South Carolina Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

A South Carolina vehicle bill of sale is a legal document verifying the purchase of a vehicle in a private sale in the state. The parties of the deal put a date on the bill of sale form and sign it to confirm that all of the transaction’s details are valid. Such a document serves as additional proof of the deal’s legality and a track record of a motor vehicle’s chain of ownership and price.

You can also use the official bill of sale template, known as Form 4031. This form provides all the details for the deal, including the seller’s and buyer’s details, technical details of the vehicle being transferred, and the sale price.

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Document Details

Document Name South Carolina Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names South Carolina Car Bill of Sale, South Carolina Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Registration Fee $40 (electric car – $120 additionally)
Bill of Sale Required? No
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 23

How to Write a SC Vehicle Bill of Sale

When you need to sell or purchase a vehicle in South Carolina, you are recommended to use a binding document to ensure a secure transaction between parties is safe. The South Carolina DMV offers the official Form-4031, which regulates the relationship between the seller and buyer. Here is a simple way to complete this document within minutes and avoid any confusion.

Step 1: Identify the seller

As this form is being completed on behalf of the seller, the latter needs to provide their full name and contact details. Be sure to type all the requested information, including:

  • Full name
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code

Section for filling out the seller's particulars of a South Carolina bill of sale form for car

Step 2: Indicate the date

You need to specify when the transaction is made in the corresponding field. Provide the actual date in the day-month-year format.

Section for filling out the date of the transaction of a South Carolina bill of sale form for car

Step 3: Give the vehicle details

The document must clarify the subject of the purchase. You need to describe in detail the vehicle that is being sold. This form will be later used during vehicle registration; thus, check twice if all numbers and data are correct. The vital information about the vehicle is as follows:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Body type
  • Year (of Production)
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • License number

Section for filling out the vehicle's particulars of a South Carolina bill of sale form for car

Step 4: Identify the buyer

Next, you need to indicate who obtains the ownership rights through the transaction. Include the buyer’s full name and their address of residence (street address, city, state, and zip code).

Section for filling out the buyer's particulars of a South Carolina bill of sale form for car

Step 5: Specify the lien information

The seller must inform if there are any liens or mortgages for the sold property.

Section for lien information of a South Carolina bill of sale form for car

Step 6: Indicate the pricing details

The document must contain the actual pricing information that both parties agree upon the purchase. This payment structure includes:

  1. The vehicle’s sale price. This is a total price in US dollars that the buyer needs to pay for the vehicle. It does not include charges, taxes, and other fees.
  2. Less trade-in. If the agreement includes exchanging an old vehicle for a new one, the trade-in is the sum the buyer needs to pay additionally. This sum is formed by reducing a trade-in allowance of a vehicle sale price.
  3. Taxable total. The total retail price is taxable. That is why the buyer needs to pay some percentage added to the final purchase price.

Section for pricing details of a South Carolina bill of sale form for car

Step 7: Specify the odometer reading

According to the DMV regulations, the seller must provide the actual odometer reading before selling the vehicle. If it is not possible to provide the actual mileage of the vehicle, you need to select one of the two statements that correspond to your situation:

  • Odometer reading reflects the amount of mileage in excess due to its limits.
  • The odometer is not working correctly and doesn’t show actual mileage.

Section for odometer reading statement of a South Carolina bill of sale form for car

Step 8: Provide the signatures

Lastly, to authorize the transaction, both parties must sign the document. Be sure to provide the date of the signature and full print names of the buyer(s) and the seller(s).

Signature section of a South Carolina bill of sale form for car

Form 4031
Form 416
Form 400
Form 45-A
Form TI-006
Motor Vehicle POA

Form 4031 is the official motor vehicle bill of sale form used in South Carolina. It’s usually accompanied by a Notice of Vehicle Sold (Form 416).

Form 4031

Notice of Vehicle Sold (Form 416) informs the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about the change of the vehicle owner.

Form 416

You need to use Form 400 (Title Application) to apply for a vehicle title or register the vehicle after the purchase.

Form 400

Form 45-A, also known as Application to Issue or Replace 45-Day Temporary Plates, can come in handy when a person applies for a temporary license tag.

Form 45-A

A person is required to submit a Statement of Vehicle Operation (Form TI-006) along with the application for a vehicle title or registration.

Form TI-006

In order to designate a representative to manage your vehicle-related affairs, use this motor vehicle power of attorney.

Motor Vehicle POA
Template Preview
Create a free South Carolina Vehicle Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

Registering a Vehicle in South Carolina

Once the private sale of a motor vehicle is complete, the new owner has 45 days to complete its registration. Those who buy vehicles from dealers don’t need to undertake the registration procedures as the agent files all the documents. Those who obtained a vehicle in a private deal should visit a local office of SC DMV and submit the following documents:

  • A vehicle bill of sale template filled out and signed by both parties
  • Receipt of the paid tax
  • Receipt of paid registration and titling fees
  • Valid auto insurance
  • The title signed over to the new owner by the previous one
  • Application for Certificate of Title and Registration (SCDMV Form 400)
  • Completed Statement of Vehicle Operation in South Carolina (SCDMV Form TI-006) (the document needs to be filled out by those who don’t have an active SC driver’s license)

The registration fees for a new vehicle in South Carolina include a standard $40 fee for passenger cars, a titling fee of $15, a discounted fee for people older than 64 ($38), and a $36 fee for older adults (65+ years old) having a disability. Electric vehicles are charged at a rate of $120 in addition to the regular registration fee, while hybrids require an extra fee of $60.

Besides the standard registration fees mentioned above, the new owner of a motor vehicle should cover the gross vehicle weight (GVW) fee starting at $46 for a vehicle weighing 1-4,000lbs and ending at $116 for a vehicle weighing 9,001-10,000 lbs.

SC DMV also imposes late registration penalties for those who have failed to complete the registration process in due time. In this way, a delay of 15 days (registration in 46-60 days after the purchase) is punishable with a $10 penalty, 61-75 days after the purchase – with a $25 penalty, 76 to 135 days – with a $50 fine and a delay of over 135 days – with a $75 fee.

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Published: Jun 8, 2022