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A Wells Fargo Authorization Form is a document used by the bank to authorize someone to represent you in certain transactions. The form allows the designated individual to act on your behalf when dealing with Wells Fargo, making it easier for you to conduct business with the bank. The authorization remains in effect until it is revoked or expires, so be sure to select someone you trust implicitly to represent you. By signing this form, the borrower acknowledges their responsibility for the actions of the authorized third party and agrees to notify Wells Fargo if they wish to revoke the authorization.

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Form NameWells Fargo Authorization
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesfargo authorization, form authorization wells fargo, wells fargo authorization form, how wells fargo authorization for payoff

Form Preview Example

Authorization to release information

Please complete and return this form

Borrower name(s):

Property address:

Loan number:

I authorize Wells Fargo to release information about my loan to the third party listed below:

Name of third party:

Address of third party:

Email address of third party:

Phone number of third party:

Relationship of third party (i.e., attorney, real estate agent, etc.):

Expiration date for this authorization:

Note: If no expiration date is provided, this authorization will remain in place for the life of the loan; however, if you are granting authorization to a real estate agent, the authorization will expire one yearafter the date it is granted.

Please indicate which privileges you wish to grant to the third party named above (check all that apply):

Receive information about my loan.

Update existing tax information.

Update existing insurance information or provide replacement coverage information.

Important notes:

Updates to taxes and/or insurance may result in an immediate change to the monthly mortgage payments for this loan.

To allow an authorized third party/parties to make other changes to your loan information, we require a notarized Power of Attorney or Court Order for the authorized party/parties that “grants full authority to make, acknowledge and deliver those changes for you and in your name.”

Authorized signature:

I hereby accept responsibility for all actions taken on my loan by the party named above and agree that if I wish to discontinue the authorization noted on this form, I will notify Wells Fargo in writing or by calling the number listed in the account information section of the accompanying letter.

Borrower (Signature Required)


Last 4 digits of SSN or TIN

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Include the required data in the Receive information about my loan, Update existing tax information, Update existing insurance, Important notes, Updates to taxes andor insurance, To allow an authorized third, Authorized signature, I hereby accept responsibility for, Borrower Signature Required, Date, and Last digits of SSN or TIN segment.

Filling out wells fargo release form stage 2

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