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For those in the print industry, having a standardized workorder form is invaluable. The ability to clearly and quickly articulate their needs to clients leads to less confusion, fewer mistakes, and ultimately better outcomes for both parties. That’s why we created our print shop workorder form template – it ensures that you're able to establish mutual understanding efficiently and effectively, saving your business time and money.

Form NamePrint Shop Workorder Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesorder form printing, print shop order form, pacific data forms long beach ca, printing order form pdf

Form Preview Example

NHCS Print Shop Workorder Form

Job #_________________


Job Name:______________________________

Date Submitted:_________________________

Number of Copies_________ or Sets:________

Due Date (No ASAP):____________________

Number of Sheet(s) in Original:_____________

Who To Send Job To:_____________________

Budget Code:

Approval Signature:______________________


Please Check All That Apply

If this material is copyrighted, please submit release form.

Please Check All That Apply

Need Copies to be in:



Black & White






























Color (All Color Jobs - Please Submit Electronically)

NCR (Carbonless):







How Many _______





Size of Paper:

8½ x 11 Letterhead(RM)



8½ x 11(3 Hole)



8½ x 14


11 x 17





Business Cards (250/box)



Letterhead Envelopes

8½ x 11(Card Stock)

Posters (up to 42”x44”)

Side Printing:

1 to 1


1 to 2

2 to 2

Cardstock Covers: ___________Please Specify Color of Stock

Front Cover:



Back Cover

Color of Paper:________________Please Specify Color


8½ x 11

Colors: White/Yellow/Blue/Green/Pink/Salmon/Cherry/Orchid/Gray/Tan/Ivory

8½ x 11 Card Stock: White/Salmon/Yellow/Blue/Green/Cherry/Gray/Ivory/Buff

8½ x 11

Brights: Orange/Lime/Pulsar Pink/Gamma Green/Solar Yellow/Lunar Blue/Purple

11 x 17

Colors: White/Yellow/Gray/Tan/Blue/Green/Ivory


11 x 17

Card Stock: White Only


8½ x 14 Colors: Same as 11 x 17 Colors

(Note: Colors Subject to Change)









Single Double


Folded & 2 Staples


Side Glue Top Glue

(100 Sheets per Pad)


Please Please

AllowExtra Comb AllowExtra

Time Binds Time


Half Tri-Fold

Special Instructions: _____________________________________



OPTION 1. Email as Attachment - Email to OPTION 2. Print and Send with Job OPTION 3. Fax to 254-4375

(To be completed by Purchasing)

Total Cost ______________

Rev. 2/2016

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3. This stage is normally straightforward - complete every one of the empty fields in Single, Double, Folded Staples, Side Glue Top Glue, Sheets per Pad, Special Instructions, SENDING INSTRUCTIONS, OPTION Email as Attachment Email, OPTION Print and Send with Job, Please Allow Extra Time, Comb Binds, Please Allow Extra Time, Half, TriFold, and To be completed by Purchasing to conclude this segment.

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