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The Sample Undertaking Form is a legal document that can be used to protect both the tenant and the landlord in the event that the tenant fails to pay rent or breaks the terms of their lease agreement. The form can be customized to fit the specific needs of your tenants and landlords, and can provide a clear path for recourse if either party fails to uphold their end of the bargain. By using a Sample Undertaking Form, you can help ensure that your rental property runs smoothly and without any unexpected hiccups.

This information will help you comprehend better the details of the sample undertaking form before you begin filling it out.

Form NameSample Undertaking Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesfema declaration form for inward remittance sbi, fema form 2, fema form, fema declaration form for inward remittance sbi pdf

Form Preview Example

Form 2


[Under Section 10(5), Chapter III of The Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999]

I / We hereby declare that the transaction the details of which are specifically mentioned in the Schedule hereunder does not involve, and is not designed for the purpose of any contravention or evasion of the provisions of the aforesaid Act or of any rule, regulation, notification, direction or order made there under.

I / We also hereby agree and undertake to give such information / documents as will reasonably satisfy you about this transaction in terms of the above declaration.

I / We also understand that if I / We refuse to comply with any such requirement or make only unsatisfactory compliance herewith, the Bank shall refuse in writing to undertake the transaction and shall if it has reason to believe that any contravention / evasion is contemplated by me / us report the matter to Reserve Bank of India.

*I / We further declare that the undersigned has / have the authority to give this declaration and undertaking on behalf of the firm / company.


Signature of the Applicant

for Foreign Exchange

Place :

Date :

*Applicable when the declaration / undertaking is signed on behalf of the firm / company.




Nature / Purpose of Foreign Exchange transaction

: _______________________________





Amount of Foreign Exchange

: _______________________________


: _______________________________




For Office Use : Details of documentary evidence verified






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