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Are you looking for a way to make your tax return preparation easier? If so, you may want to take a look at the Hr Block Drop Off Checklist Form. This form allows you to easily and efficiently prepare your tax return by providing all of the information that Hr Block needs in order to complete your return. With this form, you can avoid having to spend time gathering all of the information yourself. Additionally, using the Drop Off Checklist Form can help ensure that your tax return is accurate and complete. So if you're looking for a streamlined way to prepare your taxes, be sure to check out the Hr Block Drop Off Checklist Form.

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Form NameHr Block Drop Off Checklist
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesh and r block drop off forms, h r block drop off cost, hr block drop off form, h r block tax drop off form

Form Preview Example

Drop Of Document Checklist

Welcome to H&R Block! To beter serve you and meet youR tax preparaion expectaions, we ask that you take a few minutes to ill out the informaion below. If you have any quesions while compleing this form, please do not hesitate to ask.

Three Easy Steps to Complete:

1.Fill out this form to the best of your knowledge.

2.You can choose to leave this form and your tax documents with the Client Service Professional at the front desk or you can choose to have a 10-15 minutes meeing with your tax professional.

3.Ater your tax return is ready, you can come back in to the oice to complete it, or choose our Approve Online opion to inish your return online.

• Are you a returning H&R Block Client?  Y  N

If yes, do you have a preferred Tax Professional? (please provide name) _______________________________________

What date would you like for your return to be ready? (typical turnaround is 3 days): ____________________________

Client Informaion:

Primary Taxpayer Name:__________________________

Spouse Name: __________________________________

Date of Birth: __________________________________

Spouse Date of Birth: ____________________________

Social Security # or ITIN: __________________________

Spouse Social Security # or ITIN:____________________

Marital Status: Single, Married, or Widowed



Address (if diferent): ____________________________

Address: ______________________________________


City, State, Zip:__________________________________

Best Phone Number:_____________________________

Preferred Contact Method: Email or Phone


Best Phone Number:_____________________________


Can you be claimed as a dependent by someone else?  Y


Are you an acive member or the spouse/dependent of an acive member of the military?  Y  N

Would you like to donate $3 to the presidenial campaign fund?

 Y  N

Dependents* (or person living in your household)



Date of Birth

Social Security # or ITIN

Full Time Student?


*If any dependents listed did not live at the primary taxpayers address the enire year, please discuss this with your tax professional. This is criical to help us help you accurately report your residency and dependency to the tax authoriies.


Drop Of Document Checklist

Document Checklist

Income: Check all that apply and include requested documents, if available

Income From:

Yes 


Yes 

Employer (W-2)








Interest (1099-Int)


Social Security/Reirement






Dividends (1099-Div)


Rental Property*


Stock or Mutual Fund sale (1099-B)








Expenses: Check all that apply and include requested documents, if available





Expenses From:

Yes 


Yes 





Self Employment*


Un-reimbursed by your employer




Rental Property*






Medical/Dental care


Union Dues






Credits and Deducions: Check all that apply and include requested documents, if available

Did you or your spouse:

Yes 


Yes 





Donate cash or goods to a charity?


Pay Student Loan interest?






Pay Child/Dependent Care expense?


Have a Mortgage Payment? (1098)






Make an IRA Contribuion


Make a major taxable purchase?






Pay Property Taxes?








Miscellaneous*: Check all that apply








Did you or your spouse:

Yes 


Yes 





Sell a home?


Take an IRA or 401(k) distribuion?






Pay/Receive alimony?


Adopt a child?






Sufer catastrophic loss?


Have gambling winnings/losses?






*If this applies, we recommend you meet with your tax professional to discuss your tax situaion before dropping of your informaion.

Tax Professional or Client Service Professional Complete the secion below:

Legal Disclaimers

Client received Privacy Policy, Consent to Use and Consent to Disclose Service Provider documents, and the documents were explained and executed as applicable.  Y  N

Did the client review and sign the Client Service Agreement?  Y  N

Follow Up

How would the client like to review and approve their tax return?

H&R Block Tax Oice – Appointment ime and date: ________________________________

Approve Online: (Refund Anicipaion Loans and Emerald Card not available with this opion)

Tax Pro: If Approve Online is selected, you must verify Taxpayer and Spouse (if applicable) Ideniicaion

Taxpayer ID Type:_______________Exp. Date: __________

Place of Issuance, if any ____________________________

Date of Issuance, if any _____________________________


Spouse ID Type:_________________Exp. Date: _________

Place of Issuance, if any ____________________________

Date of Issuance, if any _____________________________


How to Edit Hr Block Drop Off Checklist Online for Free

It is really simple to fill out the how to drop off taxes at h r block gaps. Our editor makes it nearly effortless to edit any type of form. Down below are the only four steps you'll want to consider:

Step 1: You should press the orange "Get Form Now" button at the top of the following web page.

Step 2: Now it's easy to manage the how to drop off taxes at h r block. The multifunctional toolbar allows you to insert, eliminate, alter, and highlight content as well as undertake other sorts of commands.

The next sections will make up the PDF file:

h r block tax drop off empty fields to complete

Put the appropriate details in the Can you be claimed as a dependent, Are you an acive member or the, Would you like to donate to the, Dependents or person living in, Name, Relaionship, Date of Birth, Social Security or ITIN, Full Time Student, Disabled, and If any dependents listed did not part.

Filling in h r block tax drop off part 2

Type in the essential details when you are on the Income Check all that apply and, SelfEmployment Social, Yes, Expenses Check all that apply and, Yes, Unreimbursed by your employer, Credits and Deducions Check all, Pay Student Loan interest Have a, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes section.

step 3 to finishing h r block tax drop off

Make sure you specify the rights and obligations of the sides within the Did you or your spouse Sell a home, Take an IRA or k distribuion Adopt, Yes, Yes, Tax Professional or Client Service, Follow Up How would the client, Tax Pro If Approve Online is, Spouse ID TypeExp Date Place of, and DOP box.

Completing h r block tax drop off part 4

Step 3: Choose the button "Done". The PDF form is available to be exported. It is possible to obtain it to your laptop or email it.

Step 4: It could be easier to save duplicates of the document. You can rest easy that we won't display or see your data.

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