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Form NameUs Australia Form Trade Agreement
Form Length6 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min 30 sec
Other namesausfta declaration form, printable austfa form, fillable ausfta form, ausfta form no No Download Needed needed

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Company Letterhead

Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement


I ______________________________ of (name of company) in the United States of America hereby

state that the goods supplied to (Australian importer’s name) are US originating goods as defined in Section 153YB of the Customs Act 1901 (and in paragraph 5.1 (a) of AUSFTA) as they are wholly obtained or produced entirely in the US.

Description of Goods

Model/Product No. (if applicable)

Harmonized Tariff



Classification to 6 digits







The goods are:

Tick 3

1.Minerals extracted in the US

2.Plants grown in the US, or the US and Australia, or products obtained from such plants

3.Live animals born and raised in the US, or the US and Australia, or products obtained from such animals

4.Goods obtained from hunting, trapping, fishing or aquaculture conducted in the US

5.Fish, shellfish or other marine life taken from the sea by ships registered or recorded in the US and flying the flag of the US

6.Goods produced exclusively from goods referred to in point 5 above, on board factory ships registered or recorded in the US and flying the flag of the US

7.Goods taken from the seabed, or beneath the seabed, outside the territorial waters of the US by the US or a national of the US, where the US has the right to exploit that part of the seabed

8.Goods taken from outer space by the US or a national of the US

9.Waste and scrap that has been derived from production operations in the US or has been derived from used goods that are collected in the US and that are fit only for recovery of raw materials

10.Goods produced entirely in the US exclusively from goods referred to at point number (relevant number here) above or from their derivatives

11.Recovered goods derived in the US and used in the US in the production of remanufactured goods

This statement applies to the goods above that are supplied on and from (specify date in DD/MM/YYY format). I agree to maintain and present on request, documentation necessary to support this statement. I further agree to inform, in writing, all persons to whom the statement was given of any changes that could affect the accuracy or validity of this statement.

Signed by:

Position in Company:

Full Name:

Contact Details:


Note: The Australian importer should quote Preference Rule Type “WO” on the Import Declaration for the goods described above.

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