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The postal service offers a number of ways to save money, and the Post Office Saving Bank Form is one of the most popular. This form allows customers to make deposits and withdrawals without having to visit a physical bank location. By taking advantage of this form, you can easily manage your finances and keep your money safe. In addition, the postal service offers a number of other savings options that can help you save money. For more information, please visit our website.

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Form NamePost Office Saving Bank Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields106
Avg. time to fill out21 min 42 sec
Other namespost office savings account form, how to fill post office savings bank form, post office account opening form online, post office savings account opening form

Form Preview Example



For Office Use

Post Office:
































































































































For Applicant(s)

*1. I/We request you to open:- Savings/Basic Savings/RD/TD____Year//MIS/SCSS/PPF/SSA or issue NSC(8th/9th issue) or KVP

in my/our name.

*2. Full Name of applicant/Guardian (in case of minor/Lunatic A/C), in CAPITAL Letters (leave space between words)


First Name

Middle Name

Last name

Gender ( M/F)











































*3. Full Name of father/husband/Mother, in CAPITAL Letters


*4. Residential Address



First Applicant

2nd Applicant

3rd Applicant


Flat No./Bldg. name




















Tehsil/Post Office










City and District




















Pin Code










Tel./Mobile No.(optional)










Email (optional)









*5. Applicant’s Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) PAN Number orForm 60/61)

CIF ID (if already exists)




*6. Operating Instruction (please tick the empty box)


Either or Survivor (Joint-B)

Jointly (Joint-A)

Through literate agent

*7. Detail of Know Your Customer (KYC) documents submitted:-



Photo ID



Address Proof
















Type of Document














Document No.














Valid up to (if any)














*8. Detail of First deposit:- Amount Rs.(figures)___________________.(words)_____________________________________

Mode of Deposit___________________________________________________________________________________________

9.Nomination:- I/We nominate the person(s) named below under Section 4 of the Government Savings Bank Act, 1873 (5 of 1873) to be the sole recipient (s) of the amount standing at the credit of the account in the event of my/our death.

Name & address of

Date of Birth

Share of

Name & address of person who may receive the said amount


(in case of


during the minority of the nominee(s)













Signature of witness in case depositor wish to make nomination

Name & Address of witness___________________________________________________________________________________

*Mandatory Fields to be filled by customer.

10.AADHAR NUMBER:-_______________________________________________________________________________________

11.Please open Minor A/C through Guardian/Lunatic Account through Guardian/Blind/Physically Handicapped/Illiterate through Agent/Pensioner/BPL/SB Basic Savings Account/Sanchayaka Account/Others_________________________________

12.In case of minor/Lunatic Account, please fill Name of Guardian, his Residential Address and Relationship with Minor______________________________________________________________________________________________________


13.In case of other than Minor/Lunatic, please enter Name of Sanchayka/Government Welfare Scheme and PPO/BPL/Registration/Enrollment number:- ___________________________________________________________________

14.Amount of Monthly Installment (In case of RD Account):-Rs.(in figures)____________(in words)_______________________

15.In case of NSC/KVP:- Please issue (No. of NSC/KVP & Den.)__________________________________________


16.In case services of SAS/PPF/MPKBY Agent are taken:- Name of Agent________________________Authority No._________________________Valid Up to____________________________________.

17.Standing Instructions if any :-_______________________________________________________________________________

18.I/We authorize Agent (name)_______________________________________________________________ to receive Passbook/Certificates on my/our behalf.


I/We hereby declare that I/We have clearly understood POSB General Rules 1981 and Post Office Savings Account Rules 1981/ Post Office Recurring Deposit Rules 1981/ Post Office Time Deposit Rules 1981/ Monthly Income Account Rules 1987/ Senior Citizens Savings Scheme Rules, 2004 and Sukanya Samriddhi Account Rules 2014, PPF Rules 1968, NSC(VIII) and (XI) issue Rules, KVP Rules (amended from time to time) governing the accounts/Certificates under this scheme and to abide by such rules framed by the Central Government as may be applicable to the account from time to time. I hereby declare that I am not maintaining any other Public Provident Fund Account and I will not exceed maximum deposit limit fixed from time to time in self as well as my minor accounts (combining all accounts) where I am a guardian.


Signature/Thumb Impression:-



1st Applicant

2nd Applicant

3rd Applicant


Space for affixing photo of applicants

All Fields to be entered into system by Counter PA.


For Office Use only

Certified that I have verified the documents submitted with this application form and confirm that KYC norms are fully complied with. Following numbers of NSC/KVP issued (in case of NSC/KVP Application):-_____________________________



Signature of BPM

Signature of SPM

Signature of Postmaster

Date Stamp



How to Edit Post Office Saving Bank Form Online for Free

Our finest computer programmers have worked collectively to implement the PDF editor that you may apply. The application allows you to complete post office account opening form documentation quickly and without problems. This is all you should do.

Step 1: Select the orange "Get Form Now" button on the following page.

Step 2: Now, you can begin modifying your post office account opening form. The multifunctional toolbar is readily available - insert, erase, adjust, highlight, and perform similar commands with the words and phrases in the document.

These parts will frame the PDF file that you will be filling in:

example of empty fields in post office new account opening form

You have to enter the essential details in the Pin, Code Tel, Mobile, No, optional Email, optional Either, or, Survivor, Joint, B Jointly, Joint, A Through, literate, agent Photo, ID, Applicant Document, No Valid, up, to, if, any Address, Proof Applicant, Name, address, of DateofBirth, in, case, of and Share, of area.

Finishing post office new account opening form stage 2

Write down the obligatory details when you find yourself on the nominees, DateofBirth, in, case, of minor, nomination, and during, the, minority, of, the, nominees segment.

Filling out post office new account opening form part 3

You have to indicate the rights and obligations of both parties in paragraph Minor, In, case, of, other PP, OB, PL, Registration, Enrollment, number In, case, of, NSC, KV, P, Please issue, No, of, NSC, KV, P, Den In, case, services, of, S, A, SPP, FM, PK, BY, Agent, are taken, Name, of, Agent, Authority name, I, We, authorize, Agent receive, Passbook, Certificates, on, m, your, behalf and Declarations.

post office new account opening form Minor, Incaseofother, PPOBPLRegistrationEnrollmentnumber, IncaseofNSCKVPPlease, issueNoofNSCKVPDen, IncaseservicesofSASPPFMPKBYAgentare, takenNameofAgentAuthority, name, IWeauthorizeAgent, receive, PassbookCertificatesonmyourbehalf, and Declarations fields to insert

Finish by reading these fields and typing in the proper information: For, Office, Use, only Signature, of, Postmaster and Signature, of, SPM

Filling out post office new account opening form step 5

Step 3: Choose the Done button to assure that your completed form could be transferred to any device you choose or sent to an email you specify.

Step 4: Create duplicates of the form - it will help you keep away from possible future concerns. And don't get worried - we do not publish or look at your data.

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