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Form NameGic Certificate Sample
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields22
Avg. time to fill out5 min 28 sec
Other namesgic certificate sample, gic confirmation mail, gic certificate scotiabank, gic confirmation letter

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Scotiabank Student GIC Program (SSGP) Application Form

In this application form, “customer”, “you” and “your” mean the Study Permit/Visa applicant. “we”, “our”, “us” and “Scotiabank” mean The Bank of Nova Scotia.

Instructions for completing this application form:

1.Complete all of the required information in Section A and B.

2.Include with this application a copy of:

a.a valid passport and sign each page (including pages showing place/date of issue, photograph and signature); and

b.your Letter of Acceptance from a Designated College or University that is a member institution of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)

3.Read the GIC Terms and Conditions attached to this application.

4.Sign and date this application.

Submit this application with all supporting documents to Scotiabank by scanning and emailing readable copies in a single PDF file to Students must indicate “Scotiabank Student GIC Program” on subject line and MUST email the Application Form from their personal email ID (should be the same as in the Application Form).

For more information please read the “Application Guide”.

You may transfer funds from any BANK in India where you hold your account. For assistance with transferring funds to your Scotiabank Student GIC account in Canada, you may contact the following Scotiabank branch or their affiliate, Kotak Mahindra Bank branches in India:



Scotiabank Branch in India

Telephone #


Ground Floor, Mittal Tower, ‘B’ Wing, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021


KMB Branches in India


S.C.O. 153-154-155, Sector 9-C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh – 160 017



Ground Floor, S.C.O. 335-336, Sector 35-B Chandigarh – 160 035



Bungalow 1, Paras–II, Nr. Auda Garden, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380 015



The Pinnacle, Ground Floor, No. 8, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560 095



J–13/65, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110 027


April 2013

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Personal Information (required)

First and Last Name (Legal)



Birth Date (YYYY/MM/DD)



Current Address







Street Number and Name



Locality or









Code (PIN)






Current Phone Number



(please include country/city code)



Personal Email Address



(all communications from Scotiabank



will be sent to this address)



City and Province of Arrival



in Canada



Expected Date of Arrival



in Canada (YYYY/MM/DD)



Community College



or University in which






Passport Information (required)

Passport Number

Country of Issue

Expiry Date (YYYY/MM/DD)

Guaranteed Investment Certificate – Summary



Interest Payment

Annual interest paid on maturity

Investment Amount

$10,000 CAD


1 year

Issue Date

The date the funds (including principal amount and applicable fees) are received by Scotiabank via wire transfer

Annual Interest Rate

Posted rate on the Issue Date (current rates can be found at,,1115,00.html)

Disbursement Details

Initial payment of $2,000 will be made when you arrive in Canada and provide suitable verifiable identification

to Scotiabank. Four subsequent payments of $2,000 will be made every 2 months thereafter, until the funds are




Following receipt of this application form, Scotiabank will send you an email with wire transfer instructions within

5 business days to enable you to fund the GIC. You will be required to remit 10,000 CAD plus 100 CAD in administrative fees to Scotiabank.

April 2013

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A confirmation of the GIC details (such as issue date, maturity date, and interest rate) will be sent to you via encrypted e-mail within 3 business days after receipt of your wire payment. You should submit a copy of this confirmation to the Canadian High Commission along with your Study Permit Application. You are also responsible for printing or downloading

If the Study Permit application is rejected by the applicable Canadian High Commission Office, please provide a copy of the Refusal Letter from the Canadian High Commission (“CHC”), the original TT Receipt and the completed Refund Wire Transfer Form (scan and email a copy in a single (1) PDF file to in order to have your GIC cashed out and get the refund. Upon receipt of confirmation from the CHC, Scotiabank will refund the GIC amount to your

With regards to the refund time lines and all related queries please read the “Application Guide”. Direct all queries respecting the Scotiabank Student GIC Program to

By signing below:

You are applying to purchase the GIC upon the terms set out in this application, including the GIC Terms and Conditions attached.

You agree that the payment you receive from the GIC will be used to cover living expenses for your first year in Canada.

You confirm that the information you have given is true and complete.

You acknowledge that email is not a secure means of communication and therefore there are risks involved in emailing your application form and other documents that include your personal and other sensitive information

You agree to check the interest rate of the GIC at,,1115,00.html on the day that you send your wire payment. The Interest Rate is Scotiabank’s posted rate for a 1-year cashable guaranteed investment certificate on the Issue Date.

You authorize Scotiabank to send you the GIC confirmation to the personal email address you have provided in this application form following the successful purchase of your GIC. The GIC confirmation will include details such as the principal amount, term and interest rate will be included in the email.

You authorize Scotiabank to send your name, date of birth, and passport number to the Canadian High Commission (“CHC”) following the successful purchase and/or prior to refund of your GIC. The CHC will use this

You confirm that you have reviewed the following documents online through

Privacy Agreement and Brochure –,,351,00.html

Investment Companion Booklet –

You consent to receiving the above documents in an electronic format at the links provided above and through this application form only, and acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions set out in those documents as they apply to you. You are responsible for printing or downloading a copy of these documents for your records. You acknowledge and agree that all documents relating to the application will be drawn up

You acknowledge that the GIC is not transferrable.

You confirm that this account is being opened for your benefit and will not be used to conduct business on behalf


(print full name)

Customer’s Signature


April 2013

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Terms and Conditions


“You” and “Your” mean the applicant for the GIC. “We”, “our”, “us” and “Scotiabank” mean The Bank of Nova Scotia, the issuer of the GIC. “CAD” means Canadian dollars.


To be eligible to purchase the SSGP Guaranteed Investment Certificate (“GIC”), you are required to have been accepted to an educational institution that is a member of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (the “Canadian Educational Institution”) and have provided suitable verifiable identification to Scotiabank.

Product Information

Purchase Amount/(Starting Principal): 10,000 CAD

Interest Rate: The Interest Rate is Scotiabank’s posted rate for a 1-year cashable guaranteed investment certificate on the Issue Date. The current posted interest rate on any day can be found at

Term: One year.

Issue Date: The Issue Date is the date that we receive your wire transfer for the Purchase Amount plus applicable fees. If the date that we receive your wire transfer is not a business day, the Issue Date will be the next business day.

Maturity Date: One year after the Issue Date.

Calculation of Interest

Interest is accrued daily on the principal balance at the end of each day during the Term, including the leap day in a leap year, but not the Maturity Date. If the Maturity Date falls on a holiday or Sunday the Term will be extended to the next business day and interest will be accrued up to but not including that next business day.

If any part of the principal, including the initial principal payment of 2,000 CAD (see “Payments of Principal and Interest” below), is redeemed within 30 days of the Issue Date, no interest is earned or paid on that part of the principal.

Payments of Principal and Interest

All payments of principal and interest will be paid to your Scotiabank personal deposit account that you must open at a Scotiabank branch after your arrival in Canada* in accordance with the following schedule:

Initial principal payment of 2,000 CAD on the day the Scotiabank personal deposit account is opened.

Four (4) subsequent principal payments of 2,000 CAD will be made every two months beginning two months after the initial payment was made. The initial principal payment and four subsequent payments are hereinafter referred to as the “Scheduled Payments”.

If a Scheduled Payment date falls on a holiday or Sunday, the Scheduled Payment will be made on the next business day.

Accrued interest will be paid on the date of the final Scheduled Payment.

*You must present identification acceptable to us in order to open the personal deposit account.

No GIC Redemption

You can only redeem your GIC prior to the Maturity Date if you provide us with proof that (i) your Study Permit has been declined ( providing us with a copy of the “Refusal Letter” issued by the Canadian High Commission); (ii) your application for admission to a Canadian Educational Institution has been declined; or (iii) you have withdrawn from enrolment at the Canadian Educational Institute after your arrival in Canada. Please provide us with a copy of the cancelled Visa and Study Permit from the Canadian High Commission office in India. Upon receipt of proof of any of these events and confirmation from the Canadian High Commission, we will redeem the outstanding principal plus, for GICs outstanding for more than thirty days, any accumulated interest. You may also contact us to cancel the GIC within 15 business days after the Issue Date. The amount to be refunded in each case will be transferred to the bank account in your country from which your original payment was remitted. Any redemption of your GIC prior to the Maturity Date (for the initial term or the renewal term), other than as a result of your Scheduled Payments, will disqualify you from participation in the Scotiabank Student GIC program.

Maturity and Renewal

If the initial term of the GIC expires prior to all Scheduled Payments being made, the GIC will automatically be renewed for a one year term at the then current posted rate. The GIC will expire at the end of the renewal term or when the final Scheduled Payment has been made, whichever occurs first. The same rules respecting cancellation and redemption apply to the renewed GIC.


In addition to the 10,000 CAD principal amount, you are required to remit an additional 100 CAD for a total of 10,100 CAD. The 100 CAD fee is for purposes of covering administrative expenses and no interest is earned on it.

April 2013

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cibc gic certificate time PersonalInformationrequired, FirstandLastNameLegal, BirthDateYYYYMMDD, CurrentAddress, HouseFlatNumber, BuildingName, StreetNumberandName, LocalityorNeighbourhood, CITY, State, PostalCodePIN, and Country fields to fill

You will be demanded specific vital data so that you can submit the Passport, Information, required Passport, Number Country, of, Issue Expiry, Date, YYYY, MM, DD Disbursement, Details Scotiabank, Annual, interest, paid, on, maturity CAD, and year box.

stage 3 to entering details in cibc gic certificate time

In box By, signing, below Conditions, attached and Canada, identify the rights and obligations.

part 4 to completing cibc gic certificate time

Finish by looking at the following sections and filling them in as required: Customer, print, full, name Customers, Signature Date, YYYY, MM, DD and Page, of

cibc gic certificate time Customerprintfullname, CustomersSignature, DateYYYYMMDD, and Pageof blanks to fill

Step 3: When you pick the Done button, your finalized document is easily transferable to any kind of of your gadgets. Or, you may deliver it through email.

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