Nebraska Non-compete Agreement Template

The Nebraska Non-Compete Agreement can be used when a company or any business organization believes the new-coming worker may reveal its confidential data or use it for unfair competition purposes.

The document itself includes all the requirements and expectations defining the company’s conditions for sharing its commercial data. In case the new worker consents to sign this agreement, it means that they fully understand the terms and their consequences prescribed in the record, just as they agree to adhere to every single condition.

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Ensure that all the data given in this document is appropriate to both the employee and the employer. The employer must introduce these terms and conditions to the worker at the beginning of the working process and before official recruitment. When the employee completes the agreement form and both parties append their signatures, the non-compete agreement gains a binding effect. This way, the contract guarantees that the employee will treat any shared commercial data with respect and caution to keep the company protected. If neither party violates the agreement, that particular company will remain competitive in the market and preserve its reputation.

The list below contains examples of non-disclosure information in the state of Nebraska (concerning an NCA):

  • Trade secrets
  • Confidential information
  • Goodwill

Nebraska NCA Laws and Restrictions

As for laws, no legislation or regulation governs the Non-compete Agreement in the state of Nebraska. Nonetheless, there are some restrictions. In Nebraska, an NCA is enforceable only if it is sensible, which means that it does not hurt either party or public interest. The limitations should be reasonable enough to secure the company in the legitimate business interests and, at the same time, should not be inappropriately restrictive and harsh to the worker.

There are some considerations to be made by the employer before giving the agreement form to the worker. Thus, the enforceability of the NCA in Nebraska depends on several factors, including:

  • Inequality in bargaining power
  • Risk of losing clients
  • The extent of participation in securing and retaining clients
  • The good faith of the worker
  • Employee’s job, health, training, education, and family needs
  • Current working conditions
  • A worker’s necessity to change their place of living

Consequently, an NCA is enforceable only if it has a consistent period and geographical area limitations. It should as well sensibly coincide with all the factors listed above.

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Published: May 19, 2022
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