Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

A Wisconsin vehicle bill of sale is legal evidence of a transaction between a seller and buyer. It is not required to sign the document during a motor vehicle sale, but individuals can complete the bill of sale template to have an additional layer of protection of the deal.

A person selling or buying a motor vehicle in a private sale may use the official Wisconsin bill of sale form, called Form MV2928. For the bill of sale to certify the legality of a vehicle’s transaction, it should specify all the relevant details of the buyer and seller and the vehicle’s description (make, model, VIN, and actual condition at the moment of purchase). The document should also stipulate the price at which the deal was concluded.

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Create a free Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

Document Details

Document Name Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Wisconsin Car Bill of Sale, Wisconsin Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Registration Fee $85
Bill of Sale Required? No
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 26

How to Write a WI Vehicle Bill of Sale

When purchasing or selling a vehicle in Wisconsin, it’s possible to use the official form provided by the local authorities. To avoid making any mistakes while completing the document, follow this simple guide.

Step 1: Identify the vehicle

The first step is to specify the information about the motor vehicle you’re selling:

  • Year of manufacture
  • Make (manufacturer)
  • Vehicle’s model
  • Vehicle’s purchase price
  • Body type
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Section for filling out the vehicle's particulars of automobile bill of sale for Wisconsin

Step 2: Indicate the date of the purchase

You will need to enter the purchase date in this section. If it differs from the date when the vehicle is delivered to the buyer, type in the delivery date as well.

Section for filling out the purchase date of automobile bill of sale for Wisconsin

Step 3: Type in the seller’s details

After specifying the purchase date, you will need to indicate the seller’s contact information, including:

  • Full legal name
  • Seller driver license
  • Address (street, city, state of residence, and zip code)

Section for filling out the seller's particulars of automobile bill of sale for Wisconsin

If there is joint ownership, provide the name of the second seller.

Step 4: Enter the buyer’s details

The following step is to identify the vehicle’s buyer. The buyer’s contact details include:

  • Full legal name
  • Driver’s license number
  • Address (street, city, state of residence, and zip code)

Section for filling out the buyer's particulars of automobile bill of sale for Wisconsin

If there are several buyers, type in the name of a future co-owner.

Step 5: Sign the bill of sale

Both parties must sign the document when it is completed.

Signatures section of a vehicle bill of sale for Wisconsin

Form MV2928
Form MV1
Form MV2489
Vehicle POA

The official vehicle bill of sale form in Wisconsin, known as Form MV2928, can be used to record the transaction.

Form MV2928

Form MV1 or Title/License Plate Application can be used to obtain a vehicle title or license.

Form MV1

Statement of Intent (Form MV2489 ) is used to specify any alterations on your vehicle title.

Form MV2489

You are free to use a motor vehicle POA to appoint a trusted person to manage some vehicle-related matters, such as selling, titling, or registering the vehicle.

Vehicle POA
Template Preview
Create a free Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

Registering a Vehicle in Wisconsin

Once the sale is complete, the seller has 30 days to file a sale notification to the local DOT office indicating the VIN of their sold vehicle, the buyer’s details, and the sale date and price.

The new owner of a vehicle has to complete the registration process for obtaining a legal right to operate a new vehicle on the roads of Wisconsin. The registration procedure may be initiated by visiting the local office of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) and filing the following documents:

  • An application for new license plates (Form MV1)
  • A completed vehicle bill of sale (optional)
  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • A copy of your ID
  • Proof of the covered sales tax for the vehicle
  • A copy of valid auto insurance for the vehicle
  • Proof of the fee payment (explained in detail below)

It is not mandatory to come to the local DOT in-person to complete the registration procedure. You may find the closest office and mail them the documents together with a receipt of registration and taxation fee payment.

The tax structure of Wisconsin is quite specific, so the new vehicle owner should check in advance what fees and taxes apply to their situation. There are separate registration fees, title fees for the new title registration, as well as municipal and county wheel taxes that may also apply. The gross weight fees range from $75 for motor vehicles not exceeding 4,500 pounds to $2,560 for vehicles weighing 80,000 pounds. The wheel tax, for instance, is the one that a user of a vehicle weighing over 8,000 pounds needs to pay. Other fees include the counter service fee (for those who apply for the registration at a DMV Customer Service Center) processing fee ($5 for DMV processing and $20 surcharge).

The state sales tax for vehicle purchases is 5% of the actual price. There are some exemptions from the tax duty, including a vehicle purchase from one of the close relatives, purchase by a Common or Contract Carrier, by a government unit or agency, by a non-WI resident, or by a religious, charitable, and non-profit organization.

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Published: Apr 10, 2022