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The Authorized Representative Form is a document that allows the signer to represent someone else in legal proceedings. The form must be signed by both the representative and their client before it can be used. It has information about who signs, what it is signing for, where to sign, and where to file. This article will cover how you can fill out this form as well as other things you should know about it. The authorized representative form is an important document which provides representation for another person in a court of law or any other formal proceedings.

The table provides details about the authorized representative form. You can find out its length, the average time necessary to complete the form, the fields you should fill in, etc.

Form NameAuthorized Representative Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesuhc personal representative form, uhc authorized representative form, personal representative forms united healthcare, united healthcare appointment of representative form

Form Preview Example

Authorized Representative Form

Please send completed form back to us at:


P.O. Box 29150

Hot Springs, AR 71903-9150

This form provides permission for United HealthCare Services, Inc. (UHS), on behalf of itself and related companies, to discuss or give out your personal health information to a person who is your Authorized Representative. Your approval on this form limits the use of your information for that purpose only.

SECTION 1: Enrollee Information

By signing this form, I understand and agree that United HealthCare Services, Inc., on behalf of itself and related companies, may release my personal health information to _________________________________to

act as my Authorized Representative.

Enrollee Name

Member ID Number





Telephone Number

Email Address (Please send me periodic plan updates.)

Please Note: This authorization does not allow your “Authorized Representative” to make any of your treatment decisions or direct care decisions. If you want help with your health care and treatment decisions, you must get additional legal documentation. If you have questions, contact your attorney.





SECTION 2: Authorized Use and/or Disclosure

To be completed by the Authorized Representative:

I, _____________________________________________________, hereby accept the above appointment.

I certify that I have not been disqualified, suspended, or prohibited from practice before the Department of Health and Human Services; that I am not, as a current or former employee of the United States, disqualified from acting as the beneficiary’s representative; and that I recognize that any fee may be subject to review and approval by the Secretary.

Authorized Representative






Name (Please Print)

Telephone Number





Email Address (Please send me periodic plan updates.)

Relationship to You

SECTION 3: Waiver of Fee for Presentation

Instructions: This form should be filled out if the representative waives a fee for such representation. (Note that providers or suppliers may not charge a fee for representation and thus, all providers or suppliers that furnished the items or services at issue must complete this section.)

I waive my right to charge and collect a fee for representing ______________________________________

before the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.



SECTION 4: Waiver of Payment for Items or Services at Issue

Instructions: Providers or suppliers that furnished the items or services at issue must complete this section if the appeal involves a question of liability under section 1879(a)(2) of the Act. (Section 1879(a)(2) generally addresses whether a provider/supplier or beneficiary did not know, and could not reasonably be expected to know, that the items or services at issue would not be covered by Medicare.)

I waive my right to collect payment from the beneficiary for furnished items or services at issue involving Section 1879(a)(2) of the Act.



SECTION 5: Expiration and Revocation

I understand that I have the right to end this authorization at any time. I understand that, if I do not wish the person(s) named in Section 2 to remain my Authorized Representative, I must cancel this authorization. I understand that I must put this in writing and send this written notice of my decision to the health plans.

I understand that if UHS has already released any of my personal health information before UHS receives my written request to end this authorization, my notice cannot cancel out any action UHS has already taken.



An attorney, or other representative for a beneficiary, who wishes to charge a fee for services rendered in connection with an appeal before the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) at the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or Medicare Appeals Council (MAC) level is required by law to obtain approval of the fee in accordance with 42 CFR §405.910(f). A claim that has been remanded by a court to the Secretary for further administrative proceedings is considered to be before the secretary after the remand by the court.

The form, “Petition to Obtain Representative Fee” elicits the information required for a fee petition. It should be completed by the representative and filed with DHHS. Where a representative has rendered services in a claim before DHHS, the regulations require that the amount of the fee to be charged, if any, for services performed before the Secretary of DHHS be specified. If any fee is to be charged for such services, a petition for approval of that amount must be submitted.

An approval of a fee is not required where the appellant is a provider or supplier or where the fee is for services

(1)rendered in an official capacity such as that of legal guardian, committee, or similar court appointed office and the court has approved the fee in question; (2) in representing the beneficiary before the federal district court of above, or (3) in representing the beneficiary in appeals below the ALJ level. If the representative wishes to waive a fee, he or she may do so. Section III on the front of this form can be used for that purpose. In some instances, as indicated on the form, the fee must be waived for representation.


The requirement for the approval of fees ensures that representative will receive fair value for the services performed before DHHS on behalf of a claimant while at the same time giving a measure of security to the beneficiaries. In approving a requested fee, the ALJ or MAC considers the nature and type of services performed, the complexity of the case, the level of skill and competence required in rendition of the services, the amount of time spent on the case, the results achieved, the level of administrative review to which the representative carried the appeal and the amount of the fee requested by the representative.


Sections 203, 205 and 207 of Title XVIII of the United States Code make it a criminal offense for certain officers, employees and former officers and employees of the United States to render certain services in matters affecting the Government or to aid or assist in the prosecution of claims against the United States. Individuals with a conflict of interest are excluded from being representatives of beneficiaries before DHHS.


S5820S5805S5921_PDP3060880_001 CMS 07/2008

How to Edit Authorized Representative Form Online for Free

There is nothing troublesome in relation to completing the uhc personal representative form after you open our PDF tool. By taking these basic steps, you can receive the fully filled out document in the shortest time frame you can.

Step 1: Seek out the button "Get Form Here" and then click it.

Step 2: You're now on the document editing page. You can edit, add content, highlight certain words or phrases, place crosses or checks, and include images.

If you want to prepare the template, type in the data the application will request you to for each of the appropriate sections:

part 1 to filling in uhc aor form

Make sure you provide the crucial details in the Authorized Representative Signature, Name Please Print, Address, Date, Telephone Number, Email Address Please send me, Relationship to You, SECTION Waiver of Fee for, I waive my right to charge and, and Date field.

Filling in uhc aor form stage 2

You will need to insert particular particulars inside the space Signature, Date, SECTION Expiration and Revocation, I understand that I have the right, and CHARGING OF FEES FOR REPRESENTING.

Entering details in uhc aor form stage 3

Step 3: When you have clicked the Done button, your document should be ready for upload to any kind of electronic device or email you identify.

Step 4: Get as much as several copies of your form to stay away from any sort of future concerns.

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