Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

A Maine vehicle bill of sale is a legal tool that records all the essential details about the vehicle sale and purchase. The bill of sale template will come in handy during the vehicle registration.

It’s also possible to complete the official vehicle bill of sale template provided by the Maine authorities. Both the seller and buyer must sign the document. A notary acknowledgment is optional for a Maine vehicle bill of sale.

Maine bill of sale templates – this section will let you learn more about other bills of sale that can be used in Maine.


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Document Details

Document Name Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Maine Car Bill of Sale, Maine Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Registration Fee $35 (varies depending on license plate)
Bill of Sale Required? Yes
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 21

How to Write a ME Vehicle Bill of Sale

Vehicle owners usually use motor vehicle bills of sale for registration, title transfer, and other DMV-related operations. If you’re considering buying or selling the car in Maine, you’re free to use the official bill of sale form recognized by the Maine state.

Below are some step-by-step instructions to help you fill out the form within minutes.

Step 1. Indicate the parties involved in the transaction

Type the name of the seller and buyer in print.

step 1 to filling out a maine vehicle bill of sale parties

Step 2. Type in the selling price

You will need to define the purchase price that the buyer agrees to pay in exchange for the vehicle.

step 2 to filling out a maine vehicle bill of sale form price

Step 3. Provide the vehicle description

In the next section, the seller must describe the vehicle they are about to sell. This information includes:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • VIN
  • Body Type
  • Color

step 3 to filling out a maine vehicle bill of sale sample vehicle details

Step 4. Disclose the vehicle’s mileage

It’s also important to provide the accurate data about the vehicle’s mileage. You’re released from mentioning the odometer reading if it’s started at zero again or there’s an odometer discrepancy. In both cases, you need to check one of the boxes.

step 4 to filling out a maine vehicle bill of sale odometer statement

Step 5. Certify the active lienholders (if any)

The vehicle before the purchase should not have any active lien holder.

step 5 to filling out a maine vehicle bill of sale template lienholder

Step 6. Provide the seller’s information

In this section, it’s required to enter the seller’s address, the date of the signature, and sign the document. If there is more than one seller, it is necessary to provide a signature from both sellers.

step 6 to filling out a maine vehicle bill of sale example seller signature

Step 7. Provide the buyer’s information

Verify the information in the document, including vehicle details and odometer reading, and if everything is correct, sign the document. You also need to type in the buyer’s address and the date of filling out the form. If there is more than one buyer, you need to get signatures from both buyers.

step 7 to filling out a maine vehicle bill of sale sample buyer signature

Feel free to get a notary signature, although it’s an optional measure to ensure that no one will put this document under question.

Bill of Sale
Form MVT-32

The Official Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale form in the State of Maine.

Bill of Sale

Form MVT-32  (also known as Odometer Information template) is used by the seller to show the odometer reading on the Certificate of Title to the vehicle.

Form MVT-32
Template Preview
Create a high-quality Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale online now!

Registering a Vehicle in Maine

Maine requires that all vehicles are registered to operate legally. Registration requires a few documents, one of which is the motor vehicle’s title. This includes details about the make and model of the vehicle along with the VIN and details about both buyer and seller. Both parties must sign the back of the title and print both their name and current address to complete registration. In addition to the motor vehicle title, buyers must also present the following documents to their local BMV:

  • Vehicle title (signed by both parties)
  • Odometer disclosure statement (as per Bureau of Motor Vehicles MVT-32)
  • Signed and filled out car bill of sale form
  • Registration application form
  • Payments (including registration fees and taxes)
  • Proof of insurance

With all of the documents prepared, new owners must personally present them at their closest BMV. Registration fees vary by vehicle type, but most passenger vehicles come with a fee of $35. Those with disabilities or specialized military plates (ex. Purple Heart or Prisoner of War) will pay no fees. Specialized or vanity plates are available for purchase at a minimum fee of $25. Other specialized vehicles for commercial use are charged by weight. In addition to registration fees, motor vehicles from 1995 and later come with a $33.00 title application fee. On top of the fees for registrations, residents in Maine should be prepared to pay a 5.5% sales tax on the purchase price of the vehicle unless otherwise paid. This could include out of state purchases where owners must show proof of payment of taxes in the state where the purchase was legalized.

seal of maine state

Other Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms by State

Published: Apr 8, 2022