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If you're a homebuyer, or even just thinking about buying a home in the near future, you've likely heard of a 4 point inspection report. But what is it? A 4 point inspection report is an in-depth examination of a property's major systems and components. The goal of a 4 point inspection is to identify any potential issues before they become bigger problems and cost you more money down the road. By getting a 4 point inspection, you can be sure that you're making an informed decision about your purchase. And if there are any issues with the property, you can address them with the seller before closing on the sale.

Before you decide to fill out 4 point inspection report, you will want to know more concerning the type of form you'll use.

Form Name4 Point Inspection Report
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields76
Avg. time to fill out16 min 12 sec
Other namesfour point inspection report, home inspection checklist, home inspection report example, insurance inspection report

Form Preview Example

Four-Point Insurance Inspection Report

Date of inspection

Property’s address:

Property’s city, state, zip code:

Type of home:

Type of construction:

Type of foundation:

Number of stories:

Approximate square feet:

Approximate total living area:

Approximate age of home:

Client/owner’s name:

Insurance company/policy number:

Inspector’s name:

InterNACHI ID number:

Inspector’s signature:

Inspector’s company name:

Inspector’s address:

Inspector’s city, state, zip code:

Inspector’s email address:

Inspector’s phone number:

Note: A Four-Point Insurance Inspection is typically performed for a homeowner when requested by their insurance company to obtain a new insurance policy or renewing an existing policy.

A Four-Point Insurance Inspection is far less in scope than a standard home inspec- tion. This Four– Point Insurance Inspection is a limited, visual survey of the heating/air conditioning, roof, electrical and plumbing systems.

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Heating/Air Conditioning:

Types of heating systems:

Estimated age of heating systems:

Heating systems upgraded? Year?

Condition of heating systems:

Fuel tank located?

Heating system comments:

Types of cooling systems:

Estimated age of cooling systems:

Cooling systems upgraded?

Condition of cooling systems:

Cooling system comments:


Number of bathrooms:

Overall water pressure?

Main supply line material:

Main waste/vent material:

Fixture supply line material:

Fixture drain line material:

Shut off valves present?

Water heater location?

Water heater fuel type?

Approximate age of water heater:

TPR valve present?

Fire sprinkler system present?

Freeze hazards noticed?

Polybutylene noticed?

Plumbing leaks noticed?

Recent plumbing upgrades? Year?

Overall plumbing condition:

Plumbing comments:

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Roof style:

Type of roof covering:

Estimated age of roof covering:

Number of shingle layers:

Type of sheathing:

Flashing damage noticed?

Missing shingles or covering?

Truss or rafter damage noticed?

Evidence of active leaks?

Estimated life expectancy:

Roof comments:


Service amps:

Size of service sufficient?

Fuses or Circuit breakers?

Main panel location:

Panel ground observed?

GFCIs present where required?

AFCIs present in bedrooms?

Aluminum branch circuits?

Active knob and tube wiring?

Exposed or unsafe wiring noticed?

Recent upgrades? Year?

Overall electrical system condition:

Electrical comments:

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Other Comments:

Are there any deficiencies which need correction? If so, explain.

When will the deficiencies be cor- rected? Please provide an ap- proximate date of completion.

Have all deficiencies been cor- rected? If so, when was this work completed?

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Our skilled developers have worked collectively to get the PDF editor that you'll apply. The software enables you to fill out home inspection template documentation shortly and without problems. This is certainly all you need to undertake.

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These areas are inside the PDF document you'll be filling out.

home inspection report check list fields to consider

Inside the field Client, owner, s name:, Insurance company, policy number:, Inspector, s name:, InterN, ACHI ID number:, Inspector, s signature:, Inspector, s company name:, Inspector, s address:, and Inspector, s city write down the details which the system asks you to do.

step 2 to entering details in home inspection report check list

You can be requested for particular relevant data to fill in the Inspector, s email address:, Inspector, s phone number:, Note: A Four, Point Insurance, A Four, Point Insurance Inspection, and Page 1 of 4 box.

Finishing home inspection report check list part 3

The Heating, Air Conditioning:, Types of heating systems:, Estimated age of heating systems:, Heating systems upgraded, Condition of heating systems:, Fuel tank located, Heating system comments:, Types of cooling systems:, Estimated age of cooling systems:, Cooling systems upgraded, Condition of cooling systems:, Cooling system comments:, and Plumbing: section is going to be place to add the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Filling out home inspection report check list stage 4

End by reading all these areas and completing them correspondingly: Plumbing:, Number of bathrooms:, Overall water pressure, Main supply line material:, Main waste, vent material:, Fixture supply line material:, Fixture drain line material:, Shut off valves present, Water heater location, Water heater fuel type, Approximate age of water heater:, and T, PR valve present.

Completing home inspection report check list part 5

Step 3: Select the "Done" button. Finally, you may transfer the PDF file - download it to your electronic device or send it through email.

Step 4: To prevent yourself from any complications later on, you will need to have at least two or three copies of the document.

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