. Prescribers must complete and sign the form, highlighting the importance of professional oversight. Additionally, the option to send prescriptions electronically represents an advancement towards more integrated healthcare services. Through the Rx Right Source form, pharmacies, prescribers, and patients are connected in a seamless network that prioritizes patient health and the accurate dispensing of medications.

Form NameRx Right Source
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameshumana pharmacy refill form, humana pharmacy fax form, express scripts physician fax form, rightsource pharmacy fax form

Form Preview Example

Physician Fax Form




Patient Information





Member ID


Date of Birth




























First Name


Last Name





Street Number

Street Name






Apt/Suite #






ZIP Code











Phone Number



No Known



















Other ___________________________

Prescriber First Name


Prescriber Information






Prescriber Last Name




DEA Number


NPI Number





Street Number

Street Name






Suite #






ZIP Code











Phone Number


Fax Number













Prescription Information

Must be completed, signed and faxed from provider’s office. This is not valid for CII medications. We will dispense a 90-day supply unless the quantity is otherwise noted or the medication is a controlled substance. In order to require

that a brand-name product be dispensed, the prescriber must write ‘brand medically necessary.’


Drug Name and Strength



# of Refills


(Alpha & Numeric required




for controlled substances)
































Prescriber Signature (required) _____________________________________________

Today’s Date _____ / _____ /_____

Supervising Prescriber Signature (if applicable) _________________________________

Today’s Date _____ / _____ /_____

Supervising Prescriber DEA Number______________________ Supervising Prescriber NPI Number: _________________

Please fax completed form with secure cover sheet to Humana Pharmacy at 1-800-379-7617


Send this prescription electronically (eRx) by selecting “Humana Pharmacy Mail Delivery” from the list of pharmacies on your e-prescribing tool. All eRxs from your office will be routed through SureScripts directly to Humana Pharmacy.

GHC 19856A 03/17

PLEASE NOTE: It is standard pharmacy practice to substitute generic equivalents for brand-name drugs whenever possible. Humana Pharmacy will dispense an FDA-approved generic equivalent whenever available, when permitted by the prescriber and allowable by law. If you do not want a generic equivalent, write ‘brand medically necessary,’ which may result in a higher copay for the patient. Your fax can take up to 48 hours to be entered into our system after it is received.


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example of blanks in humana prescription fax form

In the field City, State, ZIP Code, Phone Number, Fax Number, Must be completed signed and faxed, Prescription Information, Drug Name and Strength, Directions, Quantity Alpha Numeric required, of Refills, Prescriber Signature required, Supervising Prescriber Signature, Supervising Prescriber DEA Number, and Please fax completed form with provide the particulars which the software demands you to do.

Entering details in humana prescription fax form part 2

Step 3: Hit the button "Done". The PDF file is available to be exported. You can save it to your pc or send it by email.

Step 4: Try to get as many duplicates of the document as possible to avoid future troubles.

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