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In the realm of military readiness and personnel deployment, meticulous documentation is key to ensuring that service members are adequately prepared and authorized for active duty. Among the essential documents for members of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve is the CG-3453 form, a comprehensive request for reserve orders officially titled under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard. As outlined in the latest revision (Rev. 6-04), the form serves as a structured channel for reservists to apply for active duty, detailing critical information including personal identification, rank, permanent duty station, and the specific nature and duration of the requested duty. Notably, it underscores the necessity for such requests to be submitted 45 days prior to the desired active duty date, a policy designed to facilitate thorough planning and approval processes. The form encompasses various sections that capture a wide spectrum of requirements from duty specifics to travel arrangements and per diem considerations, also allowing for the indication of pay status and accommodation needs. Importantly, it mandates command approval, ensuring that every request is reviewed and endorsed by multiple layers within the command hierarchy, a measure that upholds the operational integrity and readiness of the Coast Guard Reserve. By delving into the specifics of the CG-3453 form, one gains insight into the procedural rigors that govern the transition of reserve members to active duty status, reflecting the broader organizational commitment to discipline, preparedness, and the effective management of military personnel.

Form NameForm Cg 3453
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesrequest guard order, form cg 3453 request, request orders guard pdf, orders coast guard form

Form Preview Example

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

U.S. Coast Guard

CG-3453 (Rev. 6-04)


Section I - Member. Complete Blocks 1 - 17. This form should be submitted at least 45 days prior to desired active duty date. See instructions on page 2.

1. Name (last, first, MI):

2. SSN (last four digits only):

3. Rank/Rate:

4. Permanent Duty Station:

5. Current Home Address (Street, Apt#, City, State, Zip, Home Phone):

6. Type of Duty (X block)

ADT-AT (12 duty days or less) ADSW-RC 1

ADT-AT (13 duty days >) 1






RMP (Appropriate Duty) 1






1Regional ISC (pf) approval required, see Section IV.


2 Commands must complete Section III for these orders

Address change requested?


































Duty Site (include OPFAC):


Reporting time/date:


9. Departing time/date:

10. Duration:















Purpose of Orders (i.e., OJT, Special Ops, etc.)





If yes, indicate periods below, continue in Block 23:



13. No. of ADT-AT duty days

14. Pay status (X block):

15. Quarters, Messing, and Per Diem (X blocks):



completed this FY:



Pay & Allowances



Quarters Available


Messing Available


Per Diem requested













(See Block 21.)




Non-Pay (Points only)



Quarters Not Available


Messing Not Available














































16.Travel Status (Select either Privately Owned Conveyance (POC), Commercial or Local Travel and specify if you hold a Gov't Charge Card):







Total Mileage:


















Commercial Trans



Est. Cost:
















Local Travel Reimbursement

D. Do you hold a Government Travel Charge Card?



17. Member Signature/Certification:

I request a copy of my orders to be mailed to the address in Block 5 or FAXed to:


"I HEREBY CERTIFY that there has been no material change in the conditions of dependency since the last submission of Form CG-4170A, BAH/DEPENDENCY/EMERGENCY DATA AND SGLI VALIDATION, and that allowances paid me for support of my dependents since that date have been valid and correct to the best of my knowledge." Contact your command and/or servicing PERSRU if dependency status has changed.

Section II - Command Approval. Complete blocks 18 - 22







Supervisor Signature:




























































See Remarks




















































Dept./Div. Head Signature:




























































See Remarks




















































CO/Approving Official Signature:




























































See Remarks















































Per Diem Required:





No If yes, complete Block 24


Program Code:





























Continued on Page 2



Page 2 of CG-3453 (Rev. 6-04)


Item Explanation

1.Enter your Full Name: Last, first, and middle Initial

2.Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number

3.Enter your rank or rate, i.e., LCDR, YN2, PSC, etc.

4.Enter your Permanent Duty Station (include staff symbol). i.e., STA Rockland, MSO Houston, MLCPAC (lc), etc.

5.Enter Current Home Mailing Address: Street, Apt#., P.O. Box, City, State, Zip & Home phone # (work phone # optional). Check box if you desire to have your LES address changed to address indicated in Block 5.

