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Do you find yourself struggling to stay on track with your diet? If so, a printable diet journal form may be just what you need. This handy tool can help you keep track of your food intake, as well as your daily progress. By recording everything you eat, you can more easily identify patterns and make changes when needed. A printable diet journal form is an easy way to get started on the path to healthy eating habits.

This general report will let you find out the time it'll take you to complete printable diet journal, how many pages it has, and some additional specific specifics of the PDF.

Form NamePrintable Diet Journal
Form Length6 pages
Fillable fields159
Avg. time to fill out33 min 18 sec
Other namesprintable food journal for weight loss pdf, writable food journal, weight loss journal printables, printable food journal for weight loss

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How To Keep A Food Journal Tips

Make Counting Veggies/Fruits Easy

Tabulating all the different food items in your meals and snacks can be a BIG pain. Make your life easier by counting a cup of veggies as 50 calories, and a cup worth of fruit as 100 calories. Just watch out for avacado, which is a vegetable but very high in (healthy) fat, which means it has a lot of calories!

Portion Size Reference

Here are a list of portion sizes so you can eyeball them:

3 oz. of meat is as big as a deck or cards, or a blackberry 1 ounces of cheese is about size of your thumb

1 cup is equal to the size of a baseball

A teaspoon is the tip of the thumb to the first joint A tablespoon is three thumb tips

Use For Calorie Reference

If you can't find the calorie information for foods that you want to eat, check out You can search for just about any food that you want to eat. Just pay attention to serving sizes when viewing calorie content.

How to Calculate Calorie % Breakdown for the Day

For your reference, 1 gram of protein has 4 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrates has 4 calories, and 1 gram of fat has 9 calories. Another quick tip, 1 gram of fiber is equal to 1 gram of carbs, but it has no calories. So foods that are high in fiber will be less in calories than you would expect. One more thing, it's ok if your calorie breakdown percentages aren't perfect, you're just trying to get a sense of your macronutrient balance.

NOTE: The following page is a SAMPLE Food Journal for a 140 pound woman who is looking to lose 20 pounds by eating roughly 1400 calories each day. She's looking for moderate carb, moderate fat, higher protein intake, which is reflected in the calorie % breakdown.

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How to Edit Printable Diet Journal Online for Free

The idea regarding our PDF editor was to ensure it is as simple to use as possible. The overall procedure of creating weight loss diary pdf stress-free in case you keep to these steps.

Step 1: Press the "Get Form Now" button to get started on.

Step 2: You can find all of the functions which you can undertake on your template after you've accessed the weight loss diary pdf editing page.

Type in the necessary details in every single segment to complete the PDF weight loss diary pdf

portion of fields in weight loss journal pdf

The application will require you to complete the cid, cid, cid, cid, cid, cid cid, cid, cid, cid cidcid, cid, cid, cid cid, cid, cid, cid, cid and Page segment.

weight loss journal pdf cidcidcidcidcidcid, cidcidcidcid, cidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcid, and Page blanks to complete

Step 3: Click "Done". Now you may transfer the PDF file.

Step 4: It is better to create duplicates of your document. You can rest assured that we are not going to reveal or check out your particulars.

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