Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

An Oregon motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal instrument recording the transaction details between the seller and purchaser. The document can be required to title and register a vehicle.

Residents of Oregon can use the official bill of sale, known as Form 735-501, to sell or purchase motor vehicles within the state. The bill of sale form can act as proof of ownership over assets in legal and financial institutions, such as banks or courts.

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Document Details

Document Name Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Oregon Car Bill of Sale, Oregon Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV Oregon Department of Transportation
Vehicle Registration Fee $122-152 (electric car – $306)
Bill of Sale Required? No
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 15

How to Write an OR Vehicle Bill of Sale

In Oregon, you can use the official vehicle bill of sale template while conducting vehicle ownership changes. It is required for a buyer to apply for a title within 30 days after the purchase, and the vehicle bill of sale will be one of the documents that indicate the title transfer. If you don’t know how to fill out this form, below are simple instructions to follow.

Step 1. Provide vehicle description

In the first section, you need to describe the vehicle that is being sold, giving all crucial details, such as:

  • Plate number
  • Year
  • Make
  • VIN
  • Title number

step 1 to filling out an oregon vehicle bill of sale vehicle description

Step 2. Indicate the buyer’s identity

Type in or write in all capital letters the buyer’s full name. Next, provide the date of purchase and the buyer’s contact info (their mailing or physical address).

step 2 to filling out an oregon vehicle bill of sale form buyer info

Step 3. Sign the document

Lastly, the seller must sign the document to confirm their willingness to release their rights on the vehicle. If there is more than one seller, both of them must type their name and sign the document. Also, it is necessary to provide the seller’s address and the date when the transaction happened.

step 3 to filling out an oregon vehicle bill of sale template seller signature

There is no hard rule regarding the notarization of Oregon’s vehicle bill of sale. Any party can demand the notary public if they want to protect themselves against potential issues.

Form 735-501
Form 735-226
Form 735-6890
Form 735-6775
Form 735-500

Form 735-501 is the official Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale form in the State of Oregon.

Form 735-501

Form 735-226 is used to apply for a vehicle registration and title.

Form 735-226

Form 735-6890 (also known as Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle) is designed by DMV to note on the car record that it is sold.

Form 735-6890

In case the date of purchase shown on the documentation is not the actual purchase date, or there is no record of the actual purchase date, you should use Form 735-6775.

Form 735-6775

Form 735-500 is used when you need to designate another person to sign documents required for a title registration.

Form 735-500
Template Preview
Create a free high-quality Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale online now!

Registering a Motor Vehicle in Oregon

Residents of Oregon aren’t always required to use bills of sale when selling or purchasing vehicles. A title release may be used to register or title a car instead of a motor vehicle bill of sale. However, it’s advised to sign the bill whenever possible since this document can resolve current and prevent future legal disputes. Bills of sale can also be used when filling in one’s tax statements or qualifying for a loan.

Oregon requires registering all types of vehicles that can be driven on public roads. A seller is obliged to contact a DMV office within 10 days from the transaction date.

It’s worth noting that DMV offices of Oregon are currently closed for visitors; all applications must be mailed to the DMV’s official address. The titling procedure must be completed within 30 days from the date of purchase or obtaining residency in Oregon. A list of papers required for registration is subject to changes (depending on the type and origin of the vehicle). Here are the documents that you need to provide to the DMV in any case:

  • Form 735-226. Also known as an Application for Title and Registration, this form must be completed and signed by an applicant.
  • Vehicle title. The previous owner is obliged to hand over the title to a buyer.
  • Odometer disclosure statement. This document is not always necessary, so you should consult the official guide for details.
  • Bill of sale. It may be replaced with an original release statement.
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Published: May 10, 2022