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Understanding the SOS 0086 form is crucial for any Oklahoma limited liability company (LLC) contemplating a significant decision—to restate its articles of organization. With a filing fee of $50.00, this form serves as the official notification to the Oklahoma Secretary of State, signaling a company's intent to update and restate its foundational documents fully. The importance of this document cannot be overstated, as it encompasses changes that might affect the company's name, original filing date, principal place of business, contact information, and details concerning the company's registered agent for service of process. Additionally, companies have the option to specify the term of their existence, whether it’s perpetual or for a set number of years. Required signatures from a manager at the end of the form make it legally binding. These details work together to ensure that the state’s records are up to date with the company’s current operational and structural data, providing clarity for both the state and those who do business with the LLC. Given the significance of the SOS 0086 form in maintaining an LLC's compliance and the legitimacy of its operational structure in Oklahoma, understanding each section is essential for a seamless filing process.

Form NameSos Form 0086
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesLtd, pursuant, OKLAHOMA, SOS

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(Oklahoma Limited Liability Company)

Filing Fee: $50.00

TO: OKLAHOMASECRETARYOFOFSTASTATE 4212300NN.WLincoln. 13th,BlvdSuite., Room210 101, State Capitol Oklahomaa City,City,OklahomaOklahoma7310573103-4897 (405) 522-2520


I hereby execute the following articles for the purpose of restating the articles of organization in their entirety for:


an Oklahoma limited liability company, pursuant to the provisions of Title 18, Section 2011:

1. Name of the limited liability company:

(Note: The name must contain either the words limited liability company or limited company or the abbreviations LLC, LC, L.L.C. or L.C. The word limited may be abbreviated as Ltd. and the word company may be abbreviated as Co.)

2.Date of filing of its original articles of organization:

3.Street address of its principal place of business, wherever located:

Street address



Zip Code





4.E-MAIL address of the primary contact for the registered business:

™Notice of the Annual Certificate will ONLY be sent to the limited liability company at its last known electronic mail address of record.

5.NAME and street address of the registered agent for service of process in the state of Oklahoma:

™The registered agent shall be the limited liability company itself, an individual resident of Oklahoma, or a domestic or qualified foreign corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership.







Street Address



Zip Code






6. Term of existence:

™You may state either perpetual, a set number of years, or a future effective expiration date. Perpetual means continuous.

The restated articles of organization must be signed by a manager of the limited liability company.

Signature of Manager:



Printed Name:

(SOS FORM 0086-07/12)

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stage 1 to filling out SOS

Please submit your details inside the section EMAIL address of the primary, cid Notice of the Annual, record, NAME and street address of the, cid The registered agent shall be, or qualified foreign corporation, Oklahoma, Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, PO BOXES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE, Term of existence cid You may, and Perpetual means continuous.

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SOS Printed Name, and SOS FORM fields to insert

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