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When you are looking to purchase something, either new or used, it is important to have a solid agreement in place so that both parties know what is expected of them. This is especially true when it comes to larger purchases such as vehicles or real estate. The Uk Sale Agreement Form can be used in these types of transactions to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you are considering purchasing something from a seller in the United Kingdom, it is important to use the Uk Sale Agreement Form. This form will help protect your interests and make sure that both parties are clear on what is expected of them. The form can be used for any type of purchase, including vehicles and real estate.

In the listing, there is some information regarding the uk sale agreement. This article will give you specifics of the form's size, finalization time, and the areas you are expected to fill.

Form NameUk Sale Agreement
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields28
Avg. time to fill out6 min 6 sec
Other namescar sales receipt template uk, car receipt template uk, car sale receipt template, car sales invoice template uk

Form Preview Example


Seller Details

Full Name:



Phone Number:

Buyer Details

Full Name:



Phone Number:

Vehicle Details





License Plate Number:

Current Mileage (Confirmed True by Seller):

VIN/Chassis Number:

(The Vehicle Identification Number must be verified on the vehicle body and DVLA V5 Registration Certificate)

Engine Number (optional):

Vehicle Sale Price: £

Amount Paid to Seller: £

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I (the seller) hereby declare the following:

I am the legal owner of this vehicle (Registration Number: ________________ ) and have the authority to sell the vehicle.

Hereby accept full and final payment (Amount: £_________ ) from the buyer for this vehicle by means of cleared funds.

The vehicle is not stolen and has not been stolen in the past.

There is no outstanding finance or residual of any kind.

The vehicle has not been used as a rental vehicle.

Any/All accidents have been declared in full to the buyer.

There are no deliberately hidden faults on this vehicle.

The vehicle originated in the UK and is not an import.

Have supplied all spare keys, service manuals and radio/transponder codes.

At no stage has the vehicle been an insurance “write-off” in any category A, B, C or D nor has the vehicle been scrapped.

Have no affiliation with any car dealer company through any means.

A valid MOT (under 3 years) and verifiable V5 Registration Certificate (copy) indicating the true mileage of this vehicle is provided with this document.

The “New Keeper” registration certificate document will be posted to the DVLA within 3 working days from the sale date indicated on this document.

Seller’s Signature: _____________________

Date: _____/_________/______

I (the buyer) hereby declare the following:

All personal details are lawfully current and accurate.

Money paid to the seller is by means of cleared funds or legal cash notes and not by cheque whether by bank deposit or in person.

I have not made transfer via any escrow service, western union or money gram.

There is no overpayment on the full amount whereby I expect a refund.

Confirm receipt of the “New Keeper Supplement” from the seller’s V5 certificate.

I am not affiliated with a car buying/selling network or advertising group.

Accept the above vehicle “as is”, “as seen” and “without warranty”.

Have verified the history of the vehicle by means of HPI or AA check.

Viewed the vehicle at a verifiable address. (Not at a parking lot, garage, etc..)

Buyer’s Signature: _____________________

Date: _____/_________/______

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Our PDF editor was made with the objective of making it as simple and intuitive as possible. The following actions can certainly make filling out the private car sale receipt quick and simple.

Step 1: To begin the process, choose the orange button "Get Form Now".

Step 2: When you have accessed the editing page private car sale receipt, you will be able to see each of the functions intended for the file inside the upper menu.

The following sections are included in the PDF form you will be creating.

step 1 to writing car sales receipt template

Provide the necessary details in Vehicle, Details Make, Model, Year, Colour, License, Plate, Number Current, Mileage, Confirmed, True, by, Seller V, IN, Chassis, Number Engine, Number, optional Vehicle, Sale, Price Amount, Paid, to, Seller and Page, of part.

stage 2 to finishing car sales receipt template

Inside the section dealing with I, the, seller, hereby, declare, the, following this, vehicle, by, means, of, cleared, funds and Sellers, Signature make sure you write down some necessary data.

car sales receipt template Ithesellerherebydeclarethefollowing, thisvehiclebymeansofclearedfunds, and SellersSignature fields to fill out

The Buyers, Signature Date, and Page, of section will be applied to put down the rights or obligations of both parties.

BuyersSignature, Date, and Pageof in car sales receipt template

Step 3: As soon as you've selected the Done button, your document should be ready for transfer to each device or email address you identify.

Step 4: Ensure that you stay away from forthcoming difficulties by getting at least two duplicates of the form.

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