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The Pompano Beach Fire Department (PBFD) is a vital organization for the residents of Pompano Beach. The PBFD protects lives and property through fire suppression, emergency medical services, public education, and many other community services. In order to provide these essential services, the PBFD needs your help! That's where their new Citizen Volunteer Application comes in: With this form, you can apply to become a volunteer firefighter or EMT with the PBFD. So if you're interested in helping your community and making a difference, please fill out the application and submit it to the PBFD today! Thank you for your time.

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Form NamePompano Beach Fire Department
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields60
Avg. time to fill out12 min 19 sec
Other namescounty permit application, broward county uniform building permit application, broward county permit application, broward county permit

Form Preview Example

Pompano Beach Fire Rescue

Fire Plan Review Application

This application must be completed for all construction plan submittals, excluding one/two family dwellings.

Date: ____/____/____

P.R.A. Number:

Property Owner’s Name:


Job Address:


Business Occupant Name:


Project Contact Phone Number:



Facilities using high pile storage/rack storage – submit completed storage application. (On Back)


Describe type of Business






















































Protection Systems Within Building: Yes




Building Information:









Fire Sprinkler System:





Total Building Area (Sq. Ft.):











Fire Pump:








Building Construction Type:











Fire Alarm System:







Number of Units (Residential):











Kitchen Hood System:









Number of Stories:













Paint Booth:









Building Height (Feet):











Smoke Evacuation Sys:








Travel Distance of Elevator:











Stand By Generator:



























































































Type of Work for Plan Submittal:



















New Construction:













Special Event:



Area of Construction (Sq. Ft.):







































New Work:

























Detailed Description of
























































New or alterations/additions to fire sprinkler, alarm or hood systems, must submit detailed plans, cutsheets for all devices and hydraulic or battery calculations.

Fire sprinkler calculations must be based on data from flow test completed within last 12 months.


OWNER’S ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION STATEMENT: Under penalty of perjury, I declare that all the

information contained in this building permit application is true and correct.


Signature of Legal Owner/Agent:


STATE OF FLORIDA - COUNTY OF BROWARD Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me

This day of __________________________, 20____________ by


(Type / Print Owner’s Name)


NOTARY’S SIGNATURE as to Owner or Agent’s Signature Name & Title (printed) ___________________________________

(Type / Print Notary’s Name)

Personally Known _____ or Produced Identification ______

Type of Identification Produced ____________________________

Signature of Legal Contractor:


STATE OF FLORIDA - COUNTY OF BROWARD Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me

this_______ day of _________________________, 20_______ by


(Type / Print Contractor’s Name)


NOTARY’S SIGNATURE as to Contractor’s Signature

Name & Title (printed) ___________________________________

(Type / Print Notary’s Name)

Personally Known _____ or Produced Identification ______

Type of Identification Produced ____________________________

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