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In today's fast-moving world, staying informed about the various forms and procedures related to unemployment insurance in Illinois is crucial for employers. The Illinois UI-28 Refund Request Form stands out as a significant document in this respect. Recently updated to offer more flexible refund options, this form allows employers to choose between direct deposit and paper check for receiving refunds, thereby enhancing convenience and efficiency. Submission of the UI-28 form is now more accessible than ever through the MyTax Illinois online portal, a comprehensive platform that not only facilitates refund requests but also streamlines other essential tasks such as submitting quarterly contribution and wage reports, viewing tax letters, and maintaining Power of Attorney relationships. With the deadline for applying refunds extending up to three years from the date of overpayment under certain conditions, this form is a critical tool for employers to ensure their financial operations run smoothly. Detailed instructions provided with the form guide employers through the process, making it a straightforward task to claim their dues back from the state. Furthermore, the option to adjust individual worker's wages through the connected UI-40C form highlights the form's role in ensuring accurate financial and employment records. As such, navigating the intricacies of the UI-28 form and understanding its full scope is indispensable for Illinois employers aiming to manage their unemployment insurance contributions efficiently.

Form NameIllinois Form Ui 28
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Other namesui 28, ides forms ui 28, il form claim, il claim online

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UI-28 Refund Request Form

IDES has updated your refund options. You can now receive your refund either through direct deposit or as a paper check.

The best way to submit your UI-28 Refund Request to IDES is online

through MyTax Illinois.

To submit your UI-28 Refund Request online:

Log on to the MyTax Illinois website at

Click on the Unemployment Insurance link

Click on the “Request a Refund” link under the “I Want To” section

It’s quick and easy to do

Other features available online at MyTax Illinois:

Submit your quarterly contribution and wage reports

Make all your payments easily and securely

View your tax letters and correspondence

Request interest and penalty waivers

View your new annual tax rates

Maintain Power of Attorney relationships


Visit our IDES Employer Update website, at for additional information. Contact the IDES Employer Hotline at 1-800-247-4984 if you have any questions about MyTax Illinois or the UI 28 form.

Instructions for completing the UI-28 are on Page 2. The UI-28 Form is on Pages 3 and 4. Note, Page 4 is only required if you have elected to receive your refund via

Direct Deposit.

UI-28 Revised: May 2018

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If there is currently an overpayment on your account, you may apply the overpayment to contributions due in subsequent quarters or we will automatically apply it to any future underpayment. You may also apply for a refund online at or by completing this UI-28 form and faxing it to 217-557-1948 or mailing it to:





You have three years from the date of the overpayment to use the credit or to request a refund, except in the case of an overpayment that occurred on or after January 1, 2015 and prior to the effective date of House Bill 2699 of the 100th General Assembly, in which case you have until June 30, 2018 or 3 years from the date of the overpayment, whichever is later.

A separate form UI-28, Refund Request Form, must be submitted for each calendar year with respect to which a claim is filed. If you are adjusting individual worker’s wages not previously corrected, you must complete Form UI-40C

“EMPLOYERS CORRECTION REPORT FOR THE QUARTERENDING - ,” and submit it with the Form UI-28. TheUI-40C form may be printed from the IDES website, Please be aware that correcting a wage report may affect an employer’s contribution rate for any year with respect to which such wages were included in the computation of the rate.

All claims for adjustments/refund are subject to field investigation and audit at the discretion of the Director.



Enter your name and account number exactly as it appears on your contribution report. Enter your current address. However, entering an address on this form that is different than the address currently contained in our records will not be considered an official change of address request. If this is a new address, you must update your address with the Department in one of the following ways: through MyTax Illinois (, by mailing a UI-50A Notice of Change to the Department, or by calling, faxing or writing the Department and providing the same information as would be provided on the UI-50A.


Explain in detail the nature of the overpayment. State fully the facts which you believe entitle you to an adjustment/refund. If more space is required, continue on your own letterhead, which will then become a part of this claim. FAILURE TO GIVE COMPLETE INFORMATION WILL DELAY THE PROCESSING OF YOUR CLAIM AND MAY RESULT IN A DENIAL.


Enter the year applicable to your claim.


Each line represents a quarter, per year.

Enter the date of payment, original amount of payment and amount to be refunded.

Total Amount of This Claim – Enter the total amount of claim for the calendar year. Amount shown in this item must equal the sum of the totals in the Amount to be Refunded column.

