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Are you looking to start a business in New York? If so, you will need to complete the New York Form Certificate. This document is used to register your business with the state and to receive tax ID information. The certificate must be completed and filed within 120 days of starting your business. There are several steps involved in completing the certificate, so it's important to know what is required. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the certificate and walk you through the process of filing it.

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Form NameNew York Form Certificate
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields15
Avg. time to fill out3 min 30 sec
Other namesany incorporation certificate, new york form certificate, ny certificate corporation, nys certificate of incorporation for not for profit

Form Preview Example

New York State

Department of State




One Commerce Plaza

99 Washington Ave.

Albany, NY 12231-0001



(Insert Corporate Name)

Under Section 402 of the Business Corporation Law

FIRST: The name of the corporation is:


SECOND: The purpose of the corporation is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under the Business Corporation Law. The corporation is not formed to engage in any act or activity requiring the consent or approval of any state official, department, board, agency or other body without such consent or approval first being obtained.

THIRD: The county, within this state, in which the office of the corporation is to be located




FOURTH: The corporation shall have authority to issue one class of shares consisting of 200 common shares without par value.

FIFTH: The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the corporation upon whom process against the corporation may be served. The address to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process accepted on behalf of the corporation is:



(Print or Type Name of Incorporator)


(Signature of Incorporator)

(Address of Incorporator)

(City, State, Zip Code)

DOS-1239-f (Rev. 03/17)

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(Insert Corporate Name)

Under Section 402 of the Business Corporation Law

Filer’s Name and Mailing Address:


Company, if Applicable:

Mailing Address:

City, State and Zip Code:


1.This form was prepared by the New York State Department of State for filing a certificate of incorporation for a business corporation. It does not contain all optional provisions under the law. You are not required to use this form. You may draft your own form or use forms available at legal stationery stores.

2.The Department of State recommends that legal documents be prepared under the guidance of an attorney.

3.The fee for filing a certificate of incorporation is $125. Checks should be made payable to the Department of State.

4.The incorporator must be a natural person, not a corporation or other business entity.

5.The filer may not be the corporation being formed.

For DOS use only

DOS-1239-f (Rev. 03/17)

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part 1 to completing new york certificate incorporation

In the Print, or, TypeName, of, In, corpora, tor Signature, of, In, corpora, tor Address, of, In, corpora, tor City, State, Zip, Code DO, Sf, Rev and Page, of field, write down your details.

Filling out new york certificate incorporation step 2

You will have to include specific details inside the box Insert, Corporate, Name Filer, s, Name, and, Mailing, Address Name, Company, if, Applicable Mailing, Address and City, State, and, Zip, Code

Finishing new york certificate incorporation part 3

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