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Creating a fire safety plan is an important task for any business. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help businesses create a comprehensive plan that meets all regulatory requirements. The Fire Safety Plan Nyc Template is one such resource, providing businesses with everything they need to develop a comprehensive fire safety plan. The template is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business.

You may find information regarding the type of form you need to complete in the table. It can tell you the time it may need to finish fire safety plan nyc template, exactly what fields you need to fill in and several further specific facts.

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Form Length21 pages
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Other namesfire safefty plan nyc, fire emergency plan for home, nyc fire safety plan, safety nyc template

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Instructions for Fire Safety Plan in Office Buildings

NYC Fire Department

The following information should be used while preparing or revising a Fire Safety Plan:

Prepare Fire Safety Plan exactly as set by the guidelines with all information as requested.

Attach to the Fire Safety Plan:

1.Copy of the most recent Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate or Occupancy or Schedule A if building is under construction.

2.Copies of the representative floor plans including basement(s) meeting criteria as listed below.

3.Copy of riser diagram for standpipe and/or sprinkler system for the building (see requirements on p.2 )

4.Copies of any other supporting documents like request for variance(s).

The following are the requirements for the acceptable representative floor plans:

Submit architectural type of representative floor plans including basement and sub-basement not larger than 11x17. Plans must be of good print quality and show the entire floor areas. Include a site plan of the building. Indicate northerly direction along with surrounding buildings and streets, cross streets and F.D. apparatus access roads. Additionally, indicate the premise foot print and Standpipe and Sprinkler Siamese Connection locations and location of building occupant assembly areas.

Locate the following on floor plans:


b.Evacuation routes (the route must be shown by displaying the permanent partitions which create the corridors* used for exit access**. Additionally, provide hatching or a red line throughout the route.)

c.Fire barriers***.

d.Areas of refuge****

e.Stairs with letter designation.

f.Access and convenience stairways

g.Elevator bank letter and car number designations same as listed in Building Information Form.

h.Fire Command Station.

i.Fire warden phones.

j.Manual fire alarm boxes (pull stations)

k.Standpipe hose outlets.

l.Sprinkler and standpipe system control valves.

m.Any part of the building not protected by sprinkler system.

n.Emergency power generator and fuel supply

o.Show legend for all symbols and abbreviations used.

p.Indicate Northerly direction.

q.In-Building Relocation Areas: where applicable (optional)

Submit Fire Safety Plan or revised Fire Safety Plan, complete with all attachments, for review by Fire Department. Do not submit individual sheets.

This cover sheet and Instruction Sheet Numbers 2 and 3 of the guide MUST NOT be included in the plan.

*New 2008 NYC Building Code Sec. BC 1002 Definitions. ** New 2008 NYC Building Code Sec. BC 1002 Definitions.

***New 2008 NYC Building Code sec. BC 706.

****New 2008 NYC Building Code Sec. BC 1002 Definitions.

FDNY Office FSP Instructions

Sheet 1 of 3 Rev. 9 30 09

Disapproved and Conditionally Accepted Fire Safety Plans must be resubmitted within 30 days from the date of the letter disapproving or conditionally accepting them. Any disapproved plan not resubmitted within six months is considered abandoned and will require a new filing fee.

Fire Safety Plan Riser Diagram

Following are the requirements for an acceptable Standpipe and /or Sprinkler System Riser Diagram:

Locate the following:

a.Gravity Tanks, indicating the total capacity and fire reserve.

b.Pressure Tanks, indicating the capacity.

c.Risers, indicating the size and locations.

d.Siamese connections, indicating locations.

e.Fire Pump, (if applicable) indicating output (gpm) and automatic or manual.

f.Booster Pump (special service pump), indicating output (gpm).

g.All cross connections.

h.City water main supply.

i.Fill line and house pump.

j.You may show legend to indicate all symbols used, for example

Check valves (upper and lower) and control valves

Pressure reducing valves ( PRV)

All riser sectional valves

Dry pipe valves

Pre-action sprinkler valves

Roof manifold

Fire hose racks on all floors.

Sprinkler floor control valves

Note: Diagram must be of good print quality showing the entire system and using professionally standard symbols and legend.

The diagram may Not exceed 11x 17 inches.

FDNY Office FSP Instructions

Sheet 2 of 3 Rev. 9 30 09





To provide Class E Office Buildings with the forms which must be submitted and be accepted by the FDNY.



