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The Anadarko Deposit Enrollment Form serves as a gateway for revenue interest owners or their authorized representatives to streamline their financial interactions with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries. By completing the form, individuals or companies authorize the transfer of payments directly into their bank accounts, thus opting for a more secure and efficient method of transaction compared to traditional checks. Essential elements of the form include the provision of contact information, banking details, and an explicit agreement to the terms and conditions governing electronic transfers. Moreover, the form highlights the necessity for the depositor's acknowledgment of certain responsibilities, like verifying banking details and understanding the potential for delays or fees attributed to their banking institution. The enrollment in Direct Deposit is complemented by an enrollment in receiving electronic statements, marking a shift towards a fully digital interaction with the payor. This digital transition not only promises quicker access to funds but also incorporates a change in how payment details are accessed, advising enrollees on how to receive these details electronically. Additionally, the form outlines how to handle changes in banking information and sets expectations regarding the initiation of direct deposit payments, ensuring a smooth transition for the depositor. Through this form, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation clearly seeks to enhance the convenience, speed, and security of payment transactions for its stakeholders.

Form NameAnadarko Deposit Enrollment Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesEFT application form of anadarko petroleum corporation us

Form Preview Example

Direct Deposit: Enrollment Form

Contact Information

Last, First and Middle Initial (or Company Name)

Owner Number/SSN




Address, City, St, Zip











Email Address (required for check statement notification)

Phone Number





With my signature below, I confirm that I am a revenue interest owner or an authorized representative. I agree that the terms and conditions of all agreements with A adarko Petroleu Corporatio a d/or its su sidiaries Payor o er i g ethod of ti i g of pay e ts shall e a e ded as provided herein. Payor assumes

no responsibility for any loss initiated by errors, omission or delays caused by my depository bank. Payor assumes no responsibility for fees or deductions made by my depository bank. I agree to hold Payor harmless and indemnify Payor from and against all liabilities, claims, losses, costs, expenses and damages of any kind including direct, indirect, consequential and punitive asserted against Payor directly or indirectly from or arising out of the electronic transfer of funds contemplated by this enrollment form. I hereby authorize and request Anadarko Petroleum Corporation to make payments via electronic transfer into the referenced account and statement notification to be electronically emailed to the email address above upon account activation. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions in the attached direct deposit information sheet.

Signature is required.









Printed name(s)











Bank Information

Complete the banking information below or include a pre-printed voided check or savings deposit slip (PDF or scanned copy is acceptable). Savings deposit slips do not always contain the correct routing number. Please confirm ABA number with your bank before submitting.

Bank Institution Name

ABA or ACH Routing Number

Account Number



Account Type: Checking, Savings, Money Market






Return To

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Note: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation maintains several subsidiaries.

Timberloch BA Group

The return address provided on this form is acceptable for all

P.O. Box 1330


Houston, TX 77251-9874

Fax: (832)636-5048


A scanned version (PDF) of your signed form with bank information is acceptable.

Direct Deposit/ACH Interest Payment Information Sheet

When will the funds be deposited?

Funds transfers will be initiated via Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic transfer on the day before checks are mailed. The transfer is expected to take place in less than 24 hours. This will provide more immediate access to your funds and result in a more convenient and secure transaction.

What will happen to the property-level detail that normally comes with my check?

If you elect to enroll in the ACH program, you will be automatically enrolled in the "Stop Paper Detail" service provided to you at no cost through the secure Anadarko Owner Relations Website. To activate your account, login to the Anadarko Owner Relations Website at using your Anadarko Owner Number and your initial temporary password which is the last six digits of your Social Security Number or tax ID. Your revenue payment and property-level details are immediately available for online viewing at the time of the deposit into your account. Once your account is activated, you will receive an email notification when a new statement is available.

How do I elect to receive the property-level details via e-mail?

If you do not want to login to your account every month, you can elect to have your statements emailed directly to you. To select this option, first, login to the Anadarko Owner Relations Website at using your Anadarko Owner Number and password. Your initial temporary password is the last six digits of your Social Security Number or tax ID. Then, click on the "My Profile" tab; click on "Change Email Address ... ": check both "Send email notification ... " AND "Send data .... ": and be sure

to provide a password for the data file. For assistance, please contact Oildex technical support at

Can I direct funds to more than one account?

Deposits can only be sent to one account.

What type of accounts can be used for Direct Deposit?

Any account that accepts ACH transfers can be used in the program (this includes money market accounts). If you are unsure as to whether your bank or investment firm is set up to accept ACH transfers, please contact your institution prior to returning your enrollment form. If we encounter difficulty during the setup and testing process, you will be notified using the contact information you have provided. This may delay the start date for you to receive electronic deposits.

What happens if I need to change the deposit account at a later date?

Changes to your banking information and contact information can be made at any time in writing. Please remember to notify us thirty (30) days before closing or changing an account that you are using for electronic deposits. If changes are not communicated before an ACH transfer is declined by your bank, it will cause a delay in the receipt of your funds.

How soon will the electronic deposits start after you receive my enrollment form?

Depending on the date your form is received and processed, Direct Deposit will begin either at the end of the current month or the following month. (If Direct Deposit does not begin until the following month, a check will be issued for the current month.)

Will there be any changes to year-end reporting?

There will be no change in year-end reporting. You will receive information on IRS Form 1099 which will be mailed to you and also available via the Anadarko Owner Relations Website at

Who is my contact for questions regarding Direct Deposit?

For further information, please contact the Customer Relations department via phone 1-800-359-1692 or email

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Find out how to fill out Anadarko Deposit Enrollment Form portion 1

2. After the last array of fields is done, you're ready to add the essential specifics in Contact Information Last First and, Note Anadarko Petroleum, and Account Number so you can move forward further.

Guidelines on how to fill in Anadarko Deposit Enrollment Form step 2

In terms of Note Anadarko Petroleum and Contact Information Last First and, ensure you review things here. These two could be the key ones in this form.

3. This third step is considered pretty simple, cost through the secure Anadarko, Website at, last six digits of your Social, for online viewing at the time of, when a new statement is available, How do I elect to receive the, If you do not want to login to, this option first login to the, Number and password Your initial, the My Profile tab click on Change, to provide a password for the data, Can I direct funds to more than, Deposits can only be sent to one, What type of accounts can be used, and Any account that accepts ACH - all of these form fields has to be filled out here.

Writing section 3 in Anadarko Deposit Enrollment Form

4. The subsequent subsection needs your details in the subsequent areas: There will be no change in yearend, available via the Anadarko Owner, Who is my contact for questions, For further information please, and OwnerRelationsAnadarkocom. Always fill out all of the requested information to go forward.

There will be no change in yearend, Who is my contact for questions, and OwnerRelationsAnadarkocom in Anadarko Deposit Enrollment Form

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