*** The UI-28 must be Signed with Official Title and Dated ***

UI-28 Revised: May 2018

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Refund Request Form (UI-28)


33 South State Street, Refund Unit, 10th Floor

Fax: 217-557-1948

Chicago, Illinois, 60603

UI Account Number

Employer Name

Mailing Address

City - State - Zip Code

A.BASIS FOR CLAIM. (If more space is required, attach additional sheets)


B.FOR THE YEAR: _______ (Enter year applicable to this claim. Prepare a separate claim for each year)

C.DESCRIPTION OF PAYMENTS. Please list the payments for which a refund is requestedbelow:





Your refund may be sent to you either in the form of Direct Deposit or a Paper Check.

If you choose Direct Deposit, complete page 4 and return it with this page 3.

Payment Method (Select One):


Direct Deposit


Paper Check

I, the undersigned, certify that the information contained in this claim, including any other attachments, is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, that I have authority to act on behalf of the abovenamed employer, and that no claim for this erroneous payment has previously been made.

Printed Name __________________________________

Signed by ____________________________________

Official Title __________________________________



Note: This claim for refund must be signed by an owner, partner, officer or authorized agent within the employing enterprise. If signed by another person, a Power of Attorney must be on file. This state agency is requesting disclosure of information that is necessary to accomplish the statutory purpose as outlined under 820 ILCS 405/2201. Disclosure of this information is voluntary. However, failure to supply the information required by this form will result in your refund request being denied.

UI-28 Revised: May 2018

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Direct Deposit Authorization

(Complete and return with Page 3 only if electing Direct Deposit)

Employer Name:

Employer UI Account Number (7 Digits):

If Direct Deposit is Chosen, Please Provide the Employer’s Bank Information Below

Employer FEIN Number (9 Digits):

Bank Name:


Bank Routing Number:


Bank Account Number:


Bank Account Number (Re-enter): ____________________________________________

Name on Bank Account:


Type of Bank Account:


Business Checking









(Select Only One)



Business Savings












Printed Name __________________________________

Signed by ____________________________________

If you elected to receive a Paper Check, fax only Page 3 to the fax number below.

If you elected Direct Deposit, fax both Pages 3 and 4 (in that order)

to the fax number below.

Fax: 217-557-1948

UI-28 Revised: May 2018

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How to Edit Illinois Form Ui 28 Online for Free

You'll find nothing troublesome in relation to filling out the filing for unemployment in illinois after you open our tool. By taking these simple steps, you will get the prepared PDF in the minimum period possible.

Step 1: This page includes an orange button that says "Get Form Now". Click it.

Step 2: Right now, it is possible to alter the filing for unemployment in illinois. This multifunctional toolbar will let you add, remove, transform, highlight, as well as perform other commands to the text and fields within the document.

In order to fill out the file, provide the information the software will require you to for each of the following segments:

form iu 28 site ides illinois gov fields to fill out

In the A separate form UI Refund Request, All claims for adjustmentsrefund, INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION OF, Enter your name and account number, ITEM A BASIS OF CLAIM, Explain in detail the nature of, ITEM B FOR THE YEAR, and Enter the year applicable to your field, put in writing your details.

Finishing form iu 28 site ides illinois gov part 2

Within the section referring to UI Account Number, Employer Name, Mailing Address, City State Zip Code, A BASIS FOR CLAIM If more space is, B FOR THE YEAR Enter year, C DESCRIPTION OF PAYMENTS Please, and DATE OF PAYMENT ORIGINAL AMOUNT OF, you should put down some expected information.

stage 3 to finishing form iu 28 site ides illinois gov

The TOTAL AMOUNT OF THIS CLAIM, Your refund may be sent to you, Payment Method Select One, Direct Deposit, Paper Check, I the undersigned certify that the, Printed Name Signed by, Official Title Date, and Note This claim for refund must be section is the place to place the rights and obligations of each party.

Filling in form iu 28 site ides illinois gov stage 4

Finalize by analyzing the next areas and completing them accordingly: Employer Name, Employer UI Account Number Digits, If Direct Deposit is Chosen Please, Employer FEIN Number Digits, Bank Name, Bank Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Bank Account Number Reenter, Name on Bank Account, Type of Bank Account Select Only, Business Checking Business Savings, and Checking Savings.

form iu 28 site ides illinois gov Employer Name, Employer UI Account Number  Digits, If Direct Deposit is Chosen Please, Employer FEIN Number  Digits, Bank Name, Bank Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Bank Account Number Reenter, Name on Bank Account, Type of Bank Account Select Only, Business Checking Business Savings, and Checking Savings blanks to insert

Step 3: Once you have clicked the Done button, your document is going to be readily available upload to any electronic device or email address you identify.

Step 4: Make as much as two or three copies of the file to stay clear of any sort of possible issues.

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