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Uniform Assistance Form is a government assistance program that helps members of the military and their families with the cost of uniforms. The program provides financial assistance for the purchase of replacement uniforms due to normal wear and tear, or when a new uniform is required as a result of a change in military regulations. The Uniform Assistance Form can be used to request reimbursement for expenses related to the purchase of uniforms, including but not limited to: purchase price, alterations, dry cleaning, and shipping costs. In order to qualify for this program, applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements which are outlined on the application form. Reimbursements are paid out on a sliding scale based on income level and family size.

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Form NameUniform Assistance Form
Form Length5 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min 15 sec
Other nameslongterm, uniform borrower assistance form 2018, uniform borrower form pdf, 710UBAF

Form Preview Example


If you are experiencing a temporary or longterm hardship and need help, you must complete and submit this form along with other required documentation to be considered for available solutions. On this page, you must disclose information about (1) you and your intentions to either keep or transition out of your home; (2) the property’s status; (3) real estate taxes; (4)

ho eo er’s insurance premiums; (5) bankruptcy; (6) your credit counseling agency, and (7) other liens, if any, on your property.

On Page 2 you must disclose information about all of your income, expenses and assets. Page 2 also lists the required income documentation that you must submit in support of your request for assistance. Then on Page 3, you must complete the Hardship Affidavit in which you disclose the nature of your hardship. The Hardship Affidavit informs you of the required documentation that you must submit in support of your hardship claim.

NOTICE: In addition, when you sign and date this form, you will make important certifications, representations and agreements, including certifying that all of the information in this Borrower Assistance Form is accurate and truthful and any identified hardship has contributed to your submission of this request for assistance

REMINDER: The Borrower Response Package you need to return consists of: (1) this completed, signed and dated Borrower Assistance Form; (2) completed and signed IRS Form 4506T; (3) required income documentation, and (4) required hardship documentation.

Loan Number





(usually found on your monthly statement)












I want to:

Keep the Property

Sell the Property


Surrender the Property Undecided

This property is currently:

My Primary Residence A Second Home

An Investment Property

This property is currently:

Owner Occupied

Tenant Occupied











































































































Is the property listed for sale? Yes


If yes, what was the listing date?



If property has been listed for sale, have you received an offer on the

property? Yes


Date of offer:



Amount of Offer: $


t’s Name:







t’s Number






For Sale by Owner?


Yes No

Have you contacted a credit‐ ou seli g agency for help? Yes No If yes, please complete the counselor contact information below:


selor’s Name:





y’s Name:





selor’s Phone Number:





selor’s Email Address:











Do you have condominium or homeowner association (HOA) fees?

Yes No


Total amount: $





Monthly Quarterly



Name and address that fees are paid to:




















Have you filed for bankruptcy?










If yes:

Chapter 7

Chapter 13

Filing Date:




Has your bankruptcy been discharged? Yes


Bankruptcy case number:







Are you currently, or have you been in the last 12 months, active duty military?

Yes No


Do you anticipate being active military in the near future? Yes





















Consumer Borrower Assistance Form 710UBAF


Page 1 of 5













September 2013




Monthly Household Income

Monthly Household Expenses

Household Assets (associated with









the property and/or borrower(s)





















Monthly Gross Wages


First Mortgage Payment



Checking Account(s)













Overtime / Tips / Commissions


Second Mortgage



Savings Account(s)



















Child Support / Alimony*


Ho eo er’s I sura e



IRA / 403/ Money Market























Non-taxable social security/SSDI


Property Taxes



401k Balances























Pension / Retirement / Annuities


Credit Cards



Stocks / Bonds / CDs






/Installment Loans
















((total mo. min.







Unemployment Income


Child Support/



Cash Value of Life Insurance





















Self Employed Income


Auto Loan or Lease



Other Real Estate (estimated






















Rental Income





Other Cash on Hand






















Mortgage/loans on other





















Total (Gross income)


Total Debts



Total Assets






















Monthly Living Expenses

















Auto Insurance


























Cable TV/ Phone/ Internet


Child Care



Transportation (gas/auto
































*Notice: Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income do not need to be revealed if you do not choose to have it considered for repaying this loan.

