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The San Jose Form R 40 is a tax form that is used to report income and taxes withheld for the year. This form can be used to file your annual income tax return with the state of California. The form must be filed by April 15th of the following year. Make sure you have all the information required to complete the form before you start, including your social security number and total wages earned during the year. The San Jose Form R40 can be downloaded from the internet or obtained from your local Tax Collector's office.

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Form NameSan Jose Form R 40
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other names9th, R-40, r40 form sjcc, EVC

Form Preview Example

San Jose / Evergreen Community College District


San Jose City College

Evergreen Valley College

Telephone (408) 288-3700

Telephone (408) 270-6441

Attendance Approval for Special Part-time High School Students*

To the Director of Admissions & Records:

The student below has been granted approval to attend _______ San Jose City College / _______ Evergreen Valley College for the

_____________________ term as a Special Part-time Student. This permission is for the term indicated ONLY and must be

renewed, along with a new application for admission, each desired term of enrollment.

Please Print







Social Security Number










Date of Birth






Middle Initial









Number & Street





Zip Code

High School Now Attending




Grade (circle one) 9 10 11 12

Only classes authorized on this form by the High School Principal will be valid for credit upon completion. Any and all other classes registered without authorization from the High School Principal will be dropped.



















Principal Signature















Principal Signature















Principal Signature












Signature of Parent or Guardian**



Relationship to Student











Signature of High School Principal**






In approving this student for enrollment in the class(es) listed on this R-40, the principal confirms that the total number of his/her high school students recommended to attend SJCC or EVC courses adheres to the regulations and does not exceed the five percent limit outlined in CA Educational Code 76000/76001. Principal's initials here_______

**Mandatory Information


1.STUDENT must complete a new application for admissions and submit a current ATTENDANCE APPROVAL form each semester of enrollment.

2.STUDENT must meet with the high school counselor to determine which subject areas would be most beneficial.

3.STUDENT must see that the high school principal signs this ATTENDANCE APPROVAL form.

4.STUDENT must obtain the signature of his/her parent or guardian on this ATTENDANCE APPROVAL form.

5.STUDENT must deliver the completed application for admissions and the signed ATTENDANCE APPROVAL form to the Office of Admissions & Records.

6.STUDENT must take the assessment test and see a college counselor for proper course placement. STUDENT must meet prerequisite and basic skill requirements for any class in which they intend to enroll.

7.STUDENT should hand carry a copy of the high school transcript to the college counseling appointment.

8.STUDENT wishing high school credit must consult their high school registrar before enrollment. We grant college credit only.

9.Most fees are waived for high school students, however, STUDENT should be prepared to pay for any material fees.

*District policy requires that High School students must attend at least a minimum day at their high school and be in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade (exception: Summer Session) to be eligible for admission to San Jose City College/Evergreen Valley College under this program. Student may enroll in approved courses only, and not more than 12 units.

Enrollment fees are waived for High School students. However, High School students must pay any material fees associated with the courses in which the student has enrolled. Beginning Summer 2000, courses taken at San Jose City College or Evergreen Valley College are offered for college credit only. Upon completion of the term, the student must request a transcript to be sent to the high school of attendance. The High School will determine if the course may be used for High School Credit.

Rev. 11/03

White Copy - College

Yellow Copy - Student

Pink Copy - High School

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