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Every company has a different way of handling customer complaints. Some companies have a form that must be filled out in order to file a complaint, while others allow customers to call or email. United Airlines is one of the companies that has a form that customers must fill out before filing their complaint. The following is a review of the United Airlines Form. The form asks for your personal information such as name, address, and phone number. It then asks for your reservation number and flight information. The next section asks about the issue you are having with your flight. You are given multiple choice answers to choose from such as lost baggage, Customer Service Issues, Medical issues, and more.

You may find information about the type of form you need to fill out in the table. It will show you how much time it should take to fill out united airlines form, what fields you will need to fill in, and so on.

Form NameUnited Airlines Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields217
Avg. time to fill out22 min 6 sec
Other namesunited com claim form, claim united, united airlines compensation form, united claim airlinesclaim

Form Preview Example

Customer Property Claim Form

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you have been caused by the delay of your checked property. To assist us with your claim, please complete and return this form.

While our efforts to locate your property continue, it is of the utmost importance to promptly complete this claim form and return it to us as soon as possible. The most intensive phase of tracing is based on the information provided on this claim form. In the event you fail to return the completed claim form within 45 days, no action shall lie against United Airlines. The claim form should be completed in its entirety with a detailed description of each individual item contained within the bag(s), or the items missing from the baggage, including signatures from all persons impacted. If your claim involves more than one bag, please itemize each bag and its contents separately. The accuracy of the information you provide enhances our ability to locate your property through our tracing efforts. Failure to include requested information may affect the processing of your claim.

In addition, please include the following items in addition to this signed form to assist in processing your claim:

Customer copy of the light ticket, or ticket receipt

Original proof of purchase for items valued at $100 USD or higher

Baggage claim checks

Excess value receipt, if excess value was declared at check in

For interim expense reimbursement, receipts are required for all items purchased

European customers, please include bank name and address, account name and ABA/Chips number

Clear and legible copy of driver’s license or other government issued photo ID for each person on claim.

Important: Please retain copies of all documents you send to us, for your records.

Notice of Baggage Liability Limits

For domestic travel between points within the United States (except for domestic portions of interna- tional journeys), United’s liability for loss of, damage to, or delay in delivery of a passenger’s checked baggage is limited to $3,300 per ticketed passenger, unless a higher value is declared in advance and appropriate charges are paid. In accordance with 14 CFR Part 382, the above limit of liability does not apply for loss, damage or delay of wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Excess value may not be declared on certain types of articles. United assumes no liability for high value, fragile, or perishable items carried in connection with domestic travel. For a complete list of excluded items, see the terms in our Contract of Carriage or at our website, united.com.

For international travel to which the Warsaw Convention applies, liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage is limited to $20 per kilogram (approximately $9.07 per pound) up to $640, and $400 per passenger for unchecked baggage.

For international travel to which the Montreal Convention applies, liability for loss, delay, or damage is limited to 1,131 SDR per passenger for baggage, whether checked or unchecked. Exchange rates are available at www.IMF.org.

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Customer Property Claim Form

Personal and light information, please type or print legibly





Type of Claim:










File reference number






Baggage Claim Check Nos.





























Home Phone


Business Phone












Area Code


Areas Code












































Home Address












Employed By




























Business Street Address























E-Mail Address

























Zip/Postal Code









Zip/Postal Code
















Total Bags Checked

Total Bags Lost

Number of Passengers



MileagePlus or Frequent Flyer


When and where













Was your bag last seen?















Excess Bag Yes

Did you declare and





Where did you check your baggage?





Fee Paid?

pay for higher value?


Value: $__________

Ticket Counter________ Curbside_______ Other_________













Was your bag(s)




If yes, were you




City and Airline who handled


Reason for Reroute


rerouted or




given a different









rechecked enroute?




claim check?






















Did you attempt to





At what UA office did you report



Has loss been reported to another airline?



claim baggage as





your loss?










soon as you arrived?










If yes, please give airline and city where reported:









Have you or members of your household ever filed a claim before



If yes, Airline(s)__________________________________


this one with any airline(s) for baggage loss, damage, or pilferage?





Complete Itinerary

Complete itinerary




Flight #


Certification and Understanding

Certiication and understanding

The United States Post Ofice has investigative jurisdiction under federal laws relating to sending false or fraudulent claims through the United States mails. Any such claims received by United Airlines are reported to US Postal authorities.

I do hereby promise the foregoing statement and those on all accompanying forms and supporting documents to be accurate, complete, true and I hereby make a claim against United Airlines in the

amount of $


for loss occurring on


, 20




Requires signature of each customer claiming lost property.
















Customer Signature




Customer Signature














Customer Signature




Customer Signature















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Customer Property Claim Form

Baggage description and contents listing

List contents separately if more than one

Type of Bag

Color of Bag


Date Purchased

Original Cost







Initials, Marks, Labels, or other Exterior Identification. List name of any person(s) which may be on documents, papers, etc.

Description of contents: If claim is for more than 1 customer, please indicate ownership of items. Gender: M= Male, F= Female, CH=Child, INF= infant (0-3 yrs.)





Description, Color, Material, Brand Label


















Red button up, cotton, Polo


May, 2010

































































































































If additional space is needed, please attach separate paper with same data as above

Total value of bag and contents

Include the following items with your claim

Passenger ticket receipts for each person involved in this loss

Baggage claim checks

Excess value receipt, if applicable

Interim Expense Reimbursement receipts

Copy of driver’s license or other government issued photo ID for each person in the claim Include original proof of purchase for items valued at $100 or higher

Mail or fax to: United Airlines, Inc.

Baggage Resolution Service Center 611 Lockhaven Drive

Houston, TX 77073 Phone 1-800-335-2247

Local 1-281-821-3526 Fax 1-281-553-1484

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stage 1 to filling out united airlines compensation form

Note the details in Yes, Yes, NoNo Complete, itinerary From, From To, To Complete, Itinerary, Complete, Itinerary Airline, Airline Flight, Flight Date, Date Cert, ii, cation, and, understanding and for, loss, occurring, on

step 2 to completing united airlines compensation form

Put down the vital information while you're on the Customer, Signature Customer, Signature Date, Date, Customer, Signature Customer, Signature Date, and Date part.

Completing united airlines compensation form stage 3

The Type, of, Bag Color, of, Bag Manufacturer, Date, Purchased Original, Cost Description, Color, Material, Brand, Label Where, Size, Gender, Date, Original, Shirt, MF, CHIN, F XL, M and Red, button, up, cotton, Polo box will be your place to place the rights and obligations of each party.

stage 4 to completing united airlines compensation form

Look at the sections Shirt, XL, M Red, button, up, cotton, Polo Reminders, Purchased, Dill, ard Cost, Purchased, May Total, value, of, bag, and, contents Baggage, claim, checks Excess, value, receipt, if, applicable Interim, Expense, Reimbursement, receipts Mail, or, fax, to United, Airlines, Inc Baggage, Resolution, Service, Center Lock, haven, Drive and Houston, TX and next fill them in.

united airlines compensation form Shirt, XLM, RedbuttonupcottonPolo, Reminders, PurchasedDillard, CostPurchasedMay, Totalvalueofbagandcontents, Baggageclaimchecks, Excessvaluereceiptifapplicable, InterimExpenseReimbursementreceipts, Mailorfaxto, UnitedAirlinesInc, BaggageResolutionServiceCenter, LockhavenDrive, and HoustonTX fields to fill

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