Iowa Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

An Iowa motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document proving that a buyer and seller have transacted a vehicle deal. This form contains all details regarding the vendor, descriptive information about the vehicle, and the change of ownership. However, it doesn’t serve as proof of title.

There is an official bill of sale form, which you can use in Iowa state. It’s short and easy to complete. This bill of sale form consists of all the essential details, such as the seller’s and buyer’s names, vehicle description (including VIN), purchase price, and date of transaction.

Iowa bill of sale forms – find out more about some other bills of sale common in Iowa.


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Document Details

Document Name Iowa Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Iowa Car Bill of Sale, Iowa Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV Iowa Department of Transportation
Vehicle Registration Fee Fees are based on weight and list price of the vehicle
Bill of Sale Required? Yes
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 8

How to Write an IA Vehicle Bill of Sale

An Iowa official bill of sale form is used by vehicle owners to transfer a vehicle title through a sale to another person. The bill of sale can come in handy for the vehicle registration in DMV as proof of ownership. The Iowa vehicle bill of sale template is not hard to complete. Here are simple directions to help you quickly fill out this form.

Step 1: Provide the transaction details

In the first section, you are required to type in the seller’s name, vehicle details (make, year, and vehicle identification number), and the buyer’s name.

Section for filling out purchaser's, seller's, and vehicle's particulars of Iowa automobile bill of sale form

Step 2: Specify the purchase price

The following step is to indicate the amount of money being paid for the vehicle and the transaction date.

Section for filling out the purchase price and date of Iowa automobile bill of sale form

Step 3: Provide the seller’s signature

The seller is required to sign the bill of sale document. The buyer doesn’t need to sign the form.

Section for seller's signature of Iowa bill of sale document for motor vehicle

Step 4: Notarize the document

In Iowa, some county treasures may require the parties to notarize the document. We recommend getting in touch with the county treasurer to get the factual requirements. Even if notarization is not mandatory, you can still get it to ensure that the document is legally binding.

Section for notary certificate of Iowa bill of sale document for motor vehicle

Vehicle Bill of Sale
Form 411077
Form 411007
Form 411108
Form 411021

This is the official bill of sale form provided by the Iowa State County Treasurers Alliance.

Vehicle Bill of Sale

Form 411077 (Odometer Disclosure Statement) is required by federal and state laws to report the vehicle’s actual mileage upon the ownership transfer.

Form 411077

Form 411007 or Application for Certificate of Title and/or Registration for a Vehicle is used during vehicle registration.

Form 411007

Form 411108, also known as Motor Vehicle Damage Disclosure Statement, is required during a vehicle sale if the vehicle damage exceeds 50% of its fair market value.

Form 411108

Form 411021 is a vehicle power of attorney authorization provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation and is used to authorize another person to handle vehicle-related matters on your behalf.

Form 411021
Template Preview
Create a high-quality Iowa Vehicle Bill of Sale online now!

Registering a Vehicle in Iowa

Iowa state’s laws demand that all residents who have recently bought automobiles from individuals visit the nearest County Treasurer’s Office. New motor vehicle owners are recommended to present a motor vehicle bill of sale to facilitate the registration process. In addition, signing the Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 411077) is required to show the vehicle’s actual mileage. Failure to provide accurate mileage is an offense that could land a person in legal trouble with the state. A smooth registration process requires you to furnish the authorities with these items:

  • Motor vehicle’s title the buyer and owner sign to show the ownership transfer;
  • Driver’s license issued in the state;
  • Application for Certificate of Title or Registration for a Vehicle (Form 411007);
  • Proof of insurance issued within the state;
  • An odometer disclosure statement is mandatory if the vendor doesn’t capture its reading on the motor vehicle’s title;
  • All the money necessary to pay fees during the process;
  • If the owner has borrowed money on the vehicle, their creditor should sign off and supply all essential documentation for registering the vehicle;
  • In cases where the motor vehicle has damage exceeding 50% of its fair market value, the seller has to provide a damage disclosure statement;
  • Proof of motor vehicle insurance from the state;
  • Motor vehicle bill of sale;
  • Photo ID.

Please note that the law requires you to register your vehicle within 30 days after purchasing or acquiring it. All delays lead to fines and other penalties the state may impose on offenders.

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Published: Aug 14, 2022