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In the landscape of landlord-tenant relations within the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Hou102 form emerges as a crucial legal document, specifically designed for the use in eviction actions. This form, deeply entrenched in Minn. Stat. § 504B.321, serves as a comprehensive template for landlords to initiate proceedings to reclaim possession of their property. It intricately details the prerequisites for eviction, capturing information about the landlord and tenant, including their respective addresses and, where available, dates of birth. The form requires landlords to elucidate the basis of the rental agreement—be it oral or written—while also mandatorily disclosing their compliance with Minn. Stat. § 504B.181, which necessitates landlords to furnish tenants with certain key information prior to tenancy commencement. Additionally, the document outlines multiple grounds upon which an eviction can be sought, ranging from non-payment of rent to violations of rental agreement terms or statutory breaches. Equally important is the stipulation for a verification and affidavit confirming the tenant's non-military status, alongside a stark reminder of the legal necessity for representation by a licensed attorney in court cases involving a corporation or LLC, albeit with noted exceptions in specific jurisdictions like Hennepin County. This comprehensive form hence encapsulates the procedural rigor and statutory adherence mandated for eviction actions, delineating a clear pathway for landlords while safeguarding tenants' rights under Minnesota law.

Form NameMinnesota Form Hou102
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesHOU102 how to file complaint minn stat 504b321 form

Form Preview Example

State of Minnesota


Plaintiff (Landlord)



Defendant (Tenant)

District Court

Judicial District:


Court File Number:


Case Type:


Plaintiff’s Date of Birth:

(if known)

Eviction Action Complaint (Minn. Stat. § 504B.321)













Tenant’s Date of Birth:
























(If known)











state upon oath/affirmation:


(name of person signing complaint)













1. Landlord leased or rented to tenant(s) on



by an




agreement the premises at:















Apartment #


, and garage YES NO, in the city of























the state of Minnesota, zip code


, in the county of



. The


agreement was from








. The current rent due and payable under


this agreement each month is $


due on the





day of the month.

2. The landlord of the premises described above is












3.Landlord having present right of possession of said property, has complied with Minn. Stat. § 504B.181 by:

a. disclosing to the tenant either in the rental agreement or otherwise in writing prior to beginning of the tenancy the name and address of:

i.the person authorized to manage the property AND

ii.a landlord or agent authorized by the landlord to accept service of process and receive and give receipt for notices and demands, AND

b. posting in a conspicuous place on the property a printed or typewritten notice

containing the above information


, OR

Where Posted

c. the above information was known by the tenant not less than 30 days before the filing

of this action because:



4.Landlord seeks to have the tenant evicted for the following reasons:

a. The tenant is still in possession of above premises and has failed to pay rent for the

month(s) of






in the amount

of $



per month payable on the


day of each month for a total

due of $







b. The tenant has failed to vacate property after tenant was given gave written notice to do so. This notice was served on Tenant Landlord on

and tenant was told Gave notice to vacate the property by




Rev 11/11


Page 1 of 2

c. The tenant has broken the terms of the rental agreement with property landlord by: (be specific)

d. The tenant has breached the covenants set forth in Minn. Stat. §504B.171 by: (be specific)

e. Defendant defaulted on the mortgage and the property has been sold at a Sheriff’s sale. The Redemption period has expired and Plaintiff is entitled to possession.

f. Defendant defaulted on a contract deed and is holding over after proper cancellation of the contract.

5.The landlord seeks judgment against the above tenant(s) for restitution of said premises plus costs and disbursements herein.


Verification and Affidavit of Non Military Status

I, (Name)

, being sworn/affirmed, state that I am

the plaintiff/agent/attorney in this action, that I have read the complaint and that it is true to the best of my knowledge; that tenant(s) is/are not now in the military service of the United States, to the best of my information and belief.

****Notice: A licensed attorney must sign the Complaint and appear in court on behalf of a corporation or LLC. In Hennepin County only, Housing Court Rule 603 may permit a corporation or LLC to file and appear in court without a licensed attorney.****



(Sign only in front of notary public or court administrator)

Sworn/affirmed before me this





day of














Notary Public \ Deputy Court Administrator

Telephone: (















Rev 11/11


Page 2 of 2

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2. Immediately after this part is filled out, go on to enter the suitable details in all these - The landlord of the premises, B by a disclosing to the tenant, beginning of the tenancy the name, receive and give receipt for, b posting in a conspicuous place, containing the above information, the above information was known by, Where Posted, Landlord seeks to have the tenant, a The tenant is still in, per month payable on the, months of of due of, b The tenant has failed to vacate, and notice to do so This notice was.

Step no. 2 for filling out Minnesota Form Hou102

3. The third part is usually hassle-free - fill in every one of the form fields in HOU, State, ENG, Rev, and wwwmncourtsgovforms Page of to finish this part.

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4. The following section will require your attention in the subsequent places: be specific, c The tenant has broken the terms, specific, sale The Redemption period has, f Defendant defaulted on a, of the contract, The landlord seeks judgment, costs and disbursements herein, Verification and Affidavit of Non, and I Name being swornaffirmed state. Be sure to type in all required details to go further.

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Be extremely mindful while filling out Verification and Affidavit of Non and sale The Redemption period has, because this is the section where many people make a few mistakes.

5. While you come close to the end of this form, you'll notice just a few more requirements that have to be met. Mainly, I Name being swornaffirmed state, Signature Sign only in front of, Name, day of, Address, CityStateZip, Notary Public Deputy Court, and Telephone must be filled out.

day of, Telephone, and Address in Minnesota Form Hou102

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