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Navigating the administrative pathways of bulk mailings with the United States Postal Service® becomes significantly smoother with a thorough understanding of PS Form 3615. This form is a crucial starting point for individuals or companies aiming to utilize various USPS bulk mailing services, simplifying the process through a single application. It's designed to cover a broad spectrum of services including permit imprints, business reply mail, as well as services for postage evidencing systems like meters or PC Postage™, among others. Importantly, the form mandates applicants to provide detailed information including contact details and identification that confirms the legitimacy of the mail owner, with strict guidelines on the forms of ID accepted. Moreover, it lays out the requirement for an annual fee for those hoping to present their mail in presorted order, ensuring adherence to USPS standards. The form also acts as a record, documenting when permits are issued or canceled, initial fees are paid, and samples are approved. Understanding PS Form 3615 not only helps mail owners comply with postal regulations but also serves as a testament to the structured approach of the USPS towards organized, efficient bulk mailing.

Form NameUsps Form 3615
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesbulk mail permit application, mailing permit application, ps3615, usps bulk mail permit

Form Preview Example

United States Postal Service®




















A. Applicant Information (Please print or type requested information)

Mailing Permit Application

1. Mail Owner (Individual or Company Name)



2. Date



and Customer Profile























Instructions available on reverse























Two forms of identification are required when























3. Applicant’s Signature *(See Privacy Notice below)

4. Email Address (required if known)

submitting this application. One form of ID























must contain a photograph of the applicant(s).























The applicant must enter the two ID numbers























on line 8a and line 8b which is subject to























5. Address (Street and number, apt. or suite no., city, state, and ZIP + 4®)





verification by the postal employee completing





the application. Social Security cards, credit























cards and birth certificates are not acceptable























forms of identification.























6. Other Names Under Which Company Does Business (If applicable)

7. How Can We Contact You?











































8a. Enter first ID number.

9. Federal Agency Cost Code (If applicable)

10. Will Present Plant Verified Drop




















Shipment (PVDS)?































































8b. Enter second ID number.

11. Contact Person

12. Telephone No. (Include area code)


B. Check Applicable Type of Permit/Authorization Requested

For Postal Service™ Use Only







Will you be mailing anything that is liquid, fragile, perishable, or potentially hazardous?






See DMM 601























Permit Imprint Authorization (One time Application fee required )*










First-Class® Mail

Standard Mail®



Package Services





















Precanceled Stamp Authorization*



























Government Precanceled Stamped Envelope Authorization*























Mailer Precanceled Postmark/Preprinted Rate Markings Authorization*








See DMM 604.3

Preprinting of Rate Markings

Mailer Precancel Postmark







Postage Evidencing System (Meter/PC Postage™) Authorization*



































Business Reply Mail™ (BRM) Authorization**





















(Cards, Letters and Flats Only)


























a. Post Office™ (Station or Branch) where BRM will be received:


























b. Post Office where BRM permit number was issued and annual fee was paid, if

























Business Reply Mail Account Maintenance Fee (For advance deposit account)***



















Qualified Business Reply Mail™ (QBRM) Approved***
























*Annual mailing fee is required to present presorted mail

**Annual permit fee required

***Annual permit and annual account maintenance fee required

PS Form 3615, August 2020 PSN 7530-03-000-6048 *Privacy Notice: Information provided may be used for marketing purposes, see our privacy policy at

Permit Imprint Authorization (Please keep this card for your records. Instructions available on reverse.)

Permit Number

Date Permit Issued








Application Fee Due








Postmaster or Designee Signature





Authorization for Precanceled Stamps or Postage Evidencing Systems (Meter/PC Postage) to Present Presorted Mail in Bulk

(Please keep this card for your records. Instructions available on reverse.)

Permit Number

Date Permit Issued Issuing





Postmaster or Designee Signature

Business Reply Mail Authorization

(Please keep this card for your records. Instructions available on reverse.)

Permit Number

Date Permit Issued Issuing











Fee Due

Unique BRM ZIP+4(s)

















BRM w/Advance Deposit




Account Maintenance Fee




Due $





Postmaster or Designee Signature

Mailability, DMM 601
1.0 General Standards
2.0 Packaging
3.0 Acceptable Mailing Containers
4.0 Cushioning, Closure, and Reinforcement
5.0 Handling, Content, and Extra Service Markings
6.0 Mailing Containers—Special Types of Envelopes and Packaging 7.0 Packaging Standards for Mail Processed at Bulk Mail Centers 8.0 Nonmailable and Restricted Articles and Substances Generally 9.0 Perishables
10.0 Hazardous Materials
11.0 Other Restricted and Nonmailable Matter
12.0 Written, Printed, and Graphic Matter Generally

Standards for Mailing Using Permit Imprints


The content and format must meet the standards in the




Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®).



