Mississippi Non-compete Agreement Template

In Mississippi, when an economic unit wants to start a new working relationship, there is always the risk of a new staff member disclosing the company’s confidential data of great commercial value. To avoid such unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings and keep confidential data a secret, the subject economic unit initiates signing a non-compete form.

Mississippi Non-Compete Agreement Form

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The signing of the Mississippi Non-Compete Agreement guarantees the following:

  • No contractors, new staff members, or key employees will share confidential data with anyone except the economic unit they’re working for.
  • None of the staff categories listed above will have an opportunity to work with their former employer’s competitors within a particular timeframe and a specific geographic region established in the Mississippi Non-Compete Agreement.
  • In case the staff categories mentioned above violate the established non-compete agreement, they have to pay fees or even serve a jail sentence.
  • The employer must add all the situation-specific data in the non-compete agreement before both parties to the non-compete process sign it. The subject entities have to do this right at the beginning of a working relationship.

In Mississippi, once the agreement is signed, it becomes a legally binding tool governing the preservation of company-owned confidential data.

Mississippi NCA Laws and Restrictions

In Mississippi state, no legal papers control the legitimacy of the non-compete relationships. Still, both parties to the agreement have to create such a contract that complies with the local state law and meets their demands in the best way. Otherwise, one of the non-compete process parties can annul it due to inadequate requirements.

Although Mississippi’s state does not favor the non-compete relationships, it will always support entities creating an agreement containing adequate and legitimate conditions for both parties. That is why it is crucial to carefully think through all essential details of the non-compete agreement at its compilation stage.

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Published: Apr 9, 2022
Jennifer M. Settles
Jennifer M. Settles
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