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The Tenant Estoppel Certificate Template typically includes information such as the name of the tenant and landlord, the address of the property, the start and end dates of the lease agreement, the amount of rent and any security deposit paid, and any other important terms and conditions of the lease.

The purpose of the Tenant Estoppel Certificate Template is to provide assurance to the new owner or lender that the tenant has not made any misrepresentations about the lease agreement, and that there are no undisclosed issues that could affect the value of the property.

For example, if a new owner is purchasing a commercial property that has tenants, they may request that the tenants complete a Tenant Estoppel Certificate Template to confirm that they are current on their rent and that there are no outstanding disputes with the landlord.

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Form Name Tenant Estoppel Certificate Template
Form Length 1 pages
Fillable? Yes
Fillable fields 16
Avg. time to fill out 3 min 27 sec
Other names estopple template, sample estoppel certificate, tenant estoppel certificate form

Form Preview Example


The purpose of this ertifi ate herei after alled the Estoppel Certifi ate is to o fir the urre t status of

the matters pertaining to the Lease set forth below by and between KMC Real Estate Investment Trust, a California Corporation (Landlord/Lessor) and Bugs Bunny, LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company (Tenant/Lessee). This document is for the benefit of the Landlord/Lessor and the Looney Tunes Bank (herein after referred to as the

Le der a d for o other part

or e tit .








The undersigned is the Te a t /Lessee u

der the lease agree


t herei

after the Lease dated

August 28, 2001, by

and between KMC Real Estate Investment

Trust, a

California Corporation


dlord/Lessor su

essor i i terest to Manila Office Space , Inc., an Arizona Corporation) and Bugs

Bunny, LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company

Te a t/Lessee


essor i i terest to Tasmanian Devil,

Inc., a Delaware Corporation) for the space consisting approximately 707 rentable square feet


known as Suite 17, Warner Sisters Park Pre

ises . The Pre

ises is lo ated i the uildi

g and/ or

project located at Warner Sisters Park, 555 Warner Sisters Road, Toon Land City, California 91201. A copy of the Lease (including but not limited any amendments and modifications, if any) are attached hereto as Exhibit A, aside from the foregoing, there are no other amendments or modifications related to the Lease.

2.The Premises has been accepted and is currently being occupied by the Tenant pursuant to the terms of the Lease. The Commencement Date of the Lease is ____________________.

3.The Term of the Lease is ___________months; and will expire on the Lease Termination Date

which is

(subject to any Renewal Option set forth below).



Te a t has

o e, t o…. Optio to Re e the Lease for

ears at the Lease Ter i atio





5.Tenant has claimed that the Landlord has failed to perform the following obligation pursuant to

Section ____ of the Lease:

. (if applicable)



The current monthly Base Rent payable by Tenant to the Landlord is $

, together with


urre t esti ated o thl Operati g E pe ses hi h is $

olle ti

el the Re t .

Tenant has paid in full to Landlord the Rent due for the current month; which is due payable on or before the first of each calendar month of the Term as set forth in the Lease; aside from the foregoing, Tenant has no other rental obligations for the current month, subject to the terms of the Lease.

7.Landlord is currently holding Security Deposit for the Tenant in the amount of $_____________. (or if applicable, Landlord is currently holding a Letter of Credit in the amount of $_____________for the Tenant).

8.Tenant acknowledges that this Estoppel Certificate and the statements contained herein may be conclusively relied upon the Landlord and the Lender, and shall be executed by the Tenant and delivered to the Landlord within ten (10) days after the written request from Landlord; failure to execute and deliver the Estoppel Certificate by Tenant within such ten day period, shall mean that the Tenant is in agreement with the statements contained in herein and this Estoppel Certificate shall be binding on the Tenant.

This Estoppel Certificate is dated and executed o


. Date of the Estoppel

Certifi ate .






Bugs Bunny, LLC,



a Florida Limited Liability Company









By: __________________



Title: _________________



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