Indicate what type of duty is to be performed. ADT-AT over 12 duty days, ADSW-RC, ADT-OTD and RMP must be approved by regional ISC (pf). ADSW-AC: Accounting data and Document ID (TONO) must be entered in Section III by the command funding the ADSW-AC, and a copy of CG-3453

6.must be forwarded to regional ISC(pf). If you are attending a "C" school, e.g., CPO Academy, Mentoring Course, TQM Training, you must attach a completed TAD Travel request, CG HRSIC-2070

7.Enter the Duty Site and OPFAC where duty is to be performed.

8.Enter Reporting Time and Date, note alternate dates in Block 23.

9.Enter Departing Time and Date, note alternate dates in Block 23.

10.Enter the total duration of duty in days.

11.Enter Purpose of Orders. i.e., OJT, Special Operations, Course of Instruction, etc. Do not use this form to request a "C" school, use form CG-5223.

12.Enter Non-consecutive periods (if known), continue in Block 23 if necessary. Report all Non-Consecutive AD utilizing Non-Consecutive Ad Endorsement Sheet (CG-5131A).

13.Enter total days of ADT-AT performed so far in the fiscal year in which this request is submitted.

14.Elect either pay or non-pay. Indicate any other variation of pay in Block 23.

Enter the quarters and messing availability at the Duty Site cited in Block 7. If quarters and messing are not available you may be entitled to Per Diem.

15.Your Commanding Officer must approve the entitlement to Per Diem in Block #21.

16.Select appropriate type of travel: 16A. Enter total round trip mileage between Duty Site and Home or Airport and Home. 16B. Enter total cost of round trip commercial transportation fare (government rate). 16C. Check if Local Travel. 16D. Indicate if you hold a Government Travel Charge Card.

17.Sign and date form. Check box if you desire a copy of your orders to be mailed to the address in Block 5 or Faxed to a provided number.

18-20 Command approval/disapproval. If request is disapproved explain in remarks (Block 23).

21.Command approval of Per Diem. Commands should contact servicing (pf) for funding approval (except for ADSW-AC). Include estimated cost in block 24.

22.Command shall enter "Program Code" as listed in Section 6-D of the Personnel & Pay Procedures Manual, HRSIC M1000.2 (series).

24.Enter Accounting Data and Document ID funding for the ADSW-AC and/or Per Diem. 24A. Signature of person authorized to approve funding.

25.ISC (pf) use Only.


Section III - Document ID and Accounting Data

24. If applicable, provide Document ID and Accounting Data below:






















24A. Approving Official Signature:


Section IV - ISC (pf)/fot Approval





Authorizing Official Signature: (Name, Title, & Phone)































See Remarks























PERSRU Action Completed









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Prepare the cg 3453 PDF by providing the details required for each part.

part 1 to filling out dhs form cg 3453

In the Local Travel Reimbursement, D Do you hold a Government Travel, Yes, Member SignatureCertification, I request a copy of my orders to, Date, I HEREBY CERTIFY that there has, Section II Command Approval, Approved, Supervisor Signature, Disapproved, See Remarks, Approved, DeptDiv Head Signature, and Disapproved field, put down your information.

Finishing dhs form cg 3453 stage 2

It's essential to point out the required particulars in the Item Explanation, Instructions, Enter your Full Name Last first, Command approvaldisapproval If, Command approval of Per Diem, and Enter Accounting Data and Document part.

Filling out dhs form cg 3453 part 3

The Command approval of Per Diem, Enter Accounting Data and Document, Remarks, Section III Document ID and, If applicable provide Document ID, DIST APPN CODE, LIM CODE ALLOT FUND, PGRM ELEMENT, COST CENTER, OBJECT CLASS, TYPE, TONO, SUFFIX, EST COST, and FICA area could be used to point out the rights and obligations of either side.

dhs form cg 3453 Command approval of Per Diem, Enter Accounting Data and Document, Remarks, Section III  Document ID and, If applicable provide Document ID, DIST APPN CODE, LIM CODE ALLOT FUND, PGRM ELEMENT, COST CENTER, OBJECT CLASS, TYPE, TONO, SUFFIX, EST COST, and FICA fields to insert

End by looking at all of these sections and writing the relevant details: Authorizing Official Signature, Approved, Disapproved, See Remarks, PERSRU Action Completed, Date, and Date.

Filling out dhs form cg 3453 step 5

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