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The undergraduate admission application form can be daunting for students and their families. However, with a little preparation and knowledge of what to expect, the process can be much smoother. In this post, we will outline what is required on the form and provide some tips on how to complete it. our_services/college-admission/application-process/","" College Admission Application Process | Staffordshire University Student Services college-admission application-process https://www.staffs.ac.uk/student-services/college-admission/application-process/ A guide to the undergraduate admission application form including what is required and how to complete it successfully.

This page offers specifics of undergraduate admission application. There, you will locate the specifics of the document you want to fill out, such as the likely time to complete it along with other details.

Form NameUndergraduate Admission Application
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields116
Avg. time to fill out23 min 46 sec
Other namesUnclassied, ole miss online application, Mississippi, Ofce

Form Preview Example

The University of Mississippi

Application for Undergraduate Admission

Application Procedures: Processing is simplified for

New Freshmen: Official high school transcripts should

Fees: A nonrefundable application fee of $35 for

online applications and as a result electronic applica-

be sent from your high school to the Admissions

Mississippi residents and $50 for nonresidents is

tions may be evaluated more quickly. To apply online,

Office. Electronic ACT/SAT scores should be requested

required. Make check or money order payable to The

go to https://secure.olemiss.edu/admissions/ug.html.

from the testing agency.

University of Mississippi. DO NOT SEND CASH.

Please return this form to:

Transfer Applicants: Request each college you have

Students who received a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT

Office of Admissions

previously attended to send an official transcript of

or NACAC may have the application fee waived by pre-

The University of Mississippi

your academic record to the Admissions Office.

senting a copy of that waiver.

P.O. Box 1848


Deadlines: Nonresident freshman applicants for

University, MS 38677-1848


summer or fall should mail all materials by April 1.

Telephone (662) 915-7226


Applications postmarked later will be evaluated on a



competitive, space-available basis.




Personal Information

Full Name________________________________________________________Social Security No. ___________________________________

LastFirst (full legal name)Middle

Other names under which documents could be found: _____________________Name called by ______________________________________

Providing the information requested within this block is voluntary. The information will be used in a nondiscriminatory manner, consistent with applicable civil rights laws.

Race and Ethnic Group:

American Indian or Alaskan Native

Black, non-Hispanic

Asian or Pacific Islander



White, non-Hispanic


Date of Birth ____________________________________________________Place of Birth _______________________________________

Female Male


City and State



Religious/Church Preference (optional)


Permanent Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________


No. and Street





City, State and ZIP



____________________________ Cell:___________________ E-mail: _________________________


Area Code

Area Code

Present Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________


(if different from above)

No. and Street




City, State and ZIP



____________________________ Cell:___________________ E-mail: _________________________


Area Code

Area Code

Important: Address changes should be reported immediately to the Admissions Office.

Family Information

Father’s Name ____________________________________________________Living? __________Occupation _________________________







His Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

No. and Street






His Educational Background: High School Graduate

College Graduate


Ole Miss? ______ attended ____ graduated

Mother’s Name____________________________________________________Living? __________Occupation _________________________


Her Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

No. and Street






Her Educational Background: High School Graduate

College Graduate


Ole Miss? ______ attended ____ graduated

In case of emergency notify: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

















Phone: (home)

Phone: (business)



Residency Information





What is your country of citizenship? U.S.: Yes No


State of Residence _________________________________

County of Residence __________________________________________

Length of current continuous residence ________________




<![endif]>(See other side)

Previous Education

High School Attended ______________________________________________Graduation Date _______________________________

Location ________________________________________________________Currently Enrolled? Yes







List All Colleges Attended:






City and State

Dates of Attendance


Currently Enrolled?




Have you enrolled previously at The University of Mississippi?

Yes No

If yes, please indicate date of last enrollment: ____________________________

Oxford (main campus)

Off-campus site

Former PACE student

Previous Employment





City and State



Enrollment Information (check all applicable)

I plan to enroll at: Oxford (main campus)

Off-campus site located at:

Degree Seeking Nondegree Seeking

Fall _____

Spring _____

*Summer Intersession _____

First Summer Term _____

Second Summer Term _____






*Winter Intersession _____

*August Intersession _____



I expect to enroll in the:

College of Liberal Arts

School of Accountancy

School of Applied Sciences

School of Business Administration

School of Education

School of Engineering

School of Pharmacy

Summer College for High School Students


Major Field of Study (if known)

*Intersessions are special two-week terms.

I expect to be classified as a:





Unclassified (hold bachelor’s degree; will take only undergraduate courses)

Unclassified degree seeking Unclassified nondegree seeking

Visiting (have earned 12 or more semester hours; do not seek Ole Miss degree)

Special (at least 21 years of age, no previous college work) Courses for self-enrichment only

Plan to pursue a degree later

Personal Statement (voluntary)

Anything you wish to tell us about yourself: _________________________________________________________________________





I certify that none of the information requested on this form is false or has been withheld. I understand that giving false information or withhold- ing information may make me ineligible for admission or to continue at The University of Mississippi.

Your Signature ____________________________________________________________________Date ________________________

Please send completed application and all admission credentials to:

Office of Admissions

P.O. Box 1848

The University of Mississippi

University, MS 38677-1848

Completed applications, required transcripts and test scores should be received no later than 20 days prior to registration to allow adequate time for processing.

The university complies with all applicable laws regarding affirmative action and equal opportunity in all its activities and programs and does not discriminate against anyone protected by law because of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, or status as a veteran or disabled veteran. 866J-7/07

How to Edit Undergraduate Admission Application Online for Free

Having the goal of allowing it to be as easy to work with as it can be, we developed our PDF editor. The procedure of creating the E-mail will be effortless if you stick to the following steps.

Step 1: Select the orange "Get Form Now" button on the following webpage.

Step 2: You can now enhance the E-mail. Feel free to use our multifunctional toolbar to include, delete, and adjust the content of the file.

Provide the required content in every part to create the PDF E, mail

ole miss applications empty fields to fill in

Enter the appropriate data in Last, First, Middle, His, Address No, and, Street City, State, ZIP, Phone, Email, Mothers, Name, Living, Occupation Last, First, Middle, and Her, Address section.

stage 2 to completing ole miss applications

You may be expected to type in the particulars to help the software fill in the segment List, All, Colleges, Attended City, State, Institution, City, and, State Dates, of, Attendance Degree, Currently, Enrolled Former, PACE, student Off, campus, site Previous, Employment From, To Employer, City, and, State and year.

Entering details in ole miss applications step 3

The year, year, I, expect, to, enroll, in, the Major, Field, of, Study, if, known Personal, Statement, voluntary Sophomore, Senior, do, not, seek, Ole, Miss, degree and Your, Signature, Date section has to be used to write down the rights or obligations of both sides.

Filling in ole miss applications part 4

Step 3: Choose "Done". Now you may export the PDF file.

Step 4: Come up with at least several copies of the file to keep away from different potential troubles.

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