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In the realm of academic progression and career advancement, the process of obtaining official transcripts is a foundational step, often surrounded by specific procedures and requirements. The Argosy University Transcript Request Form serves as a vital tool for former students aiming to move forward in their educational or professional journey. Located at 1400 Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA, the transcript processors at Argosy University facilitate the seamless transfer of official transcripts, emphasizing the dual method of faxing and mailing to ensure the documents reach their destination promptly and securely. Essential information such as the student's name, date of birth, social security number, and details of academic tenure are requested to precisely identify and process each transcript. The form also highlights the necessity for the requester to provide comprehensive details about the college or university attended, underscoring a clear communication channel between Argosy and the issuing institution. This streamlined approach, bolstered by a designated phone and fax line, underscores the commitment to facilitating academic growth and supporting the alumni community in their quest for further education or professional development.

Form NameArgosy Transcript Request
Form Length1 pages
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Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesargosy university official transcript request, how to get transcripts from argosy university, argosy university transcript, argosy sarasota transcripts

Form Preview Example


Argosy University

Request for an Official

Transcript Processors

College Transcript

1400 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4332



Phone: 866.427.4679


Fax: 412.992.9613

To Registrar: Please mail an official transcript to Argosy University at the address listed above. In addition, please fax an official transcript prior to mailing to 412-992-9613.

Please Print All Information (*required)


*First Name








*Last Name


Middle Initial






















































































































*Full Name at the Time of Attendance (if different from above)


*Argosy Campus Location



*Date of Birth (mm-dd-yy)








































































































































































































































































































































































































(Please check one)

I attended classes from (yrs) _______________ - _______________.


I graduated in (yr)_________________.




( )






(Office Use Only) Payable to:

School Phone

( )

X I Authorize You to Release My Official Transcript to Argosy University



For Official Use

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