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In the journey of a Cub Scout towards mastering new skills and demonstrating responsibility, the Whittling Chip Card stands as a pivotal milestone, especially for Bear Scouts or Webelos Scouts who aspire to the privilege of carrying and using a pocketknife. Achieving this certification requires the scout to display a comprehensive understanding of knife safety, showcase their competency through a carving project, and commit to adhering to the strict guidelines of the Pocketknife Pledge. These steps ensure that the scout possesses not only the practical skills necessary for safe knife usage but also a deep respect for the responsibilities that come with it. The certification process, detailed in the Bear Handbook under the Bear Claws adventure, culminates in the awarding of the Whittling Chip emblem and a pocket certificate, marking the scout's achievement. This emblem, a symbol of the scout's newfound abilities and trustworthiness, is meant to be worn temporarily on the right pocket of the uniform, emphasizing its significance as a badge of honor and a reminder of the continued commitment to safety and responsibility. The completion of this certification is documented and approved by the scout's leader, ensuring a supportive and supervised environment for the development of these crucial life skills.

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Cub Scout

Whittling Chip Certification

This certification grants a Bear Scout or Webelos Scout the right to carry and use a pocketknife. The Scout must show the Scout leader, or another adult designated by the leader, an understanding of the responsibility to do the following:

1.Know the safety rules for handling a knife and show, using these rules, that you know how to care for and use your pocketknife safely.

Date completed __________________ Approved by __________________

2.Make a carving with a pocketknife. Work with your den leader or other adult

when doing this. (One of the items carved for Bear Claws requirement 3A may be used to fulfill Whittling Chip requirement 2.)

Date completed __________________ Approved by __________________

3.Read, understand, and promise to abide by the “Pocketknife Pledge.” Date completed __________________ Approved by __________________

Information on these Whittling Chip requirements can be found in the Bear Claws adventure of the Bear Handbook.

The Whittling Chip patch is considered a temporary patch and, if worn, should be centered on the right pocket of the Cub Scout or Webelos uniform shirt. It should not be sewn on a pocket flap.

The following Scout has successfully completed the requirements for the Whittling Chip:

Scout’s name _____________________________________________________________________

Pack No. ________________________________________________________________________

Date completed ___________________________ Approved by ___________________________

Den leader’s approval _____________________________________________________________

Whittling Chip emblem, No. 8598

Whittling Chip pocket certificate, No. 34223


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