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Aspen Dental is a company that provides dental care for patients. They have recently released an Aspen Dental Health Information Release Form, which you can find at the bottom of this blog post. The release form will allow your dentist to communicate with other dentists about your teeth and oral health. You should consult with your dentist before filling out the form if you are not sure what it entails or if you do not want them to share information on your behalf. This blog post contains important information about how releasing certain personal information could affect you as a patient over time.

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Form NameAspen Dental Health Information Release Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields8
Avg. time to fill out1 min 55 sec
Other namesaspen dental release form, aspen dental paperwork, aspen dental record release form, aspen dental new patient form

Form Preview Example



I authorize the disclosure of information from my treatment records to:

Name of Recipient

Relationship to the Patient

I give authorization to disclose the following information:

All treatment information

Information specifically related to these treatment dates

Starting Date:


End Date:

I understand that I may withdraw or revoke my permission at any time. If I withdraw my permission, my information may no longer be used or released. I may revoke this authorization by notifying Aspen Dental in writing.

Signature of Patient (or Patient Representative)



Printed Name of Patient (or Patient Representative)

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We have used the efforts of the best developers to design the PDF editor you are about to take advantage of. The software will help you create the aspen dental new patient forms form with ease and don’t waste precious time. All you should do is follow the next easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: At first, choose the orange "Get form now" button.

Step 2: As soon as you have accessed the aspen dental new patient forms edit page, you'll see all functions you can take with regards to your document at the top menu.

The next sections will compose the PDF template that you will be creating:

entering details in aspen dental forms part 1

Jot down the details in the Signature of Patient (or Patient, Printed Name of Patient (or, and Date field.

stage 2 to filling out aspen dental forms

Step 3: In case you are done, press the "Done" button to transfer the PDF file.

Step 4: Generate duplicates of the document. This should save you from forthcoming issues. We cannot view or distribute the information you have, for that reason feel comfortable knowing it will be safe.

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