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Form NameCasper College Transcript Request
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields30
Avg. time to fill out6 min 34 sec
Other namescasper college electronic transcript request, wy request casper college transcript, transcript paper, request casper transcript

Form Preview Example

Casper College transcripts

Request for official or unofficial transcripts.

Official Transcripts

Casper College requires a written release for official transcripts. Casper College will produce 25 transcripts free of charge for each student in their lifetime. Once this limit is reached a $5 fee will be assessed for additional official transcripts. We will notify you if payment is required.

Requesting a transcript:

Students may submit the following request form in person, by mail or by fax to the Enrollment Services Office. The student is responsible to provide the correct address or fax information for the intended recipient of the official transcript.

In person: Gateway Building, Enrollment Services 3rd Floor

By mail: Enrollment Services 125 College Drive Casper WY 82601

By fax: (307) 268-2611

Requests for official transcripts are processed within 2-3 business days.

Unofficial transcripts

Current students can obtain an unofficial transcript through: WebAdvisor, written request (fax or mail), or in person with photo ID. Former students will likely not have access to WebAdvisor and will need to request in writing or in person an unofficial copy of their transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are printed on plain white paper and do not include the official seal.

WebAdvisor: For those students who have WebAdvisor access, go to; Go to the A-Z index, choose W, then WebAdvisor; login with your username and password; choose student access; locate the Academic profile menu and the transcript link. Request either undergraduate or continuing education. Submit and view.

Written request: Use the official form. Cross out the words official and write Un-official. Submit via fax or mail.

In person: Enrollment Services will print an un-official transcript for students who verbally request one and present a photo ID. Office hours are M-F 8am-5pm excluding holidays and observed breaks.

Casper College

Enrollment Services

Phone: 307-268-2110

125 College Drive

Toll Free: 800-442-2963

Casper, Wyoming 82601

Fax: 307-268-2611

Request for Official Casper College Transcript


Last name





First Name






Middle Name

Previous Name(s)



































Street or Box Number













Social Security or ID Number












Telephone Number






Email Address





Currently attending?


No If no, give semester of last enrollment




Check here if you attended Casper College prior to 1992




Send transcript(s) to the following address(es):



















Number of Copies ________




Number of Copies ________

Send immediately

Send at the end of the ______________Semester

Will pick up on _________________________ (please call prior to pick-up)

Check here if official copies are being picked up or sent to you directly and are needed in separate sealed envelope(s)

I hereby request and authorize Casper College to forward a transcript of my academic record to the address(es) indicated above. I understand there will be no charge for up to 25 transcripts total, each additional transcript is $5.




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