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The Tsc Tpad form is an online form that can be used to submit service requests and track their progress. The form can be accessed through the city of Toronto website. Residents can use the form to request services such as graffiti removal, pothole repair, or street cleaning. The form also allows residents to provide feedback on the city's services. Submitting a request through the Tsc Tpad form is easy and efficient. Residents can track the status of their request and receive updates by email.

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Form NameTsc Tpad
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namessample of employee performance review, employee performance evaluation, annual review template, year end sales performance review templet

Form Preview Example


Employee Review Report










Job Title


Review Period




Instructions: Complete this form during regular employee reviews (quarterly or semi-annual). Go over each point with the employee. Make suggestions for future improvement where necessary. Give the employee a copy of the report. Retain the original in the employee's file for future reference.

Evaluation Codes: Use these codes to determine the employee's performance in each of the review areas.

U = Unsatisfactory, F = Fair, S = Satisfactory, G = Good, E = Excellent, N = Not Reviewed or Not Applicable.

Place an X in each column under the appropriate rating.

































1. Job Understanding. Does the








employee know how to do the job








completely and correctly?
















2. Job Skills. Does the employee








possess the skills necessary to








accomplish the job?
















3. Growth. Is the employee








progressing in overall ability








and professionalism?
















4. Performance. How accurate,








complete, and timely is the








employee's work?
















5. Productivity. How does output








compare with what is expected








in this position?
















6. Dependability. Is the employee








punctual? Can the employee be








counted on to get the job done?
















7. Leadership. Does the employee








demonstrate leadership in the








department and in the company?
















8. Attitude. Does the employee








demonstrate a positive attitude








and enthusiasm for the job?
















9. Cooperation. Does the employee








work well with co-workers








supervisors, and subordinates?
















Other Comments:















Date of Review:






Reviewed by:








Employee Signature:






Reviewer's Signature









Form 1005, Printed by:

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