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The Bracket Elimination Teams form is a strategic tool designed to manage and navigate the complexities of an 8 Team Double Elimination tournament. This comprehensive structure ensures a fair competition by allowing teams a second chance at victory, distinguishing it from single-elimination tournaments. The form intricately lays out two main paths: the Winners’ Bracket and the Losers’ Bracket, enabling teams that suffer an early loss to fight their way back through the Losers’ Bracket with the potential to compete for the championship. Each match's outcome dictates the subsequent positioning of teams, with designations such as "Loser to A" or "Loser to F" guiding the flow between brackets. Specifically, the losers' initial rounds have predetermined spots in the Losers’ Bracket, enhancing the tournament's predictability and organization. Moreover, this form caters to scenarios where a team faces its first loss in the final stages, offering a unique clause for a potential rematch in the championship round. The inclusion of a losers' bracket creates a dynamic and engaging environment, ensuring that every game is critical and that contenders have multiple opportunities to prove their prowess. This approach not only maximizes participation but also intensifies the competition, emphasizing resilience and consistent performance.

Form NameBracket Elimination Teams
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other names6 man double elimination bracket, double elimination teams, bracket 6 teams, double elimination bracket 6 teams

Form Preview Example

8 Team Double Elimination Bracket

Winners’ Bracket

Loser to A


Loser to F (5

Loser to B


Loser to G (11

Loser to C


Loser to D


Loser to E (6

Loser to H


if 1st Loss


Losers’ Bracket


Loser 1



Loser 2


Loser 3



Loser 4


Loser 6



Loser 5




Loser 11
















































Loser of 14 if 1st Loss

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