Any other liens (mortgage liens, mechanics liens, tax liens, etc.)

Lie Holder’s Na e

Balance and Interest Rate Loan Number

Lie Holder’s Pho e Nu er

Required Income Documentation


Do you earn a salary or hourly wage?

Are you self‐employed?



How often are you paid?

Please supply a signed and dated year-to-date Profit and Loss Statement for



Monthly Semi-Monthly Bi-weekly Weekly Other_______________

the current year. Additionally you must document your ownership



For each borrower who is a salaried employee or hourly wage earner,

percentage of the business and the two (2) most recent business bank



include the most recent pay stubs that reflect at least 30 days of

statements. If you do not supply a Profit and Loss for the entire year, you



year‐to‐date earnings for each income source for each borrower.

must provide documentation why year-to-date information was not



NOTE the oldest paystub must be within 45 days from the date of

provided. Profit and Loss statements must be for at least a 90 day period.



receipt of this application.

Requests for assistance between January 1st and March 31st must include the





full prior year’s Profit a d Loss state e t.








List All Employers and Start Date of Job:









If Teacher, Number of Paychecks Received per Year:




Consumer Borrower Assistance Form 710UBAF

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September 2013


Do you have any additional sources of income? Provide for each borrower as applicable:

Other Earned Income such as bonuses, commissions, housing allowance, tips, or overtime:

If you receive bonuses, commissions, tips, etc. please provide documentation detailing the amount and frequency of these other income

types. If applying for assistance between January 1st and March 31st, you must include the final paystub from the prior year that includes the year-to-date a ou ts of all other i o e types.

Social Security, disability or death benefits, pension, public assistance, adoption assistance or other income types:

Documentation showing the amount and frequency of the benefits/income, such as awards letter, exhibits, disability policy or benefits statement from the provider, and

Proof that benefits will continue for at least 12 additional months or on an ongoing basis.

Rental income:

Copy of current signed lease agreements for all rented properties that show the address of the property rented, monthly rent amount, tenant name and expiration of the lease agreement. NOTE if the lease agreement is expired and/or on a month-to-month cycle, we must also receive 2 most recent bank statements showing receipt of the rent payments and documentation the tenant is still occupying the property.

If rentals are weekly or seasonal, please provide a detailed, signed and dated year-to-date Profit and Loss statement. (Must cover a minimum 90 day period and if applying between January 1 and March 31st, please pro ide prior year’s year-to-date Profit and Loss statement.)

Investment income:

Copies of the two most recent investment statements or bank statements supporting receipt of this income source.

Alimony, child support, or separation maintenance payments as qualifying income:*

Copy of divorce decree, separation agreement, or other written legal agreement filed with a court, or court decree that states the amount

of the alimony, child support, or separation maintenance payments and the period of time over which the payments will be received.

*Notice: Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income do not need to be revealed if you do not choose to have it considered for repaying this loan.

Consumer Borrower Assistance Form 710UBAF

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September 2013



(Provide a written explanation with this request describing the specific nature of your hardship.)

I am requesting review of my current financial situation to determine whether I qualify for temporary or permanent assistance. Please briefly document the reason you are requesting assistance:




Date Hardship Began is:

I believe that my situation is:



“hort‐term (under 6 mo.)

Lo g‐ter or Permanent Hardship (greater than 6 months)

I am having difficulty making my monthly payment because of reasons set forth below:

(Please check all that apply and submit required documentation demonstrating your hardship.)





If Your Hardship is:

Then the Required Hardship Documentation is:






No hardship documentation required






No hardship documentation required, as long as you have submitted the



income documentation that supports the income described in the Required



Income Documentation section

Income reduction (e.g., elimination of No hardship documentation required, as long as you have submitted the

overtime, reduction in regular working

income documentation that supports the income described in the Required

hours, or a reduction in base pay)

Income Documentation section

Divorce or legal separation; Separation of

Divorce decree signed by the court; OR

Borrowers unrelated by marriage, civil

Separation agreement signed by the court; OR

union or similar domestic partnership

Current credit report evidencing divorce, separation, or nonoccupying

under applicable law

borrower has a different address; OR


Recorded quitclaim deed evidencing that the nonoccupying Borrower or o‐


Borrower has relinquished all rights to the property



Death of a borrower or death of either

Death certificate

the primary or secondary wage earner in


the household




Longterm or permanent disability;

Proof of monthly insurance benefits or government assistance (if applicable);

Serious illness of a orro er/ o‐


borrower or dependent family member

Written statement or other documentation verifying disability or illness; OR


Medical bills


None of the above shall require providing detailed medical information.

