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The University of Akron is committed to providing you with the best quality education. As a result, we are requesting that you submit your official transcript from any colleges or universities attended since high school graduation. This request must be submitted online on the Cbu Transcript Request page at least one week before your first day of class. If you have already completed this form and would like to update it, please go back to the Cbu Transcript Request page, click "Update" next to your name in the list on the right-hand side of the screen, and enter any changes in regards to schools attended or degrees earned since completing this form originally.

Here's some specifics that may help you find out the amount of time it will take to complete the cbu transcript request.

Form NameCbu Transcript Request
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields32
Avg. time to fill out6 min 43 sec
Other namescbu transcript request form, cbu transcript request check form, cbu transcripts, cbe transcript request

Form Preview Example


P.O. Box 5300,

1250 Grand Lake Road,

Sydney, NS Canada B1P 6L2

transcripts@cbu.ca Tel: 902-563-1330


Fill out this form and email to transcripts@cbu.ca, fax to (902) 563-1371 or mail to the address at the top of this page.

Please provide all information on this form, including Date of Birth and Student ID (if known). If you require transcripts to be sent by multiple delivery options, please submit a separate request form for each. For email requests to institutions, you must provide us with the email address to which it is being sent.


CBU Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Student Name:




Student ID:


Former Name:









Address Line 1:




Address Line 2:


City, Province:




Postal Code:


Phone Number:




Date of Birth:


Currently enrolled at CBU:



If No, give date of last attendance:____________________


Are you a current or former student of The Canadian International College (CIC) Cairo?



If yes, please provide your CIC ID# ______________________________________________________






Please send:

Transcripts will be:

Send by:


Picked up by student



After Current Semester Results

Mailed to address below







*If requesting both, please submit 2 separate requests forms



Fax #


Number of transcripts required: ______









Send to:


Address Line 1:


Address Line 2:


City, Province:


Postal Code:


Phone Number:


Other Institution Email: ________________________________

Phone number must be included for Courier and Xpresspost Requests.





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transcript request form cbu blanks to complete

Include the necessary details in the RECIPIENTINFORMATION, Sendto, AddressLine, PostalCode, Pickedupbystudent, SendbyMailXpresspostCourierFaxEmail, AddressLine, CityProvince, PhoneNumber, and OtherInstitutionEmail section.

Filling out transcript request form cbu stage 2

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