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Form NameOtc Form 779
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesok form 779, form 779 oklahoma 2019, form 779, oklahoma military affidavit

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OTC Form 779 Revised 10-2010

Oklahoma Tax Commission - Motor Vehicle Division

U.S. Armed Forces Afidavit

47 O.S. Section 1127 provides for a reduced annual registration fee for vehicles owned by active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces, or their spouses, under the conditions outlined in this Afidavit. PLEASE NOTE:

Only Active Duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Reserve Corps of the U.S. Armed Forces, or the Oklahoma National Guard are eligible.

The qualifying service person must be either a resident of, or stationed in, Oklahoma.

The vehicle may not be used in any trade or business, or for any commercial purpose.

This Afidavit must be attested to by an oficer of the U.S. Armed Forces organization to which the applicant is assigned for duty, unless the service person is stationed overseas, in which case the service person’s spouse may sign the afidavit in lieu of an oficer.

This is to certify that the following vehicle is owned by an active duty service person, Guardsman, Reservist or their spouse, under the qualifying criteria outlined above.


Title Number or Vehicle Identiication Number (VIN)




























Name and Rank of Service Member







Name of Spouse (if applicable)























Military Unit

Service Branch




Military Installation Where Stationed





















Oklahoma Resident Address






Non-Resident Stationed in Oklahoma








































Oklahoma Residency Address







Home of Record Address


































Delinquent Registration Penalty Waiver Provision

47 O.S. Section 1127 provides for the waiver of delinquent registration penalties for Oklahoma resident armed forces personnel who are stationed out-of-state by oficial assignment. That waiver applies for the duration of the out-of-state assignment and up to sixty (60) days following the end of such assignment. Your signature below certiies your eligibility for the above penalty waiver scenario.

Signature of Service Person or Spouse


Out-of-State Assignment Location


Assignment End Date

I certify that the above listed information is true and correct.

Signature of Active Duty Service Member or Spouse


(Spouse may sign ONLY when service member is serving in a foreign country.)


Certiication By an Oficer of the U.S. Armed Forces Organization

to which Applicant is Assigned for Duty.

(This section is not required to be completed when service member is serving in a foreign country,

and the service member’s spouse is registering the vehicle.)

Name of Oficer (please print)


Signature of Oficer

Rank, Branch (please print)

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