Bureau of Fire Prevention

9 Metrotech Center

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Attn: RM 3W - 6


9METROTECH CTR – 1ST FLR. At rear of FDNY HQ building. Ask for Window 8

Business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00AM - 12:00PM & 1:00PM - 3:00PM.



Property Owners, Fire Safety Directors and other management staff required to file Fire Safety plans.


Is payment required?

Yes $210

If so, when?

With submission



ATTN: Emergency Planning and Preparedness Group 718-999-1512


All plan submittals must be accompanied by a form TM-1 available at:

FDNY Office FSP Instructions

Sheet 3 of 3 Rev. 9 30 09



To establish a method of systematic, safe and orderly evacuation of an area or building by and of its occupants in case of fire or other emergency, in the least possible time, to a safe area or by the nearest safe means of egress; also the use of such available fire appliances (including sounding of alarms) as may have been provided for the controlling or extinguishing of fire and the safeguarding of human life.


To provide proper education as part of continuing employee indoctrination and through a continuing written program for all occupants, to assure the prompt reporting of fire, the response to fire alarms as designated, and the immediate initiation of fire safety procedures to safeguard life and contain fire until the arrival of the Fire Department.

1.Building Address:_____________________________ Name of Building_____________________

Borough and Zip Code: ________________________ Telephone Number: __________________

2.Fire Safety Director

2.1Name/Job Title: _________________________________________


Certificate of Fitness #


Expiration date: ___________

2.3Regularly assigned location: _________________________________

2.4How is he/she notified when at regular location - include business or cell phone #s if applicable: ___________________________________

2.5How is he/she notified when not at regular location - include business

or cell phone #s if applicable: ____________________________________

2.6Normal working days and hours: _______________________________________

2.7Duties of Fire Safety Director – Verbatim as per Appendix A

3.Deputy Fire Safety Director

3.1Name/Job Title: _________________________________________


Certificate of Fitness #


Expiration date: ____________

3.3Regularly assigned location: _________________________________

3.4How is he/she notified when at regular location-include business or cell phone # if applicable: ___________________________________

3.5How is he/she notified when not at regular location-include business

or cell phone # if applicable: ____________________________________

3.6Normal working days and hours: _______________________________________

3.7Duties of Deputy Fire Safety Director – Verbatim as per Appendix B

4.Fire wardens and Deputy Fire Wardens. (Ref.#1)

4.1Are the names on Organizational Charts for each floor and/or tenancy (Yes/No):_______

4.2Submit typical completed Organizational Chart for Fire Drill and Evacuation assignment.

4.3Duties of Fire Wardens and Deputy Fire Wardens– Verbatim as per Appendix C

5.Building Evacuation Supervisor

5.1Name/Job Title: _________________________________________

5.2Regularly assigned location: _________________________________________

5.4How is he/she notified when at regular location-include business or cell phone # if applicable: ___________________________________

FDNY Office FSP Guide

Sheet 1 of 18 Rev. 9 30 09

5.5How is he/she notified when not at regular location -include business

or cell phone # if applicable: ____________________________________

5.6Normal working days and hours: _______________________________________

5.7Duties of Building Evacuation Supervisor – Verbatim as per Appendix D

6.Fire Brigade (Ref.#2)

6.1Submit a completed Organizational Chart for Fire Brigade for each shift, naming person in charge, and his/her title in the building.

6.2List standards of selection from building employees:______________________________


6.3How are they notified? Include business or cell phone # if applicable: ________________

6.4How are they notified when they are not at their regularly assigned locations? Include business or cell phone # if applicable: ______________________

6.5Means of responding – indicate location they go to: ______________________________


6.6Duties of Each member of Fire Brigade -Verbatim as per Appendix E

7.Occupant Instructions

7.1Distribution of instructions to all tenants, tenants’ employees and building employees-


Appendix F

8.Evacuation Drills

8.1Frequency of drills- indicate start date and frequency: ____________________________

8.2How announced: _________________________________________________________



Who participated? __________________________________________


How?: __________________________________________________________________

8.4Controls and supervision: __________________________________________________

8.5Where is current record of drills kept: ________________________________________

9.Fire Command Station

9.1Location (also show location on Floor plan): ___________________________________


9.2.1Adequate Illumination (Yes/No): ______________

9.2.2Adequate communication to mechanical equipment room, elevator control room, each floor (list devices for each location:



9.2.3Copy of Fire Safety Plan (Yes/No): __________________________

9.2.4Copy of Building Information Form (Yes/No): _________________

9.2.5Representative floor plans (Yes/No): _________________________

Plans must include all aspects as listed on instruction sheet (a-i).


