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The form below is a downloadable PDF that can be printed and filled out. If you are the store manager, please fill out this form on behalf of your company. This Costco Cigarettes Order Form will help you stay organized with inventory and keep track of costs. The order form includes two types of forms: one for cigarettes and one for cigarillos. Each type has its own column to list the quantity, price per unit, cost per box, total cost (per box), tax rate (%/%), shipping weight (lbs.), and gross profit margin (%) as well as a column to see if it's in stock or not so you know when to reorder.

In the listing, there is some good information relating to the costco cigarettes order form. There, you will get the details about the PDF you intend to fill out, like the likely time to fill it out and also other details.

Form NameCostco Cigarettes Order Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other nameshow much does a carton of cigarettes cost at costco, costco cigarettes, costco sell cigarettes, costco cigarette prices

Costco Cigarettes Order Form
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