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The Cologuard Order Form is a form that is used to order the testing from the company, which provides it for those who are not insured. It can be purchased by anyone and should be ordered through the website of the company before sending in an order. The Cologuard Order Form can also be found by visiting any local pharmacy or doctor's office. The form consists of personal information about the person ordering it, including any known medical conditions they may have as well as their name, date of birth, contact information and social security number. After this has been completed, there will then need to be two stool samples collected on separate days that will then need to be sent back to LabCorp for analysis.

You can find info about the type of form you want to prepare in the table. It will show you how much time it takes to finish cologuard order form, exactly what parts you will have to fill in, and so forth.

Form NameCologuard Order Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields38
Avg. time to fill out7 min 55 sec
Other namescologuard form, cologuard test order form, exact sciences fax number, cologuard fax number

Form Preview Example




















145 E Badger Rd, Ste 100, Madison, WI 53713











p: 844-870-8870 |

















Stool-based DNA test with hemoglobin immunoassay component


NPI: 1629407069 TIN: 463095174























Provider & Order Information

Recommended: type all Provider information.



Editable, printable PDF available at




















Healthcare Organization Name: _____________________________

This section is not intended to influence the medical judgment of an ordering

provider in determining whether this test is right for any particular patient. The















following codes are listed as a convenience. Ordering practitioners should report

Provider Name: _____________________________________________

the diagnosis code(s) that best describes the reason for performing the test.

ICD-10 Code:



















NPI #:














Z12.11 and Z12.12 (Encounter for screening for malignant













neoplasm of colon [Z12.11] and rectum [Z12.12])















Location Address: __________________________________________





















City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________

I am a licensed healthcare provider authorized to order Cologuard. This

test is medically necessary and the patient is eligible to use Cologuard.















I will maintain the privacy of test results and related information as

Phone Number: ____________________________________________

required by HIPAA. I authorize Exact Sciences Laboratories to obtain

reimbursement for Cologuard and to directly contact and collect















additional samples from the patient as appropriate.

Secure Fax Number*: ______________________________________


*To receive results for this order, please provide secure FAX number only

Ordering Provider Signature

Date of Order


















Patient Demographics Attach a copy of the front & back of primary and/or secondary insurance cards.

Patient ID/MRN: ____________________________________________

Phone Number (required): _________________________________

First Name: ______________ Last Name: ______________________






Language Preference (optional):____________________________

DOB (mm/dd/yyyy): _______________ Sex:









Shipping Address: __________________________________________

Billing Address: ____________________________________________






Same as Shipping









City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________








PATIENT ETHNICITY AND RACE The completion of this section is optional.






Is your patient of Hispanic or Latino origin or descent?








Please mark one or more to indicate your patient’s race:









Black or African-American


Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

American Indian or Alaska Native






Patient Insurance/Billing Information

Only completion of “Policyholder Name” and “Policyholder DOB” is necessary when

attaching a copy of the front & back of primary and/or secondary insurance cards.






Does patient wish Exact Sciences to bill their insurance?

Yes (complete below)

No (patient will self-pay)


Policyholder Name: ____________________ Policyholder DOB: ____________ Relationship to patient:




Primary Insurance Carrier: _________________________ Type:

Private Medicare

Medicare Advantage



Claims Submission Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Subscriber ID/Policy Number: __________________ Group Number: ______________________ Plan: _______________________________

Prior-Authorization Code (if available): ________________________________________________


I authorize Exact Sciences Laboratories (Exact) to bill my insurance/health plan and furnish them with my Cologuard order information, test results, or other information requested for reimbursement. I assign all rights and benefits under my insurance plans to Exact and authorize Exact to appeal and contest any reimbursement denial, including in any administrative or civil proceedings necessary to pursue reimbursement. I authorize all reimbursements to be paid directly to the laboratory in consideration for services performed. I understand that I am responsible for any amount not paid, including amounts for non-covered services or services determined by my plan to be provided by an out-of-network provider. I further understand that if I am a Medicaid enrollee in a state where Exact is enrolled as a Medicaid provider, Exact will accept as payment in full the amounts paid by the Medicaid program, plus any deductible, coinsurance or copayment which may be required by the Medicaid program to be paid by me.

Patient Signature: _________________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________

FRM-3004-05-c February 2019

Fax completed form to 844-870-8875

For Lab Use Only

Sample Collected: __ /__ /_____ Sample Received: __ /__ /_____

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example of blanks in cologuard form pdf

Fill in the Shipping, Address Billing, Address Same, as, Shipping City, State, Zip Yes, White, Black, or, African, American Asian, American, Indian, or, Alaska, Native Patient, Insurance, Billing, Information Yes, complete, below No, patient, will, self, pay Self, Spouse, and Other areas with any data that will be requested by the program.

cologuard form pdf ShippingAddress, BillingAddress, SameasShipping, CityStateZip, Yes, White, BlackorAfricanAmerican, Asian, AmericanIndianorAlaskaNative, PatientInsuranceBillingInformation, Yescompletebelow, Nopatientwillselfpay, Self, Spouse, and Other fields to fill out

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