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Timeshare resale contracts are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy and sell timeshares. However, they can be confusing if you're not familiar with the terminology. This blog post will explain the basics of a timeshare resale contract so that you know what to expect when buying or selling one. We'll also provide a free timeshare resale contract form for download so that you can get started yourself.

This table features information about timeshare resale contract form. This figure will provide information about the form's size, completion duration, and the fields you may be required to fill.

Form NameTimeshare Resale Contract Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields80
Avg. time to fill out16 min 30 sec
Other namesfillable timeshare sale, timeshare resale contract template, timeshare agreement contract, time share for sale

Form Preview Example

Timeshare Resale Company Checklist

The following checklist is for your use when interviewing prospective timeshare resale companies you might chose to hire to help you sell or rent your timeshare. To ensure you have the information you need prior to signing a contract or paying any fees to a company to advertise or sell your timeshare, ask them to complete this form and return it to you or use it to ask them all these questions when they call you.

1.What is the name of the owner or CEO and the permanent business address of the company you represent?

Owner Name _________________________________________________________________________________________

Company Name _______________________________________________________________________________________

Business Address ______________________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________________________________ State _____ Zip ________________

How long has the company been in business under this name? _____ years

Is the company registered to do business in [state listed above]?

Yes No

2.How long from the time that I pay you or I sign an agreement will your company provide me with resale services:

Length of time resale activities will be provided _____________________________________________________________

Beginning date_______________________________________ Ending date _______________________________________

3.Please tell me the name, business address and website of any other companies that are affiliated with your company that might help you provide resale services:

Affiliated Company Name ______________________________________________________________________________

Affiliated Company Address _____________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________________________________ State _____ Zip ________________

Affiliated Company Website(s) ___________________________________________________________________________

4.Is this an exclusive resale agreement? If Yes, does that mean I can’t try to sell my timeshare on my own or hire a different resale company to help me?

Exclusive Yes No

Scope of Exclusivity __________________________________________________________________________________

Exclusive From Date ______________________________________ To Date _____________________________________

5.May anyone else—other than me as the timeshare owner—occupy, rent, exchange or use my timeshare during the term of our

agreement or during the time you are providing me with resale services?

Yes No

6.Will any other person or company other than me as the timeshare owner receive money or other benefit generated from the use of my timeshare while it is for sale or rent?

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________________________________ State _____ Zip ________________

7.Please give me a complete description of the timeshare resale activities you will provide and the fees and costs for each service if separately charged, including any commissions that might be paid.

Description of Resale Activities __________________________________________________________________________


Fees and Costs for Services ______________________________________________________________________________

8.If your fees, costs or commissions go to pay for the eservices of a licensed real estate broker or salesperson, please tell me the state or states where broker or salesperson has a license(s) and the name under which the license(s) is held.

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________

License Number __________________________________________________________________ State _______________

9.If I have to pay you more than $500 to sell my timeshare, please provide the information in A or B below or initial (or confirm over the phone) C:

A.The percentage of the number of listings of resale timeshare interests for sale compared to


the number of resale timeshare interests actually sold by the timeshare resale entity for each of


the past two calendar years:

Year 1 ___%

Year 2 ___%






B. The total amount of advance fees collected compared to the total amount of fees and commissions


received for the sale of resale timeshare interests by the timeshare resale entity for each of the


past two calendar years:

Year 1 ___%

Year 2 ___%






C. There is no guarantee that you will sell your timeshare interest at all or within any period of time


by purchasing this advertisement. Our only obligation to you in connection with your purchase

of an advertisement is to post your advertisement on our website for the agreed length of time and to forward you all inquiries we receive on your behalf.

Additional Questions to Ask Timeshare Relief/Transfer Companies

In addition to the above questions, if you are dealing with a company that has offered to transfer your timeshare out of your name for an up-front fee, you can use these questions to obtain more information about the services that they plan on providing.

1.Please describe your timeshare transfer process from beginning to end.

Transfer Process ______________________________________________________________________________________


2.Provide the name and address of the individual or company that will own my timeshare after the transfer is complete.

Name of Individual or Company __________________________________________________________________________


City _______________________________________________________________ State _____ Zip ____________________

The new owner is:

Corporation or LLC

Phone number ______________________________ Federal EIN ________________________

An individual person

Is the company or individual affiliated with your company? Yes No

Please provide the names of all of the documents will I have to sign ______________________________________________


Can I see the documents first and have my attorney review them? Yes No If No, why? _________________________

Please provide a timeline, from the date I sign an agreement to the date my timeshare is transferred _____________________


2. Are there any fees or costs that I must pay or reimburse to you in addition to the initial up-front fee? Yes No

If Yes, how much and what are they for? ___________________________________________________________________

3.How soon will the transfer be complete (should not exceed 180 days after signing the agreement)? _________________________

4.Please provide me with the name and address of the person or company who is responsible for paying all of my maintenance fees and expenses after you transfer my timeshare.

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________________________________ State _____ Zip ________________

6.On what date will the person or company be obligated to start paying my maintenance fees? ______________________________

7.Will you provide me with written evidence of the transfer of ownership of my timeshare, including a copy of any recorded documents within 30 days of the date of the transfer? Yes No If No, why? __________________________________________

8.Will you notify the following within 30 days of the day my timeshare is transferred out of my name to a third party?

The managing entity or owners’ association of my timeshare



If No, why? ___________________________

(If applicable) The exchange company for my timeshare



If No, why? ___________________________

How to Edit Timeshare Resale Contract Form Online for Free

We used the most efficient computer programmers to set-up our PDF editor. Our software will help you create the timeshare resale contract form document effortlessly and won't consume a lot of your energy. This straightforward guide will enable you to get started.

Step 1: Click the "Get Form Now" button to get started on.

Step 2: It's now possible to alter the timeshare resale contract form. This multifunctional toolbar enables you to insert, remove, transform, and highlight content or perhaps perform other sorts of commands.

Provide the data demanded by the program to create the form.

completing timeshare sales contract step 1

Remember to fill out the cid, Yes, cid, No Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Name, License, Number, State box with the demanded information.

timeshare sales contract cidYescidNo, NameAddressCityStateZip, and NameLicenseNumberState fields to complete

You will be demanded specific vital data so that you can submit the Year, Year, Year, and Transfer, Process box.

step 3 to entering details in timeshare sales contract

In box Phone, number, Federal, E, IN cid, No If, Yes, how, much, and, what, are, they, for cid, An, individual, person and Name, Address, City, State, Zip identify the rights and obligations.

Filling out timeshare sales contract stage 4

Finish by looking at the following sections and filling them in as required: Name, Address, City, State, Zip

stage 5 to filling out timeshare sales contract

Step 3: When you pick the Done button, your finalized document is easily transferable to any kind of of your gadgets. Or, you may deliver it through email.

Step 4: Be certain to keep away from possible future problems by creating around a pair of duplicates of your form.

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