Disaster (natural or manmade) adversely

Insurance claim; OR

impacting the property or Borro er’s

Federal Emergency Management Agency grant or Small Business

place of employment

Administration loan; OR


Borrower or Employer property located in a federally declared disaster area

Distant employment transfer

No hardship documentation required





Business Failure

Tax return from the previous year (including all schedules) AND

Proof of business failure supported by one of the following:

Bankruptcy filing for the business; or

Two months recent bank statements for the business account evidencing cessation of business activity; or

Most recent signed and dated yeartodate profit and loss statement

Other : a hardship that is not covered Written explanation describing the details of the hardship and relevant





Consumer Borrower Assistance Form 710UBAF

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September 2013


Borrower/Co‐Borrower Acknowledgement and Agreement

1.I certify that all of the information in this Borrower Assistance Form is truthful and the hardship(s) identified within has contributed to submission of this request for assistance.

2.I understand and acknowledge that SunTrust Bank, owner or guarantor of my loan, or their agent(s) may investigate the accuracy of my statements, may require me to provide additional supporting documentation, and that knowingly submitting false information may violate Federal and other applicable laws.

3.I understand SunTrust Bank will obtain a current credit report on all borrowers obligated on the Note.

4.I understand that if I have intentionally defaulted on my existing loan agreement, engaged in fraud or misrepresented any fact(s) in connection with this request for assistance or if I do not provide all required documentation, SunTrust may cancel any assistance granted and may pursue foreclosure on my home and/or pursue any available legal remedies.

5.I certify that my property has not received a condemnation notice.

6.I certify that I am willing to provide all requested documents and to respond to all SunTrust Bank communications in a timely manner. I understand that time is of the essence.

7.I understand that the SunTrust Bank will use this information to evaluate my eligibility for available assistance and foreclosure alternatives, but SunTrust Bank is not obligated to offer me assistance based solely on the representations in this document or other documentation submitted in connection with my request.

8.If I am eligible for a modification or forbearance plan, and I accept and agree to all terms of such plan, I also agree

that the terms of this Acknowledgment and Agreement are incorporated into such plan by reference as if set forth in such plan in full. My first timely payment following my “u Trust Ba k’s determination and notification of my eligibility or prequalification for a modification or forbearance plan (when applicable) along with the appropriate signed agreement will serve as acceptance of the terms set forth in the notice sent to me that sets forth the terms and conditions of the modification or forbearance plan.

9.I agree that when SunTrust Bank accepts and posts a payment during the term of any modification or forbearance plan it will be without prejudice to, and will not be deemed a waiver of, the acceleration of my loan or foreclosure action and related activities and shall not constitute a cure of my default under my loan unless such payments are sufficient to completely cure my entire default under my loan.

10.I understand that SunTrust Bank will collect and record personal information that I submit in this Borrower

Response Package and during the evaluation process, including, but not limited to, my name, address, telephone

number, social security number, credit score, income, payment history, and information about my account balances and activity. I understand and o se t to “u Trust Ba k’s disclosure of my personal information and the

terms of any relief or foreclosure alternative that I receive to any servicer that services my first lien or subordinate lien (if applicable) or to any HUDcertified housing counselor.

11. I understand that by providing my phone number, I consent to SunTrust Bank, its affiliates, agents, and assignees of any of those contacting me at this number by calling, texting, or sending other electronic messages, from time to time, for any reason about my accounts with SunTrust Bank and its affiliates, including but not limited to, for collection and payment purposes, even if I have previously submitted a request to cease collection calls. I agree that automated dialing equipment or prerecorded voice messages may be used for any of these purposes.





Borrower Signature


Co-Borrower Signature


Consumer Borrower Assistance Form 710UBAF

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September 2013

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