Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

When two parties exchange ownership of a motor vehicle, they will need to complete a Massachusetts bill of sale. This is a legal document that notes the legal sale and is needed when it comes time to register the vehicle in question. It requests details about the motor vehicle including the vehicle identification number (VIN), and basic information about both parties like address and phone number. Unlike other states within the United States, Massachusetts does not require a bill of sale if the title is available. It includes cars that are excused from title due to age and trailers that are less than 3,000 pounds.

Massachusetts vehicle bill of sale forms do not have to be notarized, but both parties may choose to notarize documents to authenticate the transaction further. This stands for both vehicles and boats, though vessels will need to visit Energy and Environmental Affairs regional registration offices. They are subject to the same fees and must be presented with similar documentation to a motor vehicle.

Massachusetts bill of sale forms – discover more bill of sale templates for Massachusetts with directions.

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Registering a Vehicle in Massachusetts

If you need more insights on buying a motor vehicle properly, this article will be of help.

Once the motor vehicle has changed ownership, new owners will have seven days to inspect the motor vehicle. The bill of sale, along with a reading of the odometer at the time of sale, is required to complete proper registration of the vehicle, legalizing their operation on any Massachusetts highway or road as well as the many surrounding lakes. New owners will need to gather together paperwork and forms to present them in person to their local Registry of Motor Vehicles Branch no more than 60 days after the purchase date. Documents needed for registration include:

  • Application for Registration and Title (Form RMV-1)
  • Completed and signed bill of sale template
  • Odometer reading statement with corresponding VIN
  • Buyer’s photo ID
  • Proof of auto insurance in Massachusetts
  • Proof of inspection

When presenting all paperwork and documents at the time of registration, new owners must pay all fees, including a sales tax of 6.25% on the entire purchase price. If the motor vehicle in question was purchased out of state, buyers must show proof that taxes were paid on the vehicle or be prepared to pay them at the time of registration. The fee for titles is $75, and other fees depend on the motor vehicle type. Most commercial fees vary by weight, and motorcycles are subject to a fee of $20 for registration and titling. All fees must be paid before the registration, which must take place in less than 60 days to avoid any penalties.

Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale Form Details

Document Name Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Massachusetts Car Bill of Sale, Massachusetts Automobile Bill of Sale
Relevant Link Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
Registration Fee $30-60 (electric car – $60)
Required by the State? Yes
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 59
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Create a free MA Car Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

How to write Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale

The completing advice was developed for the bill of sale template created by our company. Nevertheless, it is advisable to go for the standard form when it’s provided by the local governmental bodies.

Step 1: Indicate the date when document is created.
Part for indicating creation date of Massachusetts bill of sale document for car

Step 2: Type in the buyer’s and seller’s information:

  • Full legal name
  • Address: Street, City, State, Postal code
  • Contact information: Contact number, Email address
    Part for typing in purchaser's and seller's specifics of a Massachusetts vehicle bill of sale

Step 3: Enter the descriptive details of the car or truck:

  • Make (manufacturer)
  • Car’s model
  • Vehicle’s body type
  • Year
  • Distance traveled (odometer reading)
  • Color
  • VIN
    Part for descriptive details of car of a vehicle bill of sale form for Massachusetts

Step 4: Pick the way the purchaser will pay for the motor vehicle and for how much.

This stage also requires indicating the exact date of the purchase and the total amount approved by both parties of the transaction. As soon as that is done, you need to specify the method of purchase:

  1. The full amount straight away. One of the simple choices: the property owner is provided with the full amount of money from the purchaser in one transaction and delivers the vehicle to the purchaser on the same day.
  2. Trade-in. Using this option, the property owner wants to trade their automobile for the buyer’s motor vehicle with an extra payment from the purchaser. The purchaser’s vehicle details also have to be contained in the document.
  3. Installment payments. Specify the downpayment sum as well as the exact date it must be given, together with the date by which the entire sum has to be handed to the vehicle owner.

Now, indicate the way the buyer is going to pay:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Cashier’s check
  • Money order

The final thing to do within this section is to choose if all applicable taxes are included in the price.
Section for information about way of receiving money of Massachusetts bill of sale for vehicle

Step 5: Read the miscellaneous terms.

This section generally has the “as-is” paragraph that means the object is purchased with no warranties.
Section of miscellaneous provisions of bill of sale for automobile for Massachusetts

Step 6: Sign the bill of sale form.

The purchaser is generally not required to sign the bill of sale. Nevertheless, it is recommended to get the document signed by all parties. As an extra precaution, you can have one or two people attest the process and sign the document.
Signing section of a Massahucsetts motor vehicle bill of sale template

Step 7: Use the services of a notary public

Notarization is typically not mandatory, but it can be an effective way to add an additional layer of legal safety to the deal.

The original bill of sale copy must be presented to the purchaser as they will likely need it to obtain a title to their new car. As a seller, you could either get a copy and store it or have a pair of identical forms signed and filled out by all parties.
Part for notary acknowledgement of Massachusetts car bill of sale form

Published: Sep 17, 2020