Mail must be presented and accepted where the permit


was issued unless permitted by other applicable





Payment for each mailing must be made when the



mailing is presented at the Post Office.




Mail must not be deposited in street collection boxes.



Minimum quantities apply and all pieces must be of



identical weight, unless otherwise authorized.



NOTE: Application fee applies. Annual fees apply to presort


or destination entry mail.


Standards for Precanceled Stamps or


Postage Evidencing Systems (Meters/PC


Postage) to Present Presorted Mailings


Presorted mail must:


1. Be presented for acceptance and verification where the



permit is held.


2. Not be deposited in street collection boxes.

3. Bear markings and endorsements required for the rate




claimed or service requested.


4. Bear a complete return address


NOTE: Annual fees apply to presort or destination entry mail.


(Precanceled stamp mail).


Obtain appropriate meter slug from meter manufacturer.





Standards for Business Reply Mail (BRM)






Permit holder guarantees payment for proper



First-Class™ postage, plus a per-piece fee.



Permitted for cards, letters, and flats only.


No extra services are permitted.




Mail may not be converted for any other purpose



than that intended by the permit holder.



Annual permit applies.


Format requirements apply.



Annual account maintenance fee may apply.


Instructions (For information about postage payment methods and permits, please refer to the DMM)

This form creates a comprehensive file about customers who use these services, including a record of customers mailing in bulk with meter postage affixed and those who are presenting plant verified drop shipment (PVDS) or approved for Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) rates. This form also documents when permits were issued or canceled, initial fees paid, and samples approved. You may use one form and update it as needed. If files are kept in separate locations, you may use a separate form for each service.

How to Complete This Form

Section A, Applicant Information

1. Enter applicant’s name and company/agency name under which mailings will be entered.

2. Enter the date application was completed.

3. Signature of person completing form.

4. Applicant’s email address or contact email address.

5. Enter the complete company mailing address.

6. Enter all other names under which company does business.

7. Enter method(s) of contact.

8. a. Complete first form of identification number. b. Complete second form of identification number.

9. Complete if applicant is a federal agency presenting mail under Official Mail Accounting System (OMAS).

10.Indicate whether mailer is or will be presenting plant verified drop shipments (PVDS). (For informational purposes only).

11.Enter the name of the contact person (a person with whom Postal Service personnel can discuss mailing differences, etc.).

12.Enter the telephone number (include area code) of contact person named in item 11.

Section B, Check Type of Permit/Authorization Requested

1.Complete if mailer will mail using a permit imprint.

2.Complete if mailer will mail using:

Precanceled stamps.

Government precanceled stamped envelopes.

a.Mailer precanceled postmark.

b.Preprinted rate markings authorization (check appropriately).

3.Complete if mailer will mail using a postage evidencing system (Meter/PC Postage).

4.Complete if mailer applies for a Business Reply Mail permit.

a.Post Office (Station or Branch) where mail will be received.

b.Post Office where BRM permit number was issued/annual fee was paid, if applicable. Check if Business Reply Mail Annual Account Maintenance Fee was paid.

Complete/check if Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) Approved.

What to Give the Customer

Complete and detach the coupon corresponding to the service(s) requested and give to the customer. Advise the customer to keep their coupon(s) to reference the account(s). Customers should keep the coupon(s) along with their copy(ies) of PS Form 3544, Post Office Receipt for Money, which they will receive after paying the required fee.

How to File This Form

File the form alphabetically by customer’s business name. Post Offices where records are maintained manually must use PS Form 3609, Record of Permit Imprint Mailings, to establish a corresponding numerical record of permit holders. Use PS Form 25, Trust Fund Account, for all other services. Post Offices with a mail classification automated system (such as the Postal One!® system) that provides computation and individual customer account recordkeeping need not maintain a separate manual record.


*Annual mailing fee is required to present presorted mail

**Annual permit fee required

***Annual permit and annual account maintenance fee required

PS Form 3615, August 2020 (Reverse)

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