10.1Signs at elevator landing with Floor diagrams (Yes/No): ____________________

10.2Floor numbering in stair enclosure (Yes/No): ___________________

10.3Stairway identification on occupancy side of stair door (Yes/No): _________________

10.4Elevator identification– (where posted): _____________________________________

10.5Stair Re-entry– (where posted – list re-entry floors): ___________________________


FDNY Office FSP Guide

Sheet 2 of 18 Rev. 9 30 09

11.Fire Prevention and Fire Protection Program for the building – See Appendix G

12.Building Information Form – See Appendix H

13.Representative Floor Plans (architectural type,11x17 max. ,B&W ) – See Appendix I

14.Fire Safety Plan general preparation guideline– See Appendix K

15.Prepared/revised by (provide contact information): __________________________________


15.1Date prepared: _________________________

15.2Date revised: _________________________

FDNY Office FSP Guide

Sheet 3 of 18 Rev. 9 30 09


A.Fire Safety Director Duties

B.Deputy Fire Safety Director Duties

C.Fire Wardens and Deputy Fire Wardens Duties and Organizational Chart for Fire Drill and Evacuation Assignment

D.Building Evacuation Supervisors Duties

E.Fire Brigade Duties, and Organizational Chart for Fire Brigade

F.Occupant Instructions

G.Fire Prevention and Fire Protection Program

H.Building Information Form

I.Representative Floor Plan

J.Evacuation Procedure

K.Fire Safety Plan

FDNY Office FSP Guide

Sheet 4 of 18 Rev. 9 30 09


A.Fire Safety Directors Duties

1.Be familiar with the written Fire Safety Plan providing for fire drill and evacuation procedure in accordance with Fire Prevention Code.

2.Select qualified building service employees for a Fire Brigade and organize, train and supervise such Fire Brigade.

3.Be responsible for the availability and state of readiness of the Fire Brigade.

4.Conduct fire and evacuation drills.

5.Be responsible for the designation and training of a Fire Warden for each floor, and sufficient Deputy Fire Wardens for each tenancy in accordance with Fire Department rules.

6.Be responsible for a daily check for the availability of the Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Warden, and see that up-to-date organizational charts are posted.

NOTE- If the number of Fire Wardens and Deputy Fire Wardens in the building is such that it is impractical in individually contact each one daily, a suggested method to satisfy the requirement is to make provisions for the Fire Warden, or a Deputy Fire Warden, in the absence of the Fire Warden, to notify the Fire Safety Director when the Fire Warden, or required number of Deputy Fire Wardens are not available. In order to determine the compliance by the Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Warden when this method is used, the Fire Safety Director shall make a spot check of several floors each day.

7.Notify the owner or other persons having charge of the building when any designated individual is neglecting his responsibilities contained in the Fire Safety Plan. The owner or other person in charge of the building shall bring the matter to the attention of the firm employing the individual. If the firm fails to correct the condition, the owner or person in charge of the building shall notify the Fire Department.

8.In the event of a fire, shall report to the Fire Command Station to supervise, provide for and coordinate:

(a)Insure that the Fire Department has been notified of any fire or fire alarms.

(b)Manning of the fire Command Station.

(c)Direction of evacuating procedures in the Fire Safety Plan.

(d)Reports on conditions of fire floor for information for Fire Department on their arrival.

(e)Advise the Fire Department Chief in charge in the operation of the Fire Command Station.

9.Be responsible for the training and activities of the Building Evacuation Supervisor.

B.Deputy Fire Safety Directors Duties

1.Subordinate to the Fire Safety Director

2.Perform duties of Fire Safety Director in his absence

C.Fire Wardens and Deputy Fire Wardens

1.The tenant or tenants of each floor shall, upon request of the owner or person in charge of the building, make responsible and dependable employees available for designation by the Fire Safety Director as Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Warden.

2.Each floor of a building shall be under the direction of a designated Fire Warden for the evacuation of occupants in the event of fire. He shall be assisted in his duties by a Deputy Fire Warden. A Deputy Fire Warden shall be provided for each tenancy. When the floor area of a tenancy exceeds 7,500 square feet, a Deputy Fire Warden shall be assigned for each 7,500 square feet of part thereof.

3.Each Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Warden shall be familiar with the Fire Safety Plan, the location of the exits and the location and operation of any available fire alarm system.

FDNY Office FSP Guide

Sheet 5 of 18 Rev. 9 30 09

4.In the event of a fire, or fire alarm, the Fire Warden shall ascertain location of the fire, and direct the evacuation of the floor in accordance with directions received and the following guidelines:

(a)The most critical areas for immediate evacuation are the fire floor and floors immediately above. Evacuation from the other floors shall be instituted when instructions from the Fire Command Station or conditions indicates such action. Evacuation should be via uncontaminated stairs. He shall try to avoid stairs being used by the Fire Department. If this is not possible, he shall try to attract the attention of the Fire Department personnel before such personnel open the door to the fire floor.

(b)Evacuation to two or more levels below the fire floor is generally adequate. He shall keep the Fire Command Station informed regarding his location.

(c)Fire Wardens and their Deputies shall see that all occupants are notified of the fire, and that they proceed immediately to execute the Fire Safety Plan.

(d)The Fire Warden on the fire floor shall, as soon as practicable, notify the Fire Command Station of the particulars.

(e)Fire Wardens on the floor above the fire shall, after executing the Fire Safety Plan, notify the Fire Command Station of the means being used for evacuation and any other particulars.

(f)In the event that stairways serving fire floor and/or floors above are unusable due to contamination or cut-off by fire and/or smoke, or that several floors above fire involving large numbers of occupants must be evacuated, consideration may be given to using elevators in accordance with the following:

1.If the elevators servicing his/her floor also services the fire floors, they shall not be used. However, elevators may be used if there is more than one bank of elevators, and he is informed form the Fire Command Station that one bank is unaffected by the fire.

2.If elevators do not service the fire floor and their shafts have no opening on the fire floor; they may be used, unless otherwise directed.

3.Elevators manned by trained building personnel or firemen also may be used.

4.In the absence of a serviceable elevator the Fire Warden shall select the safest stairway to use for evacuation on the basis of the location of the fire and any information received from the Fire Command Station. The Fire Warden shall check the environment in the stair prior to entry for evacuation. If it is affected by smoke, an alternate stair shall be selected, and the Fire Command Station notified.

5.The Fire Warden shall keep the Fire Command Station informed of the means being employed for evacuation by the occupants of his floor.

(g)Determine that an alarm has been transmitted.

5.Organizational Chart for Fire Drill and Evacuation Assignment See Example Ref.#1

A chart designating employees and their assignments shall be prepared and posted in a conspicuous place in each tenancy and on each floor of a tenancy that occupies more than one floor and a copy shall be in the possession of the Fire Safety Director.

FDNY Office FSP Guide

Sheet 6 of 18 Rev. 9 30 09

6.Have available an updated listing of all personnel with physical disabilities who cannot use stairs unaided. Make arrangements to have these occupants assisted in moving down the stairs to 2 or more levels below fire floor. If necessary to move such occupants to still lower levels during the fire, move them down the stairs to the uppermost floor served by an uninvolved elevator bank and then remove to street by elevator. Where assistance is required for such evacuation, notify Fire Safety Director.

7.Provide for fire warden identification during the fire drills and fires, such as using armbands, etc.

8.Assure that all persons on the floor are notified of fire and all are evacuated to safe areas. A search must be conducted in the lavatories to assure all are out. Personnel assigned as searchers can promptly and efficiently perform this duty.

9.Check availability of applicable personnel on Organizational Chart and provide for substitute when position on chart is not covered.

10.After evacuation, perform a head count to assure that all regular occupants know to have occupied the floor have been evacuated.

11.When alarm is received, the Fire Warden shall remain at a selected position in the vicinity of the communication station on the floor, in order to maintain communications with the Fire Command Station and to receive and give instruction.

FDNY Office FSP Guide

Sheet 7 of 18 Rev. 9 30 09

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Completing plan nyc template stage 2

You will have to insert particular particulars in the segment How is heshe notified when not at, Fire Brigade Ref, Submit a completed Organizational, Occupant Instructions, See, Distribution of instructions to, Appendix F, Evacuation Drills, and Frequency of drills indicate start.

stage 3 to filling out plan nyc template

In the space Frequency of drills indicate start, Fire Command Station, Location also show location on, Adequate Illumination YesNo, each floor list devices for each, Plans must include all aspects as, Signs, and Signs at elevator landing with, indicate the rights and responsibilities.

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