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Form NamePs 3600 Ez Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesps form 3600 ez 2020, ps form 3600 ez, form 3600 ez, united states postal service ps3600 ez 2021

Form Preview Example

United States Postal Service

Postage Statement—First-Class Mail— Easy Nonautomation Letters, Cards, or Flats

Post Office: Note Mail Arrival

Date & Time (Do Not Round-Stamp)

Use this form for First-Class Mail.




Certification USPS Use Only

USPS Use Only

Permit Holder Name, Address, Email, Telephone


Federal Agency Cost Code


Statement Seq. No.


Total Pieces





Permit No.




Weight of a Single Piece

































































Post Office of Mailing




Mailer’s Mailing Date


Total Weight





Processing Category


No. & Type
















Letters (including postcards)


of Containers


























































































Type of Postage

Move Update Method

Alternative Method

This is a Political Campaign Mailing













Permit Imprint

Ancillary Service
















































Precanceled Stamps



















































OneCode ACS


























This is Official Election Mail






















































n/a Alternative












































































Address Format





























































Presort Level









Number of Pieces










Total Postage


















































Postcards Eligible


B1 Presorted























for Postcard Prices


B2 Single-Piece



























































B3 Presorted




























































B5 Nonpresorted/Single-Piece























































































B12 Presorted




























































B13 Single-Piece


































































































Total Postage (Add parts totals)



































Price at Which Postage Affixed (Check one). Correct













= Postage Affixed





Complete if mailing includes pieces bearing metered/PC Postage or precanceled stamps.




pcs. x $





















































Permit #






Net Postage Due (Subtract postage affixed from total postage)





Additional Postage Payment (State reason)


























































For postage affixed, add additional payment








Total Adjusted Postage Affixed





to net postage due; for permit imprint, add












additional payment to total postage.



























































Postmaster: Report Total Postage in AIC 121




Total Adjusted Postage Permit Imprint





(Permit Imprint Only)












































































The mailer’s signature certifies acceptance of liability for and agreement to pay any revenue deficiencies assessed on this mailing, subject to appeal. If an agent signs this form, the agent certifies that he or she is authorized to sign on behalf of the mailer and that the mailer is bound by the certification and agrees to pay any deficiencies. In addition, agents may be liable for any deficiencies resulting from matters within their responsibility, knowledge, or control. The mailer hereby certifies that all information furnished on this form is accurate, truthful, and complete; that the mail and the supporting documentation comply with all postal standards and that the mailing qualifies for the prices and fees claimed; and that the mailing does not contain any matter prohibited by law or postal regulation. I understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits information requested on this form may be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

Privacy Notice: For information regarding our Privacy Policy visit WWW.USPS.COM.

Signature of Mailer or Agent





Printed Name of Mailer or Agent Signing Form




Weight of a Single Piece


Total Weight


Are postage figures at left adjusted from mailer’s entries?

Round Stamp (Required)



















No If yes, reason:


Payment Date





































































Total Pieces







Total Postage











































Presort Verification Performed? (If required)































I CERTIFY that this mailing has been inspected for


Date Mailer Notified









each item below if required:










(1) eligibility for postage prices claimed;
















(5) sufficient funds on deposit (if required)









(2) proper preparation (and presort where required);


By (Initials)






(3) proper completion of postage statement;






(4) payment of annual fee; and

































USPS Employee’s Signature





Print USPS Employee’s Name























































PS Form 3600-EZ, January 2018 (Page 1 of 2) PSN 7530-07-000-6220

This form and mailing standards are available on Postal Explorer at PE.USPS.COM.

First Class Mail EZ—Instructions

Use this form for postcards, letters, or flats eligible for First-Class Mail nonautomation prices.

Step 1: Complete Mailer and Mailing sections on page 1 applicable to the mailing presented. For all sections not applicable, enter N/A.

Step 2: Complete the Postage section for the applicable category—Cards Eligible for Card Prices, Letters or Flats, as follows:

Determine the per-piece price for Cards Eligible for Card Prices, presorted or single piece.

Determine the per-piece price for Letters or Flats based on the weight of a single piece and the presort level.

Multiply the number of pieces by the corresponding postage price. (Permit Imprint mailings, round of to four decimal places; Postage Aixed mailings, round of to three decimal places).

Step 3: Add the postage. Enter sum in Total Postage, rounded of to two decimal places.

Step 4: Mailings with postage aixed, complete the Postage Aixed line. (Permit Imprint go to Step 5).

Check the applicable box, Price at Which Postage Aixed - Correct, Lowest, or Neither. Multiply the number of pieces times the actual amount of postage aixed.

Enter the result in the Total column.

Subtract the amount of Postage Aixed from the Total Postage and enter the remainder in Net Postage Due.

Step 5: Read and sign the Certiication section, including your telephone number.

For more information on mailing standards, prices, and fees, please go to Postal Explorer at PE.USPS.COM.

PS Form 3600-EZ, January 2018 (Instructions)

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Step 2: The file editing page is right now available. Include information or change current content.

To be able to prepare the document, enter the information the program will request you to for each of the next areas:

ps form 3600 fcm 2021 blanks to fill in

Type in the details in the y n O e s U S P S U, n o i t a c fi i t r e C, y n O e s U S P S U, Price at Which Postage Affixed, pcs x, Postage Affixed, Permit Net Postage Due Subtract, Additional Postage Payment State, For postage affixed add additional, Postmaster Report Total Postage in, Total Adjusted Postage Affixed, Total Adjusted Postage Permit, The mailers signature certifies, Signature of Mailer or Agent, and Printed Name of Mailer or Agent field.

Entering details in ps form 3600 fcm 2021 step 2

You will have to provide particular particulars inside the field y n O e s U S P S U, Presort Verification Performed If, I CERTIFY that this mailing has, Date Mailer Notified, Contact, By Initials, Time PM, USPS Employees Signature, Print USPS Employees Name, e n O a t s o P n o n n, d e t e, p m o c e b o T, and PS Form EZ January Page of PSN.

ps form 3600 fcm 2021 y n O e s U S P S U, Presort Verification Performed If, I CERTIFY that this mailing has, Date Mailer Notified, Contact, By Initials, Time PM, USPS Employees Signature, Print USPS Employees Name, e n O a t s o P  n o n n, d e t e, p m o c e b o T, and PS Form EZ January  Page  of  PSN blanks to fill out

Step 3: Hit the Done button to save your form. Now it is available for transfer to your gadget.

Step 4: Generate duplicates of the file. This may protect you from possible future complications. We cannot see or display your data, as a consequence be sure it will be safe.

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