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Form Ce-1201 is a document used for many purposes, including estate and gift tax filings, real property transfers, and other specific situations. The form must be filed whenever there is a taxable event, and the penalties for not doing so can be severe. This article will provide an overview of Form Ce-1201 and what it entails. It is important to note that this information should not be construed as legal advice; please consult with an attorney if you have any specific questions. When do I need to file Form Ce-1201? What are the consequences of not filing? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this article. We'll start by taking a look at exactly what Form Ce-1201 is used for. Then we'll discuss the events that trigger a requirement to file the form. Finally, we'll outline the possible penalties for not complying with the law."

Form NameForm Ce 1201
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesresiding, plumbers, CE-1201, CSR

Form Preview Example

Department of Public Works & Engineering

Building Code Enforcement Branch


Date: __________________________

To: Director, Department of Public Works & Engineering

City of Houston, Texas

As approved by City Ordinance (Chapter 47 of the Code of Ordinances), I


residing at _____________________________________________City/State: _________________________

Zip: ______________ Phone: _________________

Request that a “Drain Layer’s License” be issued to me. I expect to engage in the business of constructing sewers in the City of Houston.

I am thoroughly familiar with the Ordinance of the City of Houston relating to sewer construction and with the current “City of Houston – Specifications for Sewer Construction” and agree to carryout all sewer construction in accordance therewith.

I agree to secure a permit from the city for each job before starting construction thereon and will personally supervise all work constructed under permits issued to me. I agree not to construct sewer house connections. (State laws require that house connections be made by licensed plumbers.)

As evidence of my qualifications, I submit the following summary of my work experience:

The following three persons are familiar with my experience and ability:




1.______________________________ ________________________________________ _____________

2.______________________________ ________________________________________ _____________

3.______________________________ ________________________________________ _____________

Applicant’s Signature: _________________________________________________________________

FEE: $55.04


ID Verified____________________________

CSR ______________________

Expiration Date __________________




Form No: CE-1201 rev 01/01/2015

(832) 394-8899

Public Works